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I'm David 26 and after finishing my law degree a year ago. I started work with the family firm, I'm just a junior and don't get much in the way of court cases. Drink driving is most I get and some assisting on other cases. I'm the youngest of 2, my sister Clare is 29 and also a lawyer. So is both my parents and 3 of my grandparents, all except Carolyn 65 housewife. Donald 69 was the senior partner till he had a stroke and died 3 months ago. I was selected to stay with Carolyn after the funeral as she had early onset dementia. All was well for a week or so. Then Carolyn started calling me Donald and cuddling up to me of an evening. I told my mother and she said "It's only her dementia and don't worry about". I came home from work on a Wednesday afternoon about 5.30, just as the home care nurse was leaving, she said " Carolyn was well and happy". I went inside and she a Whiskey and soda ready for me. She was very happy to see me and said " Donald you know what it is". I didn't know what she was on about, it wasn't her birthday or Donald's and it wasn't their anniversary. I must have had a blank look on my face. As she said " It's anniversary of the day you proposed to me". I was at a loss as what to say or do. Then she said " I have made booking at our favorite restaurant for 7.30". Good I replied, I just got to make a call and then I will shower. I rang Mom and told her want was going on and she said her,dad and sis will meet us there. That was good and we all had a great time. Me and Carolyn arrived home just before 11. Carolyn went straight upstairs and I sat on the lounge. Next thing Carolyn appeared in a nighty
it left nothing to your imagination. You could see straight thru it. She put on their favorite song and wanted to dance. After 3 or 4 dances she started to grab my balls and undone my zipper. Next thing she was playing with my cock, then she undid the button and my trousers slid down to my knees. I sat down on the lounge and sat next to me still playing my cock. Next she went down on me and gave me the best headjob I've ever had. After which I slept with her and I woke up a bit late and was about an hour late for work. I told Mom that Carolyn kept up late talking about the old days and I had forgot the set the alarm. Mom didn't care about me being late and said I should put her mother before work. Carolyn and I now have sex once a week and only when she wants it.

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