Pikachu x Eevee

Written by , on 2018-03-05, genre gay

(Note: this story contains gay sex and underage sex. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)
(Also, before we begin, all chapters will be in the Eevee's perspective.)

Chapter One
It was a summer day as I sat on the curb, waiting for my bus to take me to the Eeveelutional Academy. Suddenly, I spotted a black car. No, it didn't really stand out, appearance-wise. It stood out because it parked in front of me. The window rolled down and a Pikachu stuck it's head out.
"Hey, kid. Want some chocolate?" he asked in a polite voice. I shook my head. Although my stomach was growling in hunger, as there was nothing for breakfast, I knew I had to wait for the school bus. Suddenly, he looked angry and, before I could do anything, I felt darkness swarm my vision as my body tingled. " He shocked me " I thought as I drifted off into unconsiousness.

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