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I turned over in bed and pulled the pillow down from under my head and thrust it hard into my crotch, crossed my thighs and humped it, feeling its rougher edges, where the sewing was, rubbing where my clitoris was and with each movement until I experienced that very nice feeling.

My parent's divorce just before my eighth birthday, was, according to our doctor, what spurned on my precocious puberty. Suddenly, having breast buds and pubic hair on display, for my father's friends, who were becoming frequent visitors, became my entry into their lives on Saturdays, carrying beer and sandwiches, scantily clad in revealing outfits, sometimes with nothing more than a huge smile on my cherub face and saw me being passed around the assembled men for kissing and fondling sessions, and these, were not only encouraged by my father, but he himself would fondle me intimately.

There were times when we would drive out to the countryside where there was a forest and I would get out to go into amongst the trees where men waited and then they chased me. They would catch me and take off some article of clothing, which they would keep and then start having sex in the way they wanted and then take an article of my clothing and leave me in the woods for other men to catch me and do the same, until I was naked and completely used.

I knew there were other girls there because I could hear them screaming and laughing and at times come across them having sex with men old enough to be their grandfathers. It was just the physical action of sex, which all we girls were doing regularly with others that was required, so this was in some way considered a big game where you were let loose to have hide-and-seek with sex with the man who found you, so for most of us, it was nothing more than a game.

We all knew about the others and I knew some of the girls from my school, but we never spoke about it, and if we got pregnant we had an abortion, by a doctor, who then had sex with us too.

It seemed everybody was doing it so we never talked about it, just did it and became hardened to the fact that sex was something you learned to enjoy and got on with it.

Those woods sessions could amount to twenty plus men in an afternoon, as it was always dark when we all finished and on occasions I had no clothes left when I got back to daddy in the car, and the sight of my naked body and the knowledge I was having so much sex with men, he would stop in some lay-by and have sex with me, simply because I looked so good to fuck.

Having sex is an act of pleasuring yourself and if you grow up in such an environment it matters not who is fucking you, it having the orgasm that counts.

I stayed with my uncle and my boyfriend for two weeks down in South Shields on Tyneside one summer when I was sixteen. Uncle, was like his sister, my mother, a divorcee and had two sons. My cousins were both older than I was, one was married and the other was a bit of a lad around town who stayed with his daddy, so we four were living with each other in the same house with me being the only female.

My cousin, who was a 'Jack the Lad', took a shine to me and my uncle could see there was a bit of a flirtation going on between us, even though we were first cousins.

Uncle took my boyfriend out to the pub one night and I decided to use the night in to wash my hair and have a bath, my cousin had a hot date on so he was away when they went to the pub.

I was in the bath when both my cousins arrived back at the flat and as the door was not locked, as I was not expecting anybody back so soon, both my cousins were standing over me in the bathroom staring down at my naked body.

I was lifted from the bath and carried into the bedroom where a towel was spread on the bed and all three of us indulged in a very sexual one hour of no hold barred sex, oral, anal and vaginal sex with double penetration. My eldest cousin, who claimed his sex life lacked fire, as his wife was a bit of a prude, was glad for being able to mount me and fuck his brains out in the way he enjoyed.

I reran the bath and soaked as my cousins left for the pub where my boyfriend was. When they arrived my uncle had gotten him pissed and left him with his sons and he then came home and immediately took me to his bed and completed the family circle.

For the remainder of that holiday it was sex multiple times a day with an unsuspecting boyfriend never knowing I was bed hopping with uncle and his son and a weekend screw for my married cousin to compliment his wife's pussy, to complete his sexual needs.

When my breast buds started I could feel the power of sexual attraction they had, I even excited myself and could feel the urge deep down inside me.

One breakfast time I wandered into the kitchen where daddy was cooking breakfast and purposely bent over so he could see my small breasts down my t-shirt and as I had large nipples, which were erect I almost had a standing up orgasm seeing my daddy's cock swelling in response to my flashing him.

We both immediately felt what they now call GSA, Genetic Sexual Attraction, and I was horny when I woke up in bed, and almost having an orgasm in front of my father and my feeling were so powerful I just reached out and wrapped myself around him, and he likewise with me.

I was pressing my breasts against his chest and feeling his hairs on my nipple and at the same time pressing my crotch hard into his erection, as we hugged and slowly began releasing our sexual tensions.

I could hear daddy objecting quietly as not to encourage breaking this most delicious bonding we were experiencing and I slid my hand between us and down his pajama bottoms and wrapped my fingers around his cock and began awkwardly jacking him off against the softness of my bared belly, as my t-shirt was riding high.

Only having orgasms would suffice a break from each other, or a basin of ice cold water, which was never going to happen. I sunk to my knees grabbing daddy's pajamas on the way down baring his massive cock to my mouth lips and tongue and a sudden flooding of warm chlorinate semen flooding my face and breasts, daddy was cumming everywhere and I was like a girl possessed kissing and licking drinking his cum until his fingering brought me off, as we both lay almost naked and shaking on the kitchen tiles.

In Biology classes we discussed i****t and just how bad it was genetically for close family sexual relationships. I knew as a girl all the modern day media was aiming itself at girls my age that sex is good and everything we do has sex associated with it, but more importantly, i****t was on the increase and it was consensual, like it was with myself and my father.

One girl asked her question, why is it wrong to sleep with her close family member when she was on the pill and the other could wear a condom. She concluded that having sex with someone you trust and has protected you, loved you and shared and washed your body as you grew up, why not have that sort of sex when it can both be satisfying and rewarding?

On the fact that not having babies, she was right, sex is sex, it's a powerful urge and when it peaks in both people it can be the most rewarding feeling a person can experience.

I could remember my watching my grandfather intimately touching his numerous daughters, including my mother in his dotage. My mother or my aunties let him, they never scolded him and even tried to stop him fingering them in front of each other, they just laughed and called him horny old daddy.

Perhaps I am a realist and just go with the flow, we don't have i****tuous babies in our family. nor do we have i****tuous marriages, but we all help each other out when sex is needed, why sit with a hard-on and wanting a fuck when your sister id willing to get naked and do your bidding, I mean after all, we are talking about the most powerful urge men and women feel and the wondrous reward at the end of it, not to mention the deep satisfying sleep that follows?

Answers at the end, if your brave enough to answer?

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