Aunt Marie

Written by , on 2018-01-15, genre incest

I'm Edgar 27 single and of average build, I am plumber and enjoy alot of sport. Just average but I then I use it for keeping fit and not winning championships. I recently attend a family wedding. My cousin Carol got married, I went alone and entended to leave early,but my Mother 52 and her sister Robyn 48 wanted me take care of their other Sister Marie. Marie is 45 widow average build great set of tits. Marie liked a drink and Robin didn't want her getting drunk and ruining Carol (Robyn Daughter) wedding. Any I kept a close eye on Marie and after the cake cutting, I was ready to go. But Mother and Robyn wanted me to take Marie to her home, instead of her using a Taxi. It would a 45 mile around trip for me, but I agreed. After the happy couple left the reception, I asked Marie if she was ready to go. She agreed and we set off. It was start to rain and as we went further the heavy it got. It was just after midnight when we arrived at Marie house. It was really pouring with rain and Marie asked me in for a coffee. While drinking my I watched the TV weather report and found that some roads were flooded. So Marie said I had better stay the night. I went to bed in a spare room and was woken up later by someone sucking my cock. It was Marie and she said that she horny and that no one need know as were both adults. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time, so I thought why not. After couple of minutes I came and she shallowed the lot. Then she suggested we go to her bed as it was bigger, which we did. On Sunday morning we got out bed just before 11 and marie made breakfast. After she said "That she was going to shower and asked if Iwanted to join her", So I did. We have had sex, twice a week since and I'm upgrading her plumbing and she has told me that Aunt Robyn is getting any from uncle Steven and wants to know if I would do her as well. Well why not I think it will be okay. But I hope youse can keep it from Mom. Marie said " We will, but she might want in, as your Dad always away with work and she said she lucky to get twice a year". I replied " Be very sure befor youse mention it to her of her reaction". We will was the reply.

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