My friend's sexy mother and sister - 2

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Part 2

I was busy fucking my friend's sexy mom in a doggy position while her daughter -my friend's sister- entered the room and screamed in shock: "What the fucking hell is going on here? Mom?!!"

Her name was "Naazanin" and she was 7 years older than me. They usually called her "Naazi". Naazi was a beautiful single girl, and I think she inherited genes of beauty from her mother. She was a martial artist! and a good swimmer and runner so she had a strong fit body. She was also a good dancer as I had heard from her brother, Shaahin.

She knew me well for I used to go to their home before that. She also had seen me frequently when she came to pick up Shaahin from school when we were younger. She knew that I was ticklish and she knew my ticklish adventures with Shaahin. If I am to be honest, I had had ticklish adventures with her also! Of course that was when we were younger and she was absolutely older and stronger than us -i.e. me and her brother. So she could dominate even both of us and I had both suffered and enjoyed her tickle torture at the time. But our last tickling session was for at least 3 years before the occurrence of this story, because from the age of 15 she never tried to tickle me when I was there and I don't know the reason.

So I had no idea of her sexual and naughty aspect of personality. When I saw her screaming at this scene of me fucking her mother I didn't know what to do. I was shocked and could not move for some short moments. But when she continued her words I understood the puzzle:
- "Why didn't you wake me up mom? We planned to seduce Shaahin together but you went into it without me? I don't forgive you mom!"

I came out of the first shock and fell in another pleasant shock! Oh my God! These sexy mother and daughter had planned to seduce me! and probably had sent Shaahin out with an excuse they had planned for some hours to be alone with me and do whatever fucking hot scenario they wished.

-"Naazi! Don't judge that way dear! I only made the preparations for our sexy session. I only prepared him! Please don't be cruel to me. Join us to enjoy a hot wet threesome."

-"I will punish you later mom!"

I couldn't understand her words toward her momi. But I was absolutely lucky for being in that situation. So I said "Naazi! Nice to see you! I didn't know you were this naughty and had thought of you as a nice polite girl. Please join us!"

-"I will join in a few minute"

Naazi said that and left the room. I asked momi where she had gone. Momi said probably she wanted to arrange her appearance, put on some proper lingerie and use some make up as she was in a casual appearance after waking up suddenly!

-"You continue fucking me Shaadi! I wanna have another orgasm before Naazi joins us!"

I remembered that I was inside her! Being hard again after understanding the situation I started pumping my manhood inside her cunt again and asked her: "What did she mean by not forgiving and punishing you?"

-"She is a strong girl as you know and every now and then finds an excuse for playing with me?"

-"Whit you? What do you mean?"

-"Yeah! She is strong and single. She has sexual excitements of a young woman. Having no boyfriend, she brings part of her sexuality towards me."

-"But that sounds like a pleasure not a punishment?!"

-"It is pleasure and torture together, because she is strongly into tickling and is an expert tickler. She begins with tickling, continues with tickling and ends with tickling. Tickling turns her on! And as she is strong I can't tickle her if she doesn't want but she can easily lock my body and tickle me to near death!"

-"Really? it must be so hot."

-"That is fun and pleasure also but when the sexual sensations get strong enough that you pass out or the tickling gets so intense that you lose your consciousness, the torture becomes unbearable. Only when my breath is cut she stops the tickling to help me catch it and meanwhile worships my genitals and ass. She makes me cum and while the orgasm waves are still traveling in my body she starts the new round of tickling! Post orgasm tickling is times more effective you know! Sometimes she is so cruel on me!"

I was lying on my friend's mother fucking her in a doggy style, holding and squeezing her breasts with both my hands and listening to her sexual ticklish experiences with her daughter! That was a whole pleasure and enjoyment position. Hearing Naazi's punishments turned me on even further and I felt another orgasm being shaped in my body. I didn't know how many orgasms I could bear in one day and I didn't want that hot dreaming session to end soon. So I slowed the fucking rate and tried to control my orgasm. I asked momi to describe more of her sexual experiences with Naazi. She continued:

-"As you know my husband abandoned me and my children several years ago. I used to masturbate in order to put out my internal sexual fire. I also have had female friends with whom I could share some sexual experiences. I'm an experienced lesbian. I didn't want Naazi to find out my lesbian relations but she accidentally saw one of my sessions with a friend in a swimming pool."


-"Shaadi! Seems you're so interested. I'll tell you the story and you continue fucking me."

-"OK Momi, here you are"

-" Nice naughty boy!"

She began telling the story and moaned from pleasure between her sentences:
- "I think Naazi was 18 years old. We used to go to a swimming pool nearby. She is an expert swimmer and had regular swimming exersices, 3 or 4 days a week. I used to go with her one day in a week.
That day I had arranged to meet one of my lesbian friends at the pool to have some fun. When Naazi put on her swimming bikini and went for the exercise, me and my lesbian friend "Naahid" went to the steam sauna to have some sexual fun. When there were other people in the sauna we could not have intense orgasmic adventures, as we pretended to massage each other and if an orgasm was about to be, it had to be a silent one. But when there was no disturber, we could have intense body shaking and screaming orgasms.
That day, there were 1 other woman in the steam sauna. Because of the steam I couldn't recognize her. So I laid down and requested Naahid to massage my body. She began and when she had reached the point that I was ready to receive two fingers in my pussy the other woman in the sauna left. That was a great opportunity so I rolled and the massage session turned to an intense lesbian making out and soon Naahid was finger fucking me. I was enjoying the sexual waves in my body and the orgasm was near to be made when Naahid stopped! I told her eagerly to continue and said that I'm cumming soon but she told me someone was watching us secretly. She was right because a female body appeared in the steam and when she came nearer we recognized she was Naazi! Oh my God! The woman who left some minutes ago was Naazi and she had secretly watched me and Naahid to find out what was going to happen and so she found our relationship.
After that, I found out that Naazi had had lesbian experiences at the pool with her friends. That day was the beginning of our mother-daughter lesbian relationship."

I was trying hard not to cum but the story was so exciting.
-"Wow! you are so naughty. I can't control my orgasm anymore Momi!"

I couldn't resist the intensity of the sexual hotness in the atmosphere anymore. I told momi that I was cumming and she told me to cum inside her. I continued fucking her in the doggy position and after 1 or 2 seconds shot my load of hon cum in her cunt which I think stimulated her to her 2nd orgasm!

Momi moaned and her body shook with pleasure from the orgasm and I hugged her from behind to complete the pleasure of experiencing the orgasm. After some seconds she rolled on her back and invited me to a deep passionate kiss. I laid on her, pressing her mature womanly breasts under my chest and kissed her on her lips. Our bodies touched each other in the fullest area possible and our legs crossed and locked between each other.

After some seconds of kissing and making out, I rolled on Momi's right side, put my left arm beneath her neck in such a way that my hand could reach her left breast ,grabbed her left breast, put my right hand palm between her legs on her genitals and began rubbing the area with great passion. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. I could feel my cum coming out of her hole and I used the semen to lube her clit and labia.

-"Wow, you're an expert Shaadi! Where have you learned these skill?"

I told Momi that I watched porn regularly and asked her to tell me one of their sexual ticklish experiences. She looked at me in a naughty way and went on:

-"Naazi is strong and can lock my body and dominate me easily. She sometimes ties me to bed and tickles me. She also uses sex devices on me and her! Between the tickling rounds, she fucks me with a strap on. Sometimes uses a dildo in my pussy or in my ass and sometimes both at the same time! Sometimes she uses a vibrator on my clit and nipples and sometimes she tickles me with an electric brush! She makes me cum over and over but I cannot bear more than 3 or 4 orgasms and after that limit I beg her to stop. My begging also turns her on! But her sexual energy is far beyond mine. She can have several orgasms before she is completely satisfied. Sometimes she has sex with her lesbian friends in the pool and after having 7 or 8 orgasms there she comes home to continue with me! She has the record of 8 orgasms at the pool and 9 more at home!!!"

I was shocked from the record and thought she would be a super hot porn star if she enters the industry!

Momi continued the story:
-"Last week I passed out from the intense sexual simulation she gave me! She tied me to bed and tickle fucked me with a strap on to my 1st orgasm. She sat between my legs, entered a dildo in her own pussy, put her head on my clit and her hands on my sides, tickled me harder and sucked my clitoris to my 2nd orgasm.
Afterwhile, she took out the dildo, sat on my face in a 69 position and entered the dildo in my cunt. I ate her and she fucked my pussy while tickling my exposed inner thighs with her free hand. She came her 1st orgasm at home and I came to my 3rd some moments after her. But she didn't get up from my face. She put her vagina on my nose and told me to lick her clitoris while she tried to fuck herself with my nose. Meanwhile she tried to open my asshole with her fingers. When she managed to entered her middle finger in my asshole she put her face on my pussy again but I was more tired to have an orgasm. The nose fucking also could not send her to orgasm. So she got up and entered the dildo in her pussy. She stood up facing me and putting her legs on my sides so that I could see her fucking herself with the dildo. She fucked herself to her 2nd orgasm and squirted on me while screaming from the pleasure. I hadn't seen her squirting before that!
She then laid on me, kissed me and asked whether I could bear more or not! I said I could have one more orgasm! So after relieving from the orgasm and some making out with me she got up and put a strap on!
She went between my legs and entered a dildo in my ass. It was so hard to take it but so enjoying at the same time. I managed to take the dildo. Then fucked me with the strap on and at the same time put the free end of the dildo in my ass, in her own ass. She double penetrated me and ass fucked herself at the same time. Meanwhile she tickled my thighs with one free hand. I soon had my 4th orgasm and began screaming from pleasure. She came for the 3rd time some seconds after me and shouted loudly in pure orgasmic pleasure. She didn't stop the ass fucking but put the strap out of my cunt. She ass fucked me and herself in a cowgirl position and rubbed her clitoris to her 4th orgasm and I was watching her sexy horny girlish face.
Then she laid on me and began tickling me again. I was begging her to stop and she continued without mercy. The dildo was left in my ass. I was nearly out of breath and couldn't make any sound so she stopped and gave me a short break. She sat on my face afterwhile. I begged her not to tickle me anymore but she again laid on me in a 69 position and tickled my genitals. She removed the dildo from my asshole and tickled my butt crack, ass chicks and inner thighs. This position led her to the 5th orgasm at home. She was moaning from the pleasure when she rolled on my right side to have some break. When she recovered she rolled my body to my left side so that she was at my back and began fucking my pussy with the strap on. She hugged me from behind and tickle fucked me to my 5th orgasm! I couldn't believe having 5 orgasms! I was really out of any energy after that. I was really tired. But she was not completely satisfied!"

-"She had had 13 orgasms counting the orgasms at the pool and she was still not satisfied?"

-"Yeah! her sexual energy is really high and nobody can come up with her to be satisfied! I think she must have 3 or 4 sex partners to satisfy her completely!"

I was listening to Momi's ticklish sex with her daughter and I was rubbing her genitals at the same time. The story was making my erection hard again and my precum was again being poured on Momi's thigh so I decided to roll on Momi and put my manhood between her legs on her labia. I did so and asked Momi to continue the story. She moaned and kissed me on my lips and then continued with moans of pleasure between her words:

-"She put the strap on my waist and began riding it on me in a reverse cowgirl position. She had two further orgasms -6th and 7th- in that position. Then she turned back to me and continued riding in a cowgirl position. She also tickled my sides, breasts, nipples, stomach and clitoris at the same time. I was laughing and screaming hysterically and this made her more eager to continue. She continued riding until she had two further hot orgasms, i.e. 8th and 9th. She seemed to be satisfied and her sexual energy seemed to have been discharged! When the 9th orgasm was weakening in her body she suddenly caught me tight again tickled me hard to the point I peed and passed out! Because of the 9 orgasms she was not conscious enough to understand she was nearly killing me! Maybe she has had more orgasms when I was not conscious!"

-"Wow! So hot of you!"

-"Mom is right! I'm a cruel expert tickler, teaser and fucker and I wanna have an intense sexual session with you Shaadi and break the record of 17 orgasms you just heard!"

The naughty girl had put on a sexy red lingerie with a hot inviting make up which made her hundred times more beautiful, sexy and inviting. She had finished some minutes after she left but had waited and listened to her Momi telling their stories of sex and fuck to me.

I had had 2 orgasms to that point but upon seeing her I felt a new wave of sexual energy and eagerness for her and her sexy milf mother. I felt fucking happy for having further strength to continue ...

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