Lauren gets a collar pt 2

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Hi,Lauren again,it is Friday and I am nervous,it is my second weekend of discipline coming up.
Karen has had our office changed and I now work strictly for her.It is close to knock off and I am sweating as Karen smmiles and says,
"Take this,"
I grab the pills and take them,and almost immediately feel my throat change,,,Karen smiles and points to the floor ,redfaced I kneel next to her as she pulls out my collar and leash.
I hold my head up as she places it on,patting me
"Good girl Lauren puppy"
I wag,such an easy bitch i say to myself,my pussy is wet,and my breath ragged when she pulls out my puppy suit.
I tremble as she undresses me,shivering as I transform to puppy.
I wag my ass,,my pussy on the floor,nipples hard as Karen rubs me,,mmmmm.
"Heel"she orders and I waggle along next to her
"Good puppy good walking"
I wag as she complments then out the door to the wagon.
Soon we are at the beach house.
Karen leads me to the kennel and my senses are on overtime,will Rex still want me?,will Ginni and Tracy accept me?
My mind races.
Ginni and Tracy are in a new cage and they both look terrible,left alone for five days they smell,and kept seperate from Rex,they see me,
Tracy smiles and wags happily,,,Ginni just stares.
Karen smiles,and says.
" The girls have had no Rex this week,they must be hanging for cock,," she laughs" they will get plenty later" she smirked.dropping my lead i waddle over,,,Tracy has her nose out the cage so I turn,allowing her to sniff and lick,,,mmm
I then sniff and lick her,ohh gid it is bad,,,ass sprayed with poop,pussy smells bad,,but damn I lap like it is honey,
I wimper at Ginni who just snubs me,,,
Next thing Rex gas his tongue in my ass and pussy,I gasp as he rams hus cock in me, cumming instantly,,,responding like a bitch on heat,
Ginni tries to get thru the fence,growling and barking,her and Tracy fighting as Rex fucks me,his long thick cock,ohhh I cum again,Tracy has Ginni by the ear,and Ginni submits,wimpering as Tracy pees in her face,I smile as Rex fucks me hard,his motion fluid,solid,owning me,taking my pussy,,fucking me,pushing back his knot forces in and he floods his breeding sluts womb.
I gasp as my wombfills with warm cum,,ohh fuckkkk yessss.
He turns,,,and rests back on my ass,,hus balls teasing my asshole makes me cim again,,squeezing more cum from hus cock,I drool as the cum trickles down my thigh.
Karen grins as she lets Tracy and Ginni out,,,
Immediately they lap at Rex's cum,at his face,balls,any part they can get at,Tracy licks my face and Ginni is on my pussy,nipping me,lapping at the cum,
Rex finally pops out and Tracy is nise deep in my cunt,cleaning me out as Ginni goes straight to Rexs cock.
Sucking him deep,its amazing,,I am in awe and ecstasy as I watch Ginni as Tracy licks me clean.
As Rex looks like he mount Ginni Karen grabs her and shives me and Ginni in the kennel,
Rex just mounts Tracy, who looks very happy indeed.
Karen walks off Laughing.
Ginni attacks me straight away,biting my shoulder,neck and ear,I squeal and fight back,fear making me bite,she is tough and i am on my face and bitten several times before I get behind her and sink my teeth in her ass hard !
Catching her off guard she welps I hold tight then manage to get on her back,grabbing her neck as we go to ground,Now I am on top,griwling fiercely as she wimpers,
I feel a stirring,power,I spin and pull her over,moubting her face I piss in her mouth,,,mmmm
Suddenly her tongue is at work.
As I shudder at this moment I see Tracy knotted and her face says it all,lifes a bitch,,,
And we love it.

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