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I'm Dan now 27 6'4" and skinny as a beanpole, hence the nickname. When I left high school at 17, I started working for a local company that owned the hardware store and several others businesses. I started at the hardware as junior storeman. The company owners Donald & Gwen were in there early 50's and had just inherited the company from Gwen's family and were intent on building it up. Donald was always looking to expand and done a lot of travelling. Gwen was a hands on boss and would be in and out of all the businesses daily. They had 3 grown children, a Doctor, Lawyer and a Architect who lived in the city. Donald had a rovering eye, but wouldn't leave Gwen. Gwen new about his affairs and didn't seem to care. Just over 18 months after I started at the hardware, old Bert the storeman retired after a heart attack. Gwen gave me the job of storeman, as she said "I had proved myself able". About month later Donald had heart attack while driving and died 2 weeks later. Gwen threw herself into work at the company. While the end of stocktake, I was working back late to finish and found an old porn mag of Bert's. As I was finished for the night, I started to read it and soon had a hard cock and I start to rub it. After a bit I got my cock out and started to stroke it. It was then that Gwen walked in and caught mid stroke. She just said " Men" and went to my office to get something. I quickly put my cock away and followed saying sorry. No need was the reply I know men get horny all the time and it doesn't bother me. Then as I turned to leave she said " Maybe you could do me a favor". I said "Anything what do you need doing". I need a filing cabinet and a lounge shifted in my office was the reply. Okay I replied and we went to her office. She showed what was required and we talked while I did it. Then she asked "Why I wasn't out on the town with a girlfriend or such on a Saturday night". I replied "I don't a girlfriend and all my buddies are with their girlfriends. I'm shy around girls my age, I don't know why I just am". "You just lack confidence" she replied. Have you ever had sex with a girl she added, "No" I replied. "Well we have better take care of that now, you get undressed and we will have sex and I will help build up your confidence" she said. I didn't know what to say and hesitated a bit. She said " Come on get undressed", as she started to undress. So I started to undress. Gwen is 5'9" good figure and ample breasts, a good looking woman. After we were both naked, she started to caress my body and my cock went rigid straight away. After kissing me for awhile she moved down my body kissing it as she went. On reaching my cock, she kissed it and licked it and start to suck it. It didn't take long for me to cum. I warn her I was about to cum and she deep throated me and swallowed the lot. Then she told me how to get her off with my tongue, then we had sex twice on the lounge. That start a regular sex romp with her 3 times a week Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays this lasted for a few months and then changed to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So I could go out Saturday Nights looking for girls. After about 8 months she hired a personal assistance to help with office work. Ally was 18 great figure, good breasts and shy with most people. Gwen had hired her to help out a family friend, who wanted to get their grandaughter work. Gwen kept an eye on Ally and would use any chance to bring us together. After a while Ally was not shy around me anymore, I asked her out a couple of times and the answer was always No. Gwen then took a hand in the matter and arranged for the 3 of us to go to her lake house for a weekend. Ally and her for catching up on the office work and me to do maintenance on the lake house. It was a long weekend and we arrived about 8pm Friday night and settled in. Next Morning I started cleaning up the yard around the house and then cutting back bushes and other things. I came in for lunch at about 12.30. After lunch I moved furniture for Gwen, around 3pm Gwen said " let's going swimming". Okay I replied, but Ally replied she didn't have a swim suit. "That's okay, I sure there is spare in my room" said Gwen and she took Ally into her room. After ten minutes they returned and Ally was redfaced in a brief backless 1 piece with a metal ring holding the top to the bottom in the front. I could feel my cock getting stiff. After a while swimming Gwen told me to go away for about 10 minutes, so swam around a bend and left them alone. I got out of the water and went for walk. On returning I saw Gwen had Ally laying on the wateredge and was kissing and caressing her and had swim suit removed. So I sat behind a bush and watched and Gwen was licking Ally cunt and she was moanning, it then that Gwen signalled me to come down to them. After playing with Ally at the waters edge we all ended up in Gwen's bed. Ally and I got married later that year and our first son was 5 months later. We 2 boys and a girl now and another boy due about 3 month. We live next to Gwen and still have threesomes with her.

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