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"Walter, I am going to take the limo tonight." stated Jarret. "Take the rest of night off."

"Thank you Sir, shall I keep the light on?"

"No need to Walter."

Jarret grab the keys and headed for the garage. He had first seen the Twins two weeks ago. Their images were haunting him even now, forever plastered into his mind...

Francine had entered the nightclub first. Her red hair up in a bun, wearing a black skin tight sweater over her perfectly rounded C breasts, her gold patterned vest pronouncing them perfectly. A tight black knee high skirt, her black stockings with black pumps enhanced the elegance of her shapely legs. She sat alone in the corner. It was only when she crossed her legs that he noticed she had on a garter belt, a rarity in this day and age.

She sat alone, nervous and figity, like someone who was very uncomfortable with the situation. Since she was only two tables away, Jarret almost stood up to introduce himself, after all he was the owner of the place as well as five of the other night clubs in the city, not to mention the local power plant. The money he made in a week, most people never saw in a lifetime. And for all the wealth he had, he carried a suprising low profile, and liked to keep it that way. This ravishing red headed marvel, however, intrigued him, and he wanted to know more.

He was about to stand up when Patricia came through the door.

Patricia wore her red hair down, curly and shoulder lengnth, and was sporting a red sleaveless v-neck dress and matching pumps. The cleavage from her C sized breasts protruded nicely from the top. She walked with purpose towards Francine's table and sat down.

They sat there for the longest time. Staring at each other with pure hatred and contempt. Each pair of emerald green eyes taking in the others. there rounded faces develping furrows as they squinted there eyes, both of there faces where down with they eyes glaring upwards into the others face. Francine suddenly looked down and undid her hair. It was at that moment that Jarret realized they were twins. Jarret listened as they talked in low steady tones.

"I know what you did Patricia, who do think you are? You knew we where engaged."

"You didn't love him and he didn't love you. Sex is all that mattered, Francine, and you know it."

"That doesn't give you the right to screw every man I go out with."

"You're just a jealous bitch because I could always fuck them better than you!"

Francine glare hardened "I hate you," she whispered loudy.

Patricia glare hardened into an identical face "I don't exactly like you either." she whispered back.

Francine got up quickly and walked toward the door. Three steps away from the table she turned to lay down the gauntlet to her sibbling. "Next time I see you, your a dead woman."

Patricia retorted "Not if I see you first!"

That was two weeks ago.

Being an owner of a club had it's priviliges. Through Cid, his head bouncer, he found out the Twins last names, and luckly they were both listed. He had sent a seperate mailings to each of there houses stating that "she" had won a night on the town care of the night club. The night club would supply them with wardrobe, limo, and an escort. After recieving there measurements he sent out identical black designer dresses, nylons, pumps, and even under garmets.

His next step was to make a few modifications to the white limo, he tinted all the windows so not only could you not see in from the outside, but you could not see out from the inside. He also made a modification to the partition seperating the driver from the riders, a mirrored glass that did not allow the passengers to see up front, but allowed the Driver to see all. He cusomized the door locks so that no one could escape from the back seat. And most importantly. he installed a video device in the front passanger seat to capture this magic moment.

The preperations were all in place, and as he drove the limo, he let the image run through his mind of two identically gourgeous ladies locked in combat in his backseat.

He picked op Patricia first. She was very exited as he let her into the limo. She was wearing the outfit he sent her and looked fabulous. As they drove she asked where they were going. Jarret nonchalantly announced that it would be a suprise.

When the limo pulled up in front of Francine's house, Patricia had no idea due to the tinted windows. Jarret asked her to wait here while he got her date. And exited the car, but not before he set the camcorder to record.

As he walked up the path, he kept his remote for the limos electronic locks in his hand. Francine stepped out of the house. She was identical to her sister in every way. Jarret noticed they were even wearing their hair the same way. up in a tight bun. Francine, like her sister, also seemed quite exited. Little did she know that her and Patricia would soon be bathed in each others blood, fighting for there lifes in the back of the chariot that now awaited her...

The door opened and Francine stepped into the limosuine. In unison her and her sister, Patricia exclaimed "What the Fuck!!!" as Jarret quickly slammed the door and locked it shut. the limo started to shake before he even reached the front door. When he sat down and turned around, he found the girls had already torn out each others buns and and had fistfulls of each other's hair. One sister had a giant scratch mark down her cheek. The other had a cut lip. It was at this point that he realized he could not tell which sister was which.

Their nylon clad legs were intertwined twisting around each other struggling for supremacy. Their nostrils flared. The one twin (with the scratch) bit down hard on the other twins lower lip. "Francine you BITCH!", cried the recieving twin through gritted teeth, confirming identities for Jarret, as the bulge stiffened in his pants.

Patricia, being bitten, grabbed her sibbling rival's top and pulled hard, ripping the material from the soulder to the stomach. Francine reacted by slapping her sister hard across the face and started in on her sisters clothing. The tearing contest continued for next few minutes, all the while there legs still intertwined.

When the shredding was finally replaced with hairpulling again, both twins were topless, and Francine had lost her underpants. Patricia had tried to choke her sister with its remains of the undergarmet, and the fabric seemed quite durable. Francine however was able to knock the "weapon" away and it was now setting in a discarded heap next to four stelleto heals that lay on the back seat floor. all that remained on their framtic bodies now was both of the ladies sheer pantyhose and Patricia's panties. There legs still intertwined

Then something happened that Jarret did not expect. Francine was able to kick her sisters feet out from under her. and Patricia fell face first straight into Francine's naked crotch. Without a second thought Tracy bit down hard on her sisters privates. Francine with a cry of agony bucked hard, making Patricia let go and fly upward. Patricias naked tits slammed into Francine's face, and it was Francine turn to bite. She dug her teeth deeply into her sisters titty flesh. Jarret noted with a wry smile that even their screams were indentical.

The twins now rolled on there side. struggling violently. Francine biting down on Patricias tit. and Patricia scratching at her twin sisters back. both were filled with crimson scars, identical to the last.

Francine suddenly let go and tried to kick her sister away. In the process her feet tangled into Patricias panites. She straightened out to try to get loose. Patricia meanwhile jumped foward to get into her sisters face. the panties slid halfway up Francine's legs and half way down Patricia when the sisters came face to face.

Francine thinking she was free, grabbed the panties and pulled up hard, not realizing that she was also wearing the underwear. In the process of giving her sister a wedgy, she gave herself one as well. There cunts slapped together with the mostness of blood and sweat.

A look of shock crossed both girls faces as they realized what just happened. But they couldn't stop now. They hated each other even more than before as they both grabed the underware and pulled together. both recieving and giving pain to each other for ten minutes straight of the duel wedgy.

During this part of the conflict they traded insults and spitted in each others face. Occasionly one of the twins would lash out and bite her sister's lip or tounge. All this while pulling hard on the highly ressistant underwear. both of the girls crotches were starting bleed, as the insults turned to grunts of agony.

Finally, as if possesed they grabbed each others tits as if they were the same person with seperate bodies and squezed hard. The one pair of panites covering both asses. They squezed and mauled each other. blood was oozing from their crotches through the panties as well as from their battered tits. It was at this point that Jarret mentally thanked himself for using protective mink oil on the leather seats to prevent staining.

The Ladies continued. as if they were having sex, their bodies rubbed against each other. But the effort was not for affection, but motivated by pure hatred. The pace had slowed almost to a standstill. Jarret turned for a moment to adjust his camcorder. when he turned back, they lied motionless. Neither was moving. With horror he realized that the two might have killed each other. He quickly ran around the back and checked both their pulses. To his relief they were still alive. He came back to the front of the limo and drove quickly to the hospital

Of all the years of working ER, Dr. Jonathan Ericson never seen the likes of this. They were discovered outside the emergecy ward. They were twin females, naked and badly beaten. both were wearing the same pair of underwear and although unconcious, they still had each others fingernails embedded into the others breasts. He decided seperate rooms might be a good idea.

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