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I was 18 years old when I first found out one of my school friends' mom and sister's high sexual intentions toward me. My name is "Shadmehr" and my friends called me "Shaadi", which has some points in it. The point is that I was a boy but the nickname they called me was a girls' name and that was due to my outstanding handsome face! I'm now 32 years old but this occured when I was at high school.
One day I and my also handsome friend "Shaahin" made an appointment at his house for some school assignments. I said would be there on Friday morning at about 9 o clock. I and Shaahin were friends for several years and both of us being handsome made a good couple! Of course we did not have sexual relationship but we used to play seriously with each other and everyone in the school knew about this. Specially we were into tickling and both of us were ticklish. One of our hobbies was to tickle each other and I remember it was real pleasure to be tickled by him!
When I arrived at their home, his mother opened the door and warmly invited me inside.
- Oh come in Shaadi! Shaahin is not home right now for some accidental duties but will be back soon. Make yourself at home.
- Thank you Mrs.
- Please not be so formal. You may call me Momi. I'm like your mom and you're like my own boy, like Shaahin!
Shaahin's mother was really kind and soon made the atmosphere intimate. She wore a top and a short skirt and had made a pony tail of her blond hair on her head. She was really beautiful and had a perfect body. Soon she began talking about the tickling sessions I and Shaahin had had.
- So Shaadi I've heard from Shaahin you're very ticklish. Is that true?
- Oh yeah!
I replied with some degree of shame and shyness.
- Oh my ticklish boy! How shy you are! I can't believe it! Make yourself easy with me!
she said trying to make me talk more comfortably. At that moment I was shyer than I could guess her intentions towards me. I could barely even look at her because of the fear of getting a hard on between my legs. But this tickling theme in her talk did turn me on to some degree. I think she was clever enough to recognize my feelings! So she continued:
- I'm really excited to check your degree of ticklishness myself.
I was suddenly rock hard by this sentence but made my best for my erection not to be revealed. She continued:
- Would you let me check it myself?
- well, I ... , I don't know! I ...
She got closer to me on the sofa and sat besides me, on the right side. Then she put her left arm around my body and somehow hugged me and said:
- Please make yourself easy with me! This is completely O.k. There is nobody here except my girl and she is O.K. with that. Don't be shy! O.K.?
- O.K. Momi!
I said that but I was shocked and couldn't make up my mind on what I should do at that moment. After some foreplay she made with me I was determined to go completely into it and enjoy some horny moments with my friend's hot milf mom!
- That's good! So let's see what we have here!
She looked at the bulge between my legs and put her right palm on it. At the same time she tickled my left side with her left hand which had been put around me earlier. I giggled and somehow jumped but she grabbed me and continued the tickling! I willingly didn't escape and accepted this horny milf's tickling because tickling was the thing that does turn me on.
Our first position was that she was sitting on my right side, her left arm around me and tickling my left side and her right hand on my hard on. But when the tickling started, she used both her hands on me one on my left side and the other on my tommy. So the position changed and soon I was lying on her thighs and she was tickling me as hard as she could. I rolled from on side to the other and of course didn't want to escape her. The position was like a mother hugs her child for breastfeeding but I was somewhat bigger than an infant! I was laughing loudly and was getting as horny as willing to fuck her for hours!
At a moment when I rolled facing her she stopped the tickling, lowered her face and pulled my body upper with her arms and kissed my on the lips! Wow! That was fantastic. A deep passionate kiss after the tickling by a super sexy milf.
- Now it's time for breastfeeding my boy.
She quickly threw her right breast out of her bra and put my face on it telling me to suck! I voluntarily accepted and began sucking on her beautiful mature breast. Meanwhile she unbuttoned my pants and told my to take them off. While sucking on her perfect breasts I pulled them off with on hand. Then while I was still worshiping her right breast she slid her left hand beneath my shorts and grabbed my hard shaft which was lubed by precum. She told my to unbutton her bra and worship both of her breasts. Meanwhile she caressed my manhood with much skill.
The position was not appropriate so she skillfully changed the position and told me to let her lye on the sofa and led me to a 69 position. When I got on the top, she pulled my shorts down my legs and grabbed my hard waiting shaft with her lips. So my manhood went in her hungry mouth and I managed to remove her skirt and panties.
- Wow you're panties and pussy are already wet!
- MMmmmm
She muffled some sounds because her mouth was filled with my hard meat! I smelled her panties and threw it on her face behind me. I could fill her laughter of lust on my dick.
I made several kisses on her white in shape thighs making my way towards her genitals. She was shaved and I thought she had made preparations for this session! I gently kissed the area around her major labia and could feel her moans on my cock in her mouth. Finally I kissed on her clit! She could not stand it and made a loud moan which couldn't be made except by throwing my dick out of her mouth for some seconds. But she was obviously willing me to continue as she told my so.
- Go on my boy. I didn't guess you be so much skilled. That was great. Go on and please your momi!
So I went on and used all skills I had learned from the porn movies. I sucked and kissed her clit and caressed it with my tongue. Also I used my fingers on her asshole and tried to stimulate the nerves on her butt crack. Her moans got more intense and her voices of pleasure made me closer to orgasm! I resisted it but the orgasm was being structured in my body!
I tried to make her cum at the same time with me by using all skills on her private area. I used my tongue on her clit and every now and then put my mouth on her entire major labia. I also entered two fingers in her vagina while pressing and ramming her asshole using my tomb. It seems that this worked and we both came at the same time with a strong wave of pleasure, body shaking and loud noises! I almost shouted in pleasure while shooting my load on her breasts, neck and face and quickly turned back and hugged her shaking body tight kissing her neck and ears and trying to control her shaking body. She was out of her mind for some about 30 seconds and still was shaking with pleasure.
I couldn't believe such an intense orgasm as I had not seen a woman's orgasm alive. All I had seen to that date was pornstars cumming in porn videos. But her orgasm was much more exciting than any other orgasm I had seen.
When she began to retain her awareness after the strong waves of orgasmic pleasure weakened in her sexy body, she looked at me with much passion and kissed me so deep and long. I was hugging and kissing my friend's mom's naked body after giving her an intense orgasm and receiving an orgasm myself. This thought was turning me on again. Our bodies where sticking to each other because of my cum and sweat and it was a great pleasure to be hugged and sticked to a horny sexy milf mom like that! I hugged her tightly and caressed all over her body whith one of my hands for about 10 minutes.
- Don't you want to fuck momi?
She said in an inviting horny tone and rolled on her stomach and then on her knees showing a doggy style position. I eagerly put my meat in her mouth to make it hard enough. She began sucking on my meat. Meanwhile I worshiped her breasts with both my hands and she put her hand on her pussy checking whether it was ready for my dick. When my shaft was hard enough she let me go behind her for the fucking session. I positioned myself behind her, grabbed her ass and adjusted the height of her pussy. when the height was appropriate, I put my dick on her entrance and pushed the mushroom end inside my friend's momi! She moaned and I could feel the squeezed vaginal muscles around my penis's head.
- Go on. Fuck your momi Shaadi! Fuck me deep and hard!
I gradually entered my manhood in her, but the rate was very slow to tease her.
- Go on. Go deep. Deeper! Deeper!
She begged for deeper fuck and I teased her. It took more than 1 minute for me to put my full length erection inside her hungry cunt. When it was done, I leaned forward and grabbed both her breasts and started pumping very slowly. She moaned with pleasure and begged for a faster fucking rate.
Suddenly I made the pumping faster and harder and this action was followed by her loud scream of both pain and pleasure!

At this fucking hot moment we both heard a girlish voice which said: "What the fuck is going on here, mom?"
This was my friend's sister "Nazanin" who had been asleep in her room and was awaken with her mother's horny screams.

This seemed to be the beginning of a hot threesome fucking session.

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