Cousins with benefits

Written by , on 2018-02-26, genre incest

Ever since my other cousin was in with the secret, We formed a "fuck group" If I'm with one cousin one day, we fuck and if I'm with the other one, we fuck too. Gloria told me that whenever her family visits Carolina's, they have a quickie which turns me on just thinking about it. It was my dad's birthday and Carolina and Gloria were coming. The night before, I rented a hotel room for 2 days and the plan was they leave early and fuck for a while and after the party, I tell my parents I'm going to spend the night at a friends. They agreed. I had to wait hours to go. Through out the rest of the night, I was thinking how my cousins were fucking right now. Eating each other's pussy. Finally, it was 11 and I left. I was so horny on the way there. I finally got to the hotel and walked to the third floor, where the room was. I leaned by the door to hear and sure enough, I heard a lot of moaning. I knocked on the door, saying it was me. I heard one get up and open the door slightly so I can get in. I got in and I saw 3 of my cousins. One of them invited her in the group. Now, Alexandra, the third cousin was alright. She has a small but curvy ass and decent boobs. All 3 went up to me and started stripping me. Alexandra started kissing me saying " I'm loving this club" while the other 2 took off my underwear, revealing my hard cock. Then, they all took my hand, leading me to the bed. Carolina pushed me to the bed and got on top of me, kissing me wildly while Gloria and Alexandra were already fucking each other. Carolina took my cock and shoved it in her warm, tight pussy. She told Gloria to get on top of my face and eat Alexandra. Man, it was amazing. We didn't care how much noise we made. We were like that for a good 20 minutes, switching girls every couple of minutes. I told them to get off because I wanted to fuck Alexandra, as I did not touch her sexually yet and I've been wanting to do so for so many years. They said ok and got off and Alexandra laid on the bed, saying " I'm all yours baby, do anything you want" I did the dirtiest things imaginable. I 69 her, fucked her doggystyle, everything while Carolina and Gloria ate their pussies out. I grabbed Alexandra's boobs and put my dick in them. It felt amazing. I cummed so hard, my cum went all the way to Carolinas face. She gave me a seductive look and walked towards me. She kissed Alexandra and whispered to me that she's going to put a show for me. She motioned Alexandra and Gloria to get up and get on the far side of the bed. "Just sit down and relax" Carolina said. They started to eat each other out and sissor like hardcore pros. They were all covered in their juices. I couldn't keep it in and I went over and stuck it in Gloria. She was suprised but enjoyed it. As my dick was practically swelling for fucking for an hour an a half straight, I stopped and got ready for bed. I dick hurt so bad so I slepted on a different bed while the others made out for a while. One of them suggested that we should fuck in the shower tomorrow. I couldn't wait

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