Fucked by a hot girl with a fleshlight

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I met Camille at a music awards after party. Our eyes had met at the bar where both of us were trying to get the attention from one of the overworked bar staff who were trying get as many poorly assembled and much too expensive drinks into the hands of the waving and shouting customers in front of them.

Poor and expensive drinks, and seemingly never spotted by a free bar keep. It’s as good a conversation starter as any. She chuckled when i pointed this out. Finally, we were able to get a young bar keeper to attend to us, ordered three gin and tonics each (”G&T’s are hard to get entirely wrong, even for an over worked staff like this,” I said. She agreed.), and found ourselves a spot in a booth overlooking the most busy parts of the venue.

We sat down and continued chatting, about the drinks, about the awards, about the DJ, about her work (pediatrician), about mine, and this and that for the duration of our drinks. Camille revealed herself to be funny and smart, a lethal combination in itself, but she was also stunningly attractive, and looked incredibly sexy in a short, black cocktail dress over sheer, black pantyhose and pumps to match.

When we finished our last G&T, I asked her if I should go and order more. “If I’m lucky, we might have time for another before the throw us out.” She paused, and then looked at me with smiling eyes, got up and stood right beside me. She bent down, kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear “Why don’t we head to my place instead? I live only a couple of blocks away.” “Damn!” I thought. Must be my lucky night. “Sure,” I answered.

We arrived at her apartment within 15 minutes. “Have a seat! Can I get you a drink?” she asked and opened her fridge. “I have a bottle of dry Riesling.” “Sounds great,” I said. She pored two glasses and joined me at the couch. “Cheers,” she said and lifted her glass. “Cheers,” I replied and did the same. “Mmm, it’s good,” I said. It was
Camille leaned in closer, and put her right hand on my thigh, dangerously close to my crotch, and stroked the fabric of my suit pants gently. I felt a jolt in my nether region as she did this. I hadn’t fucked in months. What I stroke of luck that I’d get back in the game with a girl as hot as this. She looked my in the eyes, and I leaned towards her and we started making out.

Camille got up, tugged my tie and used it as a leash to drag me towards the bedroom, turned around and started to kiss me some more, while simultaneously slowly removing my jacket, then loosening my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. I was starting to get hard at this point. My mind buzzing as I started to imagine what it would feel like to slide my erection into the wet pussy of a girl as hot as this. Having removed my shirt, Camille moved her hands down as if to check if my cock was indeed having the anticipated reaction, feeling the bulge through the fabric of my pants.
She stopped kissing me for a moment. “Wait here,” she said. “I’m just going to get something.” She left the room, and as she did I took off my shoes, socks and pants, and sat down on the bed, my erection throbbing from inside my boxer briefs. “You ready,” she asked from what seemed just out side the room. “Oh sure,” I said with great anticipation. She reentered the room, still in her black dress, holding something behind her back.

I got up, somehow forgetting the tent between my legs. “You’re still dressed,” I exclaimed. Camille looked at me and smiled. “Of course.” She moved closer, stop for a short second, and pulled down my boxers. “You thought we were going to fuck?” she said and laughed lightly. “No silly. I’m going to fuck your dick. With this.” She pulled out something I immediately recognized as a Fleshlight.

“Oh!” I said. I could feel my face turn red. My cock seemed nonplussed, as it twitched and bobbed right in front of her. “Oh, look at it,” Camille said and giggled. “It’s desperately searching for something, anything to pleasure it.” She added some lube to the opening of the Fleshlight, got down in front of me, grabbed my right thigh with her left hand, and pushed the surprisingly skin like pussy toy over my aching cock. I closed my eyes and let out a groan as I entered it. “Ah, does it feel good,” Camille asked and started to move the Fleshlight slowly back and forth. “Mmmm,” was all I managed in reply.

She soon upped the tempo, and I started to breathe heavier. Camille switched hands and put her free hand on my butt cheek. She felt it clench as I was approaching climax. I moaned and groaned, my mouth agape as I felt my balls tighten, and soon enough I exploded inside the Fleshlight with one, two three and the four contractions and heavenly releases. “Good boy!” Camille said. She looked at me and smiled with great satisfaction in her eyes and tilted the fuck toy upwards to check if my cock was still pumping cum into it.
She slowly pulled the Fleshlight off my cock, letting the excess drops of cum drip down on the swollen and sensitive tip and shaft of it. I sat down on the bed, exhausted from the powerful orgasm. “That’s a nice load.” She said. “Maybe next time I’ll let you cum inside a real pussy.”

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