Confession of a Conman

Written by , on 2018-01-19, genre straight

I'm now 68 single a little overweight, hair thinning on top and wear glasses. I have always been a con artist and never get honest work. I always have some scam or other going. The easiest people to con are the self righteous, all you have to do is agree with them and spout there rubbish. Always be the leader in conversations with these bigots and you can fleece them everytime. I con my way out the draft by turning up for the medical with a leg frame attached to my left leg and having numb it with a local. So the Doctor couldn't detect feeling in my foot, when he jabbed a needle in during the examation. Just because your are wearing a frame on your leg, don't mean they won't test you. So I never had to worry about the draft as I was marked as disabled. They were even kind enough to provide a medical certificate for a Government benefit. I kept it going for a year then gave it up. I prefer the self righteous women for my cons as they are so gullible. As long as you stay within the bounds of there prejudices your in. They even let you into their beds. I rarely go after woman just for sex, but sometimes I can't help myself, as you come across a real bitch and you can't resist taking her down. I don't vote and I move around alot, but I have a property overseas for my retirement and a nice nest egg put away. I have never paid taxes always put aside a quarter of the take to my nest egg for my pension. Sex is wild with these frustrated bitches as there husbands are usually doing someone else or can't get it up.

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