More than one wife.

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Many years ago I read about a man in England, who had more than one wife. He lived by a lake and would live one and when he had enough of her, he moved around to another wife. Something called Common Law wife was the way it worked. You live with a woman for a period and you were married without a wedding. This impressed me at the time and even after I turn 18, 23 years ago I still was interested in doing it. But with Law changes and finding women who would agree to this. I put it on my to do list. I'm an engineer and work on large international construction projects. While working in India, I found out that you can purchase a wife in some of the Regions. Also you could have more than one wife. But there still was a problems about coming home with more than one wife. But 12 years ago I met a girl named Asha 21 and she was very good looking. She lived with her mother and 2 sisters 19 and 18. They were a poor family with no male relative to look after them. The only way they could marry was by the bride market. Asha worked in the company office, I had asked her out a couple of times and she had always refused. Raj my local engineer mate told that she was in the wedding market and so was unavailable to date. Dating would ruin her chances of marrying, So I asked what is the going rate for a bride. $10,000 for a good one I was told and you would have to pay the dowry for her Sisters and look after her mother as Asha was the oldest daughter. But if I wanted too, I could marry the other 2 Sisters as well after I married Asha at very little cost. As I would have to pay dowry to myself for each of them and as head of the family. I had to agree to who they married. It took 4 months to arrange and I married Asha and within 2 months I had married the Sisters. I had changed their surnames to mine before marrying them and also the surname of the mother. This was done so I could get visas to come home with me, using the name change papers for passports. All has worked out great, I have a farm of 380 acres and a large house for me, my 3 wifes 8 children and mother in law. I only sleep with my wifes 1 as a time and no 1 else.

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