Retired Neighbour

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I'm 27 and a Plumber by trade, single and not in a relationship at that time. I inherited the house 18 months ago from my bachelor uncle Keith, who passed away fom cancer. He served in the Vietnam war and worked with agent orange and other chemicals. My mother blames them for her older brothers death. Anyway I moved into the house and carefully cleared it of Keith's things allowing his siblings to take what they wanted. My mother has a had a time coming to the house and cries a lot. After the clearance I repainted the house inside and out and modernized the Kitchen and bathrooms, also revamping the general layout of the house. I had a friend do the landscaping and I done his plumbing upgrades for him. It all took just over a year to finish. My mother is not so overcome when she visits now. I met Ruth during the remodelling of the house she is my only neighbour as I'm the last house in a deadend street with the rear of Warehouse complex across with no street access on our street. Ruth is 64 and a retired civil servant, good slender figure for her age. A widow of 6 years with no children of her own, anyway she and I would talk about the changes I was doing and have a coffee. I done some plumbing work for her. Nothing major and it help my changes as for some weird reason all my pipes crossed thru her block. Anyway after the work was done, I had a party for my friends and family to show off the house. Ruth was there and next day she over with breakfast for around 10am and stayed and help me clean up after the party. While taking some of the decorations I up on old wooden ladder which came with the house, I was wearing shorts and no underwear, Ruth was holding the ladder and when she looked up she saw my family assets. She said " I just got an eye full". I replied " It pays to advertise". We kept it up with a friendly banter after I was finished with the ladder. Then I said " If your ever interrested I available 24/7 satisfaction guaranteed". Which she replied " I may take you up on that'. Then she laughed and we talk for bit more and she left. Around 6pm she came back over and said that she wanted to talk to me seriously. I said "Okay,what's wrong". "There's nothing wrong, I have a problem and you might be able to help". She said. "I'll do anything I can to help" I rplied. With that She replied "Promise it will be kept only between US". "I promise" I said. " I have been having nights sweats and am get very horny and was wondering if I could take you up on the servicing. We were joking about earlier, I know it was said in gest and you probably be unwilling and wouldn't blame you. But I had to ask, if only for my peace of mind. Well what do you thing". I replied was taken aback at first, but finally replied " I don't know just yet, give a couple of minutes to think on it and I will let you know". "Okay" She said and left. I sat down to think it over, watching her walk home and as she walked my eyes zeroed in on her ass and a my cock started to harden. I stood up and called her back. When She got back She asked " Have you mad a discision". "Yes " I replied pointing to my crotch. So we went into my bedroom and had sex for the first time and she stay all night. Even making me breakfast in the morning before I went off to work. We have been having regular sex since and when I met her niece Sandy 25 and started a relationship with her and moved in with me. Sandy and Ruth have had a sexual relationship and we are into a threeway relationship. Sandy and me are getting married in June, before the baby comes in early September. Ruth has sold her house and moved in with us and we have put on an extention almost doubling the size of the house.

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