Rex the Conqueror pt 1

Written by , on 2018-02-06, genre zoophilia

"Please Ginni"Tracy begged, wringing her hands.
I agreed reluctantly, happy to babysit her house but her dog, Rex a massive German Shepard made me nervous.
I organised to be at hers on the thursday until the Sunday.
"Automatic feeder and water" she pointed out in the caged kennel area "blah blah blah" I got as I looked out over the beach,no neighbours, secluded.
I waved Tracy goodbye, such a good friend, as a 19 yr old I was lucky to have a 30 yr old gf who was like a sister, mentor all in one,
I spent the day relaxing, walking the sand,read a little, had a swim and showered outside, how refreshing, how uninhibited I felt, I slipped into one of Tracy's summer dresses and naughtily a pair of her panties from her laundry basket, it made me wet knowing she had worn them.
The whole time Rex had watched, followed, and behaved very nicely.
It was late afternoon and I had wandered past his kennel looking for him, I went into the caged area and getting on my hands nad knees I peeked into his kennel, it was cozy, big bed, blanket, clean, I was then rudely shocked by his nose running up my leg.
I shrieked and leapt back chastising him.
"Bad Rexy" I hissed, he stood back and growled, not menacingly, just more like saying,
"Hey Bitch, this is my place"
I grinned nervously at his stare,I shivered, my pussy was tingling, his warm large wet nose although disturbing me felt great, being a bit of a naughty girl, I shook, then went to leave, Rex blocked me,
I went to go around, he blocked again, coming closer I backed into the corner.
Rex came in and shoved his nose up the dress into my crotch,,
"Nooo "I squeaked but Rex had other ideas, he leapt at me, grabbing the dress ripping it away,I slipped past but Rex caught me pushing me into the gate, as I hit it I slammed my wrist and fell, the gate closed and locked !
I froze as Rex stood over me, his Wet nose snuffing me,his tongue lapping at his mistresses panties,I shrieked and tried to get up,but Rex grabbed my neck, clamping on to me he then dragged me into his kennel,
I was now in his kennel, locked in, no one to help, defenceless against a dog with his intentions very clear,
His cock half out as he tried humping, the panties stopping his access, I cried as he held my neck firm, my wrist throbbing as Rex growled, he was going to rape me ! I knew, he knew, I trued to lay flat but his growl and tightening grip left me no choice, sobbing into the dog bkanket I lifted my ass up and pulled the panties down.
Rex found his mark and drove his big long cock deep into me.
I screamed and gulped air, gasping at his strength and size, my pussy stretched as he pumped me hard, squealing as he raped my tight pussy, his cock getting in deeper and deeper, it felt like he was in my womb as I cried, blubbering as he made me his bitch, then I felt pain, he had rammed his knot in, I gasped agin, then I came, involuntarily as his swollen knot expanded, crying as I felt his cum spurt in me, filling me, so warm, and so much, I came again calling myself a fucking slut, a dog raped me and I came. I cried like a bitch as Rex kept filling me.
He turned as I wimpered, then he dragged us to the ground, I sobbed as my pussy stayed stretched over his knot, waiting for it to pop out, when it did I leaked cum everywhere and when i tried to pee I squealed, Rex growled at me everytime I tried to stand, so on three legs I stayed, my wrist swollen and red, my pussy swollen, sore, as it got colder I begrudgingly cuddled in for warmth, collapsing into sleep.

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