Rex's bitch

Written by , on 2018-02-09, genre zoophilia

After the horrible week at Karens myself and Owner Tracy were released,but at a cost,
One weekend a month I would return to Karen's for her use.
Also I would have to wear a full dog suit,
It left my ass, pussy and tits exposed. It had a dog head which would leave my mouth exposed to, my arms and legs fitted in to bend up and looked like i had stumpy legs, it was hard to get around but it had a cute twirly tail, I was also fed a special diet which made me smell like a bitch on heat, everyday, all day.
The final thing was an injection that made my voice box inactive except to bark or wimper.
I agreed to just get away from Karen,
Owner Tracy told me all the way home how grateful she was, what a good girl i am ,i wagged my tail but cried a little, i just wanted to see Rex.
When we got out of the car Rex went spastic, he jumped and barked and he loved seeing owner Tracy, when she got me out he licked and licked my face as i cried,
He then immediately mounted me right there, I was so happy licking his face back as he retook me, making me his bitch,his thick cock sliding in and out hard and fast, i arched and gripped with my cunt muscles,,, mmmmm cumming as he reminded me why he is Rex the Conqueror i pushed back against his cock the suit made it easier and I felt more like a bitch than i ever had i was tongue out ass up and squirting in minutes,
Owner Tracy laughed and smiled oh you are such a good breeding slut she laughed as Rex jammed his knot in me, my eyes rolling as my pussy stretched happily, his cum spurting in stronger than ever.I came as he spun and I cried happily, back with my beautiful Rex again!
That night I slept so well,A few weeks went past. My life as Rex's bitch was wonderful,
I had adapted to the suit well, I didnt miss talking and Owner Tracy was so happy,everyday after work when she got home she would walk us on the beach, play fetch and just hug us.She also started joining in,she would suck Rex's cock then direct it into my asshole and sometimes clean me up after, lapping up mine and Rex's cum off me and she too bought a suit and some nights would stay in the kennel and Rex would fuck us both.
When Karen would come and take me away, i would act sad but secretly I loved the attention,
Having other dogs fuck me in front of an audience.
Divine.I love being Rex's bitch xx

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