Cleaning Lady

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I'm 29 single a average guy. I was transferred to the east coast my company and having never been there before, they arranged everything. They got me a 3 bedroom house only 10 blocks from my new office. A house because the company branch was in the western suburbs. They also got a yard service to maintain the yard and a shaded pool and a cleaning lady for the house twice a week. Her name is Karen 54 slim build with red hair and glasses. Two weeks after moving in, I was home working on my latest project for the company. When Karen arrived to clean the house. She got to work and soon had it finished, as it was summer, she asked if she could have a swim. I said "Okay, you can use it any time you want." and she got changed into her swim suit and went for a swim, she looked hot in that one piece suit. After a while she got out, showered and dressed and left. About a week or so later on a very hot Saturday afternoon she arrived and asked if it would okay for her to swim. "No worries have fun" I replied and went back to watching the game on the tv. Later she came in after her swim and said thanks very much. I asked her did she want something cold to drink. Cold water will do was the reply, I got her a glass of water and added some ice for her. We talked for a while and then she left. I told her she could use the pool on Sunday if she wanted to. She said " Thankyou."
About 1pm Sunday she arrived and we talked for a little while and then she went for a swim. I was just finishing up the project for Monday, when she enter the house. She said " You should get out more and meet people and not work all the time." I replied " I'm a bit shy around people and it takes a while for me to relax." "Your not shy around me." she replied. I said "I not shy around everyone, just young women." "Why is that." she asked. "I don't ready know." was my reply. "Is it SEX." she enquired. I didn't know what say and finally nodded yes. " All you need is more confidence and you will be okay." she said. With that she started to undress and seeing the shocked look on my face she added " Only thru experience will you get confidence and I will help get it." After undressing she took hold of my hand and lead me to my bedroom. There she undressed me and we had SEX. We started having sex regularly, it was about 5 months later that we discovered that we were related and she was my mothers mother brothers daughter. Making her my second cousin. But it didn't stop the sex and even after I got a girlfriend, we still have regular sex. We both enjoy it.

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