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I want to be spoiled and devoured by two men. (well at least two). As I have said before I love cock, and what’s better than one dick to play with, two of course. I imagine being at a nice Hotel with my husband, yes that’s right my husband, he’s always in my fantasies. We would be waiting for our chosen one to arrive. I would be wearing something totally sexy, as usual, like my wet look leggings that corset lace up the back of my legs, with some stiletto heels black bra and black mesh shirt. (I actually have this outfit, I will post a picture of it soon.) There’s a knock at the door, I stride over to answer it, he comes in. I take his hand and lead him to the bed and have him sit next to my husband. I place my hand on my husbands already hard cock as I leave sweet kisses along guys neck. I feel both men put their hand on my hips, I’m in heaven. Now don’t forget I want this to be about me, so I want to do my little show or tease if you will. So I step back and pull guys hands to bring him to a stand. I slowly remove my shirt and bra and then his shirt. I press my body against his sculpted chest. The feeling of his hard body against mine makes me take a deep breath. Calm down Legend it’s only the beginning. That’s OK the hotter I get the wetter I get, and the easier I get off, and that also means multiples, Yay go me! I lean in and gently take his earlobe in my mouth tugging on it just a bit, I hear a low groan in his throat. I push him to the bed and step in front of my husband, placing my knee on the bed in between his legs putting a little pressure on the hard dick beneath his jeans. I pull off his shirt and run my fingers down his body. He’s smiling at me and I just give him that I’ll fuck the shit out of you look. Now I know some of you may be thinking, I thought this was about you. Oh yes it is, I happen to feel very sexy when I parade myself around while being adored. It’s an ego boost. Also me teasing the men gets them even more into me and makes it more intense. I put my hand on my husbands cheek and kiss him on the lips taking his bottom lip in between my teeth and biting it, he grips my waist in utter desire. I stand and have both men stand with me, one on either side making me a Legend sandwich, mmmmm my favorite. I with my hand on their chests, slide down to my knees. I can see that they are both hard. I put my hands over there large bulge and discover that they are rock hard, my heart starts to pound, I feel almost like a little shock to my slit and then the whole thing gets really warm. Fuck I just want to jump on them. Patience patience! They have no idea that I am burning with desire inside. Almost as if they read my mind they both simontaneously undo their jeans and I stop them there so I could pull them down separately myself, giving me the chance to be up close and personal with my favorite male anatomy. I start with my husband, I slowly pull his pants and underwear down at the same time letting his rock hard dick spring up out of his toy box, as he likes to call it. If you ask me it’s my toy box. I lean in and ever so gently put my lips on his thigh, placing tiny kisses. His dick pulses right next to my face. Yum, I run my hands up his legs up his stomach. I get my mouth so close to his member he can feel my warm breath on it. I start kissing him all around his pulsing cock which is now dripping pre-cum. ( why do I like that so much, maybe because I know I got him that wet.) I get so close without touching it that I’m driving him crazy. Mission accomplished. Before turning towards guy I lick my husbands tip tasting his pre-cum. I turn to guy and pull his pants down releasing it from it’s confining prison. I push his stiffness up against his stomach, giving me room to get to his balls. I run the tip of my tongue in little circles all around his sack then continue to run it from the base of his joystick and down around the back of his balls, of course not forgetting the oh so important taint. As I come to a stand I let their throbbing cocks slide down my body till they are resting on my hips. The air is cooler on the tasty trails left on my body. I take a few steps away from them and only bending at the waist, I slowly slide my pants off leaving me in just my stilettos. Now fully exposed I turn to them and walk back. They are side by side, I go behind them and put my arms around both at the same time, gently running my fingers along their shaft. Goose bumps rise from my sensual touch. I come to the front of them and grab both of their dicks and start to stroke them. Did I mention I fuckin LOVE it! I can’t help myself. I have my husband sit back down on the bed and guy in a chair I pulled out in front of where my husband was sitting leaving me room to get in between them. I stand with my back to my husband and with my legs together, so my pussy is peeking out from my thighs. I bend over at the waist to take guys hardness in my mouth. My husband is enjoying his view of my now very wet pussy, as I show guy what a great blow job feels like. Placing my hands on his thighs I run them up his warm skin and glide my fingers around his dick and balls getting close enough but not touching it, he takes a deep breath. I then lower down to my knees, sitting in between his legs. I start giving tiny kisses from his knee making my way up to his waiting cock. I brush my lips up his shaft and then gently rub his tip across my soft lips. I put just the head in my mouth running my tongue around it. I have one hand on his dick stroking it in unison with my mouth, squeezing my hand tighter as I stroke down, my other hand is playing with his balls. I lick the tip, down the shaft and onto the balls. With the tip of my tongue I make small circles all over his sack then suck one into my mouth then the other. My hand softly rubbing his length, I squeeze the head forcing the waiting pre-cum out which I quickly lick off. I suck him softly and slow, up and down taking the whole thing in my mouth. My husband comes behind me unable to hold off any longer, and I feel his hand on my shoulder. He places a kiss on my neck then runs his hand down my body to my incredibly hot, wet pussy and slides two fingers in, he moans with delight to my juices now soaking his fingers. My husband fingers working me while my mouth works guy. I’m to the point where I just want to get fucked. I can feel my tightness every time my husband’s fingers slide in and out of me, I’m so horny. As I stand I notice my husband’s very hard erection gliding against my skin. This causes almost like little electric pulses in my clit, bringing me to an even greater arousal. I need a hard one in me stat. I have both men get on the bed. With me in between them, I get on my hands and knees. Guy comes behind me and I feel his strength pressing firmly against my opening. I take my husband’s cock and bring him to my mouth. Guy slides in with ease due to my insane wetness and I feel him fill me with his hard member. I have already been on the brink of exploding since damn near the beginning. Just a couple of thrusts and I’m clutching the blankets firmly, taking a quick second away from my husband while I let loose. It’s so intense, I can feel the cum rush out of me and all over him, my thighs, the bed. Now my insides are more swollen due to the orgasm I just had, because of this I feel like I can cum over and over again. Guy is slipping and sliding in and out stopping every so often to get control of himself before he ends up finishing before us. I’m going at it on my husband’s jock. An a****l had been unleashed with that nut. The amount of passion this brings on is over the top, can’t beat it. The men switch sides only I’m on my side, guys standing at the side of the bed so I can see his sexy dick in his hand. I keep my legs together so I can squeeze them making it even tighter. With each of my husband’s pumps I’m pushing back, taking him in and then grinding my hips into him feeling it deeper. I feel it cumming already. My husband notices my pussy swelling more and whispers are you about to cum, as if it was my trigger I slam my hips back grab his thigh with my hand to force him into me as I force myself onto him. I’m cumming so much it squirts out with every thrust in. That in itself is a turn on. My husband pulls out when I’m done. I lay on my back man on either side of me, stroking there throbbing cocks for me. I’m so sensitive at this point I feel like you could just look at me right and I’ll cum. I love this visual, it does a lot for me now and later when I’m by myself. I have my fingers on my dripping pussy, playing while I watch. I feel my tightness grow as I notice my men reaching their climax. This is so fucking hot. They both prepare to let go on my stomach and chest so I can watch it cum out. I start to cum from the wonderful visual and from playing with my clit, (but man the visual put it over the top) both men’s fingers automatically go to my pussy and they both groan and let loose on me. Feeling the hot fluid hit my skin only intensifies my O, now we lay there spent of all we have, my hips still slightly rocking from pleasure. My men sensually dragging their fingers all over my silky smooth skin puts me into a well earned sleep. Sweet Dreams.

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