While hubby is away

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It all started with with an innocent hug about five years ago after a family bbq. Georgette, my quiet shy sister-in-law had watched me slave over the grill on a 95 degree day, when I was finished I said I was sore and needed a shower, she replied I needed a massage to relieve some stress and that she could help me out if I didn't mind. With the day turning night and the family was out front saying goodbyes, I was upstairs freshening up. i had gotten dressed and walked out of the bedroom to find Georgette coming upstairs to inform me she was about to leave. She told me she was serious about the massage and asked for a hug, as I hugged her she began to moan and sigh and said I applied the right amount of pressure she had been longing for since her ex passed away. She was well put together at 5'6 and a fit 165, I couldn't resist squeezing her soft ass as I hugged her. We broke our embrace and exchanged numbers and agreed to meet the next day at her house seeing that it was her day off and her k**s would be in school.

I arrived at her house the next day at 10:00 AM. to my surprise she had just gotten out the tub and answered the door with her robe on and nothing else. Not wasting any time, she said I should undress and lay on the bed while she got some oils for my massage. I obliged and undressed and got on her bed face down. She returned with oils and began to apply them to my entire body. The massage was feeling great, then she asked if I mind if she get comfy while she continued. I replied "sure". She took her robe off and straddled my ass and continued massaging my back. I noticed her breathing qetting heavy and her voice quivering, saying "you just don't know what this does for me". That's when it hit me, this little slut is getting off grinding her pussy against my ass while she massaged me. She began to concentrate more on the friction between her clit and my ass cheeks as she frantically gyrated her hips moaning. Georgette let out a scream as she began cumming,I jerked as I felt warm liquid on my ass and lower half. "That's when I found out this bitch is a squirter.

She apologized for the mess she made and assured me she would take care of it. I could feel her dismount and was shocked to feel her tongue as she spread my cheeks and began licking my ass. Oh what a feeling, she asked me to raise up as she was going back and forth licking my ass, sucking my balls while stroking my cock. She told me to turn over and took my swollen 8 inches into her hot wet mouth sucking my cock slowly while looking into my eyes. She started sucking faster and faster then she placed my hands on her head. at that moment I knew what this little whore wanted, she wanted me to fuck her mouth. I grabbed her hair in both hands and began to savagely fuck her mouth. Georgette gripped my thigh as I selfishly rammed my dick down her throat making her gag but never once letting up. She whimpered as I continued my assault on her mouth until I felt that familiar sensation in my balls knowing I was about to cum. "Take it all down your throat, you nasty lil bitch", I said as I held her face balls deep on my cock as I came down her throat. Like a true cumslut she took every drop with tears running down her eyes.

She seemed to be a woman on a mission because she kept sucking until I was hard again, then she asked me to fuck her. We changed places as I opened her leg and began to eat her pussy like a starved madman. She squealed with delight and I shoved 2 fingers in her pussy and one in her ass as I sucked her clit. Panting and moaning like a whore in heat she tried to speak but started stuttering ah-ah-ah, I'm c-c-c-c, cuming. I raised my head just in time to see her flood gates cut loose as she drenched my chest with 3 ferocious streams like water coming out of a fire hose. I was so worked up I grabbed her, pent her legs to her chest and drove my cock into her slippery wet pussy and power fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Her body began to thrash from side to side as I slammed my dick in and out of sister-in-laws pussy. As wet as her pussy was, it was still tight and gripping my dick. She told me she was a nasty slut and needed to be punished, so I pulled her hair and slapped her as I pounded her cunt mercilessly. She stated making a****l like grunts and sensing she was about to cum heightened my senses as well. She began squirting and cumming as I drilled her and emptied my balls into her slutty pussy and collapsed on the bed next to her as we lay there exhausted. Gotta love it when a family cums together...

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