Paramore fantasy

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I'm not the kind of guy who would have sex with just any girl. Even in the most debauched setting, it would require someone with whom I have at least a casual acquaintance. For the physical relationship to progress, so too would the connection between the two of us. In other words, I wouldn't bang a girl just because she is hot or popular.

However, there is always an exception. To put it in her words, "the only exception" is Hayley Williams, lead singer for the rock group Paramore. The petite, 5'2" woman in her mid-20s with her pale skin and rocking hot body, especially when she had her blazing red hair, has been my weakness for a long time. Include her insane musical talent, including her excellent singing voice with her terrific style, and it makes her more than enough to be the only celebrity truly worthy of my dirtiest fantasies.

While most of my stories contain at least a kernel of truth or some effort of being realistic, I understand a story of this nature may be a bit absurd. It is meant to be strictly a fantasy, so please forgive those elements that may be deemed incredibly unrealistic. That fantasy goes something like the following . . . .

As soon as I heard Paramore was coming to town, a few of my friends and I went in on tickets. We were all pretty big fans of the band, and the guys in the group agreed with me that Hayley Williams, the lead singer, is a sexy bitch, so the show would have no shortage of entertainment value. The day was marked on our calendars well in advance, and we eagerly awaited what would certainly be a fun night.

We entered some contests for backstage passes but didn't end up winning anything. However, as fate would have it, I did have an out-of-state friend named Alex who had landed a job with the crew that would follow part of the tour with the band. He wouldn't be at every venue at which Paramore would be performing, but he would be at the ones that were within six or seven hours of my city. As a result, he was able to get around the venues and had some inside information on what went on after shows. I would have never thought for him to swing any type of favor for me, though, as I wouldn't put that kind of pressure on a friend.

Instead, though, Alex actually texted me with the idea of sneaking me into the dressing rooms after the show. His text came after the second show he had worked, and there was just one more performance between the previous one and the one that would be in my hometown. Alex couldn't risk getting any of my friends in, he said, but it would be no problem getting one person back there, according to him. He assured me that if I were confident enough, no one would notice just me wandering back there. Apparently, the band and the crew were always too busy partying or something to pay too much mind to a solitary stranger after everyone else had left.

As the day drew closer, I kept my secret to myself because I didn't want to make my friends jealous, but also because I wasn't convinced my friend would or could do what he said. I did talk more and more to Alex leading up to and including that day, and he gave me a little more information about what exactly went on in the dressing room after these shows. Alex told me that, because of the nature of his job, he had actually never gone into the dressing rooms after all the fans had cleared out, but he could tell by the sounds coming from there that some pretty wild stuff was going on. Alex suggested I'd be able to catch Hayley in a brand new context.

I was set to find my buddy after the show and thought so much about what I might experience following the concert that throughout the entire day leading up to the event I thought more about the chance of partying with Hayley than the guarantee of finally getting to see her perform live. I snapped out of it when my friends and I headed over to the venue early for the show and I managed to finally relax and just enjoy the entertainment.

The show was great. We cheered the loudest when Hayley took the stage, her straight hair, at the time, reaching almost to her shoulders, her trademark fiery red. We weren't able to get too close to the stage, but I could still see the perfectly done makeup around her eyes and see how the lights reflected off her beautiful, pale face, which drew even more attention to her ruby red lips. Her outfit wasn't flashy but still sexy, comprised of a black t-shirt that had some logos and words I couldn't really distinguish, very tight and short black shorts and black boots, which came about just a quarter up her shin and had heels on them only an inch or two tall.

The show was incredible, of course. Heck, just watching the sexy singer prance around the stage and sing her lungs out was enough to keep me entertained. The great music was just bonus. But this story isn't a concert review, so I will get to the point. Following the encore, my friends and I hung out for a while before going our separate ways - I to go seek out my buddy, unbeknownst to my other friends. I located him right where he said he would be, and we greeted each other and shot the shit for just a couple minutes, since we hadn't seen each other in quite a while. Before long, though, when the venue was really clearing out, we cut to the chase.

Alex took me through a door that led to another door that led to another door. At that point, I could begin hearing voices as well as some music playing. I quickly identified the song playing as "Fences," one of Paramore's songs.

"They like to crank Hayley's music when they do this," Alex said.

"Do what?" I said as we got closer to the noise that was getting louder and louder.

"After shows, some of the guys like to get Hayley d***k to party with her," Alex said. "Not sure if it's d**gs or sex or both. I wish I could go in there myself to find out for sure, but if I can't, then you're the one I want finding out." I wondered why he couldn't go himself; maybe it had something to do with his position. Apparently, I would come off as a local buddy of one of whoever was back here and, thus, able to pull it off without question and without ever being seen again. I'm not sure - how Alex described it didn't really make sense.

I was silent after what Alex said. I was nervous, on one hand because I don't do d**gs, so if they were shooting up back there, I didn't even want to see it. On the other hand, if they were doing sexual things, there was a chance it would be weird, especially if there was any bisexual stuff going on. I had significant experience with group sex in the presence of other guys, so I wasn't too nervous about that part, though. Oh, and, yeah, we were talking about Hayley freakin' Williams. Just seeing her at all would be nerve-wracking. Potentially seeing her naked or watching her get fucked, even, made my heart pound but also brought my cock to full life. Up to this point, I hadn't even entertained the idea of having sex with her myself, let alone what was about to transpire.

When we got to the unmarked door from which the noise was coming, Alex said he needed to leave me at this point but insisted if I knocked, they would let me in. Inside, I could hear slurred words, hooting and one distinct feminine voice I assumed to be Hayley's. I had to be shaking. Alex abandoned me there, hurrying off, and I worried that perhaps I was the victim of a horrible prank. Just as "Fences" came to an end, I knocked on the door with nothing to lose.

Without a moment's delay, the door opened up, and a tall, bald white guy opened the door, a beer in his one hand. He looked like your typical intimidating bouncer, but he didn't even hesitate to let me in, welcoming me as if he knew who I was. He was clearly already sloshed. As I looked around to take in the scene I had stumbled in upon, I counted eight or nine other guys who all appeared to be smashed. I didn't recognize any of them, like, from the band or anything. Also, I didn't see any d**g use, but that didn't mean it wasn't happening. There was a lot of alcohol though.

I was so entranced by the debauchery I had walked in on that I had momentarily forgotten to look for Hayley. My attention was redirected though once the next song started, "Fast in My Car," the first track off Paramore's new (at the time) album and some loud hoots came from everyone in the room, who turned to face to my right. I snapped to it and looked over myself, my excitement renewed as I anticipated seeing up close and personal my long-time celebrity crush. To say I was not the least bit disappointed is an understatement.

Hayley had been over by the far wall but had begun to strut out into the middle of the room to the beat of her own song, which was just on the intro. My heart stopped, and I couldn't help but develop an instant erection as the petite redhead grinned from ear to ear, flashing her bright white teeth as her pale green eyes shined through the mascara despite the dim lighting in the room. Of course, what was most arousing to me, as Hayley took suggestive steps toward the carpet in front of me, was that Hayley was pulling that tight black t-shirt she had worn on stage up over her head, revealing a pink bra underneath.

The hollering got louder from the men in the room, while I was dead silent, unable to process what I was witnessing. Hayley tossed the shirt aside, not three feet from me, as she stopped in the middle of the room just as the lyrics in the song started. I realized then that "Fast in My Car" had a pretty good beat for a strip tease.

At this point, now that Hayley was not far from me at all, I could tell there was a slight stagger in her steps and that she, too, was indeed d***k. I wondered if she behaved this way on her own initiative or if the guys here got her intoxicated to take advantage of her, but I didn't care. I was living out a highlight in my life either way. Hayley, like everyone else, didn't notice that a total stranger was gawking on with the crowd in that moment. Come to think of it, who knew if there were other strangers in this room just like I?

As the song progressed, Hayley reached down for her shorts and pushed them off her hips and down past her thin, creamy, tattooed thighs until the garment was around her ankles. At that point, she pulled the shorts off her boots, leaving the footwear intact as she stood back up in her pink underwear. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

The music and commotion were so loud that I could barely hear the laughs coming from Hayley's pretty mouth as she kicked the shorts aside. The cheers grew even louder as the rock star reached behind her back and began to loosen her bra, as the song to hit the prechorus in a perfect crescendo of events.

"All we, want is, you to give us a break," as Hayley's delicate fingers worked on the undergarment, pulling away just in time for the chorus.

"We're driving fast in my car," Hayley's recorded voice sang as the bra left Hayley's flesh, revealing the star's small but sexy breasts. "We've got our riot gear on, but we just want to have fun," it continued, while Hayley released and allowed the pink bra to fall at her feet. Now the cheering was so loud that it drowned out even the music.

I was still a bit in shock, looking at the rack of my favorite celebrity, but the surreality of the whole event transpiring before me was finally starting to wear off to the point that I could truly enjoy it. Hayley continued to prance around to the music that was dulled by the hoots and hollers of her adoring fans, though I myself was still a little too star-struck to mutter any noise.

As the second verse began, Hayley, staggering a little bit from her alcohol intoxication, put on a little topless dance for the rest of the room, her eyes darting around the room, her smile portraying pure joy to be the center of attention and her perky boobs out in the open for all to see. She occasionally handled and squeezed them as she continued to entertain us, her pale flesh noticeably damp with sweat from her prior performance on stage, not to mention the lack of fresh air in this dingy room as she started her next performance.

It all felt like a dream. I was entranced by one of my favorite females on the whole planet as she showed not an ounce of inhibition. My cock was so hard that my jeans fit terribly uncomfortably. At one point, as Hayley turned about and showed herself off to the crowd, her eyes locked with mine for just a second but long enough for those dull green irises to pierce my very soul and make me shudder from excitement.

As the second round of the chorus began, Hayley took the cue to remove her pink thong while shaking her hips back and forth to the beat of the song. "Tonight we want to have fun," the song played when the underwear hit Hayley's ankles, and the rock star, facing me, bent over - much to the delight of those men behind her - and slipped the garment off, still keeping the boots on so that the shoes were the only thing on her body at this point. Tossing the thong aside, Hayley stood erect and flashed that wicked smile again.

The naked singer sort of ended her performance at that point and began to make her way around the room wearing only her boots as the song finished up. I stayed still, unable to move as my eyes remained fixed on the most awesome thing I had ever seen. Hayley grabbed another drink and chatted with a couple guys who were over by the cooler, and it wasn't long before she attracted a crowd. Then, hands started to reach in and grope the young singer, who giggled and smiled throughout. At this point, I realized I needed to snap out of my trance and see just how far I could go with this mind-blowing experience.

Feeling a little awkward and in over my head, I approached Hayley, who still had no idea I existed apart from some brief eye contact, while she was surrounded by most of the men in the room. Two of them had a hold of her, taking turns caressing her boobs and rubbing her pussy. Hayley giggled and, without so much as flinching, reached into the pants of both of these men and pulled out two erect cocks. How I badly wanted to be one of those guys!

Next, both of those guys pulled their pants down and let the sexy rock star stroke them off while all but a couple of the other men loosened their pants as well. I followed suit, desperately hoping to get in on this action. I noticed Hayley's eyes light up as she saw all those erections, including my own, but she continued to stroke the two that were in her hands and grinning up at these two burly white men.

For now, I would have to be content to stand back a little and jerk off while I watched my celebrity crush bend over and take one of those meaty cocks in her mouth. Immediately she began to suck as much of it as she could while rubbing the base of it and the dude's balls with one hand while her other hand balanced herself against the guy's waist. At this moment, the next track began to play, another Paramore song, this one titled "Ignorance." Just then, the other guy positioned himself behind the bent-over beauty and did what every sane, straight male would love to do: insert his prick into Hayley's pink pussy.

Undeterred, Hayley continued to polish that one knob while the man behind her rocked her into the other guy, fucking her nice and hard right from the start as the first verse of the song began. Her boobs and hair shifted forward and back with her body as both of her boots remained planted on the floor. This guy dug his fingers into Hayley's pale ass cheeks and thrust harder and harder into her until his balls were slapping against her clit over and over again, shoving that petite body into the other guy's cock again and again.

What I was seeing was better than any porn I had ever watched. I was jerking off pretty furiously and I wasn't the only one in the room enjoying the show. At this point, though, as lovely as it was to watch Miss Hayley Williams take a stiff pounding while sucking a cock, my mind was addicted to the idea of actually having sex with my celebrity obsession.

These guys went on with Hayley for several more minutes until the guy getting the blowie pulled away first, only to be quickly replaced by another guy as "Pressure," the next Paramore song, started. Just a couple minutes later, the guy behind Miss Williams groaned loudly and pulled out, jerking off and stepping around in front of the girl. Hayley took her cue to take her mouth off that other cock and stroke it instead as she turned her head to face the guy jerking off in front of her. With her eyes closed and her mouth open in a wide grin, Hayley accepted this guy's cumshot all over her mouth, cheeks and neck as her recorded voice sang out, "I can feel the pressure-"

It just kept getting better and better! Watching Hayley take a facial like that had me wanting to add to the load, but I wouldn't dare waste even the chance to fuck her for myself. Once the guy was done cumming on Hayley, the lady went back to blowing the other guy, and some other white guy stepped up behind her and shoved himself inside her - this time, though, in her ass.

Hayley couldn't help but flinch and cry out from the anal intrusion, but she quickly went back to sucking off the other guy while she got railed in her butt. I continued to watch on with the other strangers as these guys split-roasted Hayley for several more minutes, through the completion of "Pressure" and throughout most of "For a Pessimist" until they both came inside her, one in her ass, and the other down her throat.

Like a dart, I took this chance to get the next turn at Hayley's back end, while a black guy stepped up to put his thick cock in Hayley's mouth as the song played. "I never wanted to say this," the tail end of the recording sang as my hand shook, my heart pounded and my lungs forgot how to breathe. "You never wanted to stay," it continued, and I managed to push my rock hard erection between the singer's pussy lips, into that bright pink, incredibly wet opening.

As I thrust deeper and deeper into Hayley's tight twat, I put my hands on her lower back and sighed, finally remembering to exhale. It just so happened that "Crush," one of my favorite Paramore beats, began to play as my body joined with Hayley's. My mind stayed in a whirlwind as it attempted to process the unbelievable experience I was having: I was balls-deep in Hayley Williams! No matter what, I could die a happy man.

I exhaled deeply as I pulled back a few inches so that I could thrust back into Hayley, carrying out my most unreal fantasy as I plugged the sexy singer. Hayley still didn't know the first thing about me or care to know as she bent over in front of me, legs spread just enough for me to get comfortably inside her, while she sucked off the black guy in front of her. He and I, total strangers to each other, worked as a team as we stuffed either end of Hayley, rocking her body back and forth between the two of us as cum still dripped from her face.

"Nothing compares to, a quiet evening alone. Just the one-two . . ." the song played as Hayley's pussy clung tightly to my manhood while I pumped in and out of her, unable to contain myself as I unleashed the fullness of my lust on, in my opinion, one of the sexiest girls on earth. My nails sank into her creamy flesh, and I grunted and moaned as I thrust in and out of her, hard and fast. My balls slapped consistently against her clit as I pounded her, all the while as she took that black cock deep in her mouth, undoubtedly near her throat if not down it by now.

I might have been content to just cum inside her right then, but then I had another idea. I mustered up the nerve to say to whoever was listening, "Let's DP her!" My suggestion was met with cheers of approval, and I felt my chest get tight with the excitement of what was about to happen. Continuing my initiative, I gave Hayley a couple more pumps and then quickly pulled out of her.

I should have known that retracting from Hayley for even just a second would cause me to forfeit my spot in line. As soon as I withdrew, three or four guys were there to separate me from the pale redhead, who was quickly pulled away from the cock she was sucking and then helped down onto the floor. Hayley didn't resist in the least bit, simply giggling and submitting as a couple guys arranged themselves with her on the floor. I didn't know if Hayley had heard what I had suggested or if she had any experience with double penetration, but she wasn't resisting what was being done with her.

One guy lay on the floor and pulled Hayley on top of him, while Hayley positioned herself on her hands and knees. Regretting, for now, that I had lost my spot, I made the most of the situation and stroked my cock as I watched on with lust as these strangers prepared to make a sandwich out of my favorite rock star. Hayley slid effortlessly onto the cock beneath her, and before she could even get comfortable, another guy was kneeling behind her and pushing himself into her dark asshole.

Hayley screamed, her cry louder than the hollers around her or the music, which I no longer noticed anyway. Hayley's fiery hair fell in her face as the bitch closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, her fingers curling as she already had one cock firmly shoved onto her pussy while another sank deeper and deeper into her ass. Hayley continued to scream even after that second cock went all the way into her second hole, making the woman wholly double-stuffed.

Hayley's cry ceased after a few seconds of having two cocks balls-deep in her. Instead, as she opened her eyes and relaxed just a little bit, she heaved out ragged breaths. It took a moment for the music star to adjust before the guys got going inside her, but these men were not happy to hold out for very long. While Hayley still breathed erratically, the guy in her ass began to slide back and forth, fucking her butt slowly at first, followed shortly behind by the guy beneath her who just as slowly pumped up into Hayley's womanhood.

Hayley cried out loudly again as the men started to saw in and out of her. Some of the other guys cheered the female on, but I stayed quiet in total shock and unable to keep my hand off my dick as I watched Hayley Williams take a deep and hard double penetration right in front of me while she wore nothing but high heel boots. It was an image I would never forget, to say the least.

The punk star's pale white flesh glistened with sweat in the dim light of this stuffy dressing room, her bright red hair becoming a matted mess around her pretty face, upon which her makeup had started to run just a little bit, thanks to the sweat and the drying cum on it. Hayley perfectly fit the definition of a hot mess right now in the best possible way as these two men pushed back and forth in and out of her ass and pussy, stuffing her to full capacity. I continued to simply enjoy the incredible view as I waited my turn for what would no doubt be the most unbelievable experience of my life.

As those two guys double-stuffed the hot singer, another guy stepped up and greedily shoved his erection past those luscious red lips, filling the last hole available. Now airtight, Hayley squirmed amid all those men as three cocks bounced in and out of her orifices, pounding her petite, sexy body in a merciless gangbang. The cries of the female now muffled, the only noise at this point were the grunts and groans of the three men fucking her and the steady smack of flesh on flesh. The music, I realized, had stopped, and even those of us who were watching were in a stunned silence as we viewed this amazing spectacle.

Those three lucky guys got to slip in and out of their respective holes for several minutes more while Hayley held herself up and took the triple fucking like a champ. Tonight clearly wasn't her first rodeo. Then, almost suddenly, it appeared the guys agreed it was time to switch up. The guy in Hayley's mouth pulled out first, making way for a loud gasp as Hayley inhaled. When her ass was vacated, I noticed a trickle of cum leaking out of it, possibly giving away the reason the guys came to a stop there. Next, Hayley was lifted off the final guy. Her used body was momentarily unable to stand, so the woman sort of just collapsed on the floor, giggling as she waited for the next round.

While Hayley probably could have used a break after such intense treatment, I know I wasn't patient enough at this point to wait any longer, and I'm sure at least a couple other guys felt the same way. As if my life depended on it, I hurried toward the singer as a few other guys began to lunge forward as well. I successfully made it to Hayley, for a second overwhelmed again by disbelief that I was this close to my celebrity crush and that, on top of it all, we were both naked and my cock had already been inside her. Her bare breasts were still heaving up and and down as she caught her breath, sweat dripping all over her body. For the second time that night, we made eye contact, and those piercing eyes and that pretty smile made my heart flutter while my penis was still as hard as a rock.

Within a split second of my arrival at Hayley's side, two other man were with me. Both of them appeared to be about my age, maybe a little older, and all three of us were in good shape, which must have been a pleasure for Miss Williams. Without hesitation, we all greedily grabbed the sexy woman and positioned her to our favor as she giggled in d***ken delight. I ensured that I remained in front of her as the one man lay on his back and pulled Hayley on top of him, her boobs facing toward the ceiling as she was slowly but immediately fixed on that man's cock, which protruded up into her broken-in asshole. My mind swirling and my lungs forgetting how to operate for the moment, I stepped in between Hayley's creamy thighs, under each of which I slipped a hand and lifted up. Upon making physical contact with my celebrity obsession for the second time tonight, I shuddered, and the view of her spread pussy certainly helped have my lust in overdrive as well.

Hayley sank all the way down on the man beneath her, his cock going balls-deep in Hayley's ass while the girl's response was merely a grin. Hayley then looked up at me again, her hands planted on the floor on either side of the man beneath her, and spread her legs for me, inviting me to join the other man inside her and double penetrate her. Meanwhile, a third guy stood to Hayley's left and beat off near her face, waiting, I knew, to seal off the singer's third hole once I got to it.

Needing no further encouragement, I lowered myself down, cock in hand, aiming for that glistening cunt. I couldn't help but moan once my tip touched Hayley's pussy, and I moaned only louder as I began to sink deeper and deeper into her wonderfully wet hole. It was even tighter this time because of the engorged phallus lodged in the adjacent hole. Inch by inch, I plugged Hayley until my balls were touching her taint, and only then did my groans of pleasure subside, though the actual pleasure was only beginning.

Hayley cried out in joy as she was again double-stuffed. My brain could barely process the fact that I was not only again inside my favorite celebrity, the incredibly sexy Hayley Williams, but also assisting in sandwiching her with another dude right there on the floor of her dressing room after a show. Focusing all my energy on giving Miss Hayley the best sex I could give her, I lay on her, feeling her damp, sweaty boobs press against my chest as my head rested beside her face, brushed by that lovely, bright red hair. Balancing myself with one hand on the floor and the other holding onto Hayley's left arm, I kept myself deep inside Hayley for another moment, my cock twitching as that tight pussy clung to it while the man beneath us filled Hayley's ass and held onto her hips, both of us preparing to double-fuck Paramore's lead singer.

Once as comfortable as possible, I began to thrust my hips back and forth, forcing my cock in and out of that lovely twat and rocking that beautiful body that was caught in between two fit men. The other guy instantly began to fuck Hayley's ass in unison with my movements in her pussy, and we were off. Sandwiching Hayley was underway as we men sawed in and out of her writhing, moaning body. Within a moment of our double-penetrating Miss Williams, the third guy muffled her moans by sticking his cock past those pretty lips and making her airtight. Hayley was now helplessly pinned down by three men for the second time tonight.

I was delirious with joy as I pumped in and out of Hayley's pussy, feeling that other cock alternating in and out of the girl's ass, separated by just a mere membrane. As Hayley took a cock in each hole, her one hand reached up and held onto my back while her legs, bouncing against my hips, were lifted up to the ceiling. Her body shifted between us two moaning men as we kept up our pace, simultaneously fucking the pretty rock star who was putting on the best performance of her life and the most memorable experience of mine.

Like Hayley, I was now sweating profusely, so much so that our bodies slipped and slapped against each other's as I pounded that twat as hard as I could, all while a complete stranger ravished that asshole, which I could feel getting pumped into over and over again beneath me as I did the same to Hayley's pussy. Three cocks bounced in and out of different parts of Hayley for several more minutes as we men gangbanged the sexy star to our heart's content until the next group demanded its turn.

Reluctantly, I pulled out of Hayley, wanting desperately to cum on that pretty, pale face. I would have to wait, though. In the meantime, three more men took over for the three of us who had just fucked Ms. Williams. These three arranged a little differently though: while Hayley got on top of one and fixed her pussy on his cock, the second man came up behind her and pushed himself roughly into her ass, forcing Hayley to her hands an knees. The third man passed up on Hayley's mouth and instead stood behind the whole group and very carefully guided his cock into Hayley's cunt, which already had a cock in it.

Hayley screamed but did not resist as these men triple penetrated her, one in her ass and two in her pussy. The third guy in had to reach around the ass-fucker's legs to secure a grip on Hayley's hips, but once everyone was locked on and in position, they began to pump like three pistons in and out of Hayley's back end. A lot of groaning ensued, but no one was more vocal than Hayley, who laughed and screamed from a mixture of arousal and pain as her holes were beyond stuffed.

It was quite a sight to watch the pale, petite, sexy redhead, wearing nothing but those small heeled boots, get triple penetrated mercilessly in front of six other guys, who cheered the woman on as she put on a show better than anything she had ever done on stage. Amid the hoots, hollers and screams, I could hear, albeit barely, the wet squishing of Hayley's poor, overworked sex holes as three men slapped against her damp, sweaty flesh over and over again. They ganged up on her back end for several minutes until the second guy in Hayley's pussy pulled out, no doubt relieving the pressure the girl was feeling, and opting to stuff her mouth again so that Hayley was airtight once again, this time tasting her own juices.

Hayley took a cock in all her holes like a champ, getting rocked like nothing I had ever seen before. I couldn't help but jerk off to the sight and hope I could hold my orgasm off long enough to either fuck Hayley again or join everyone else in cumming on or in her, whatever was planned. I found out soon enough what that plan was, actually, and after a few more minutes of Hayley's getting rocked hard by those three cocks, those men pulled out, and we all circled the limp, gasping star who pushed herself up onto her knees.

"Cover my face with your cum, boys," Hayley moaned. I couldn't have hoped for a better ending to tonight! For the next few moments, the nine of us guys who had all had the pleasure of gangbanging Hayley Williams took turns cumming on her grinning face, a few of these guys cumming for the second time tonight. I managed to hold off until near the end, watching one guy after another bust on that pretty face. At one point, three guys at once splattered her from three different angles, which was enough to put me over the edge.

Hurrying up to Hayley, I took my place in front of her, my eyes darting between her tits and her cum-covered face that smiled up at me and begged for my man juice. I happily gave her what she desired and shot off right at her nose and between her eyes before painting her left cheekbone and down to her chin with the heavy load I had worked up that night. It was so hot to cum on Hayley Williams's face which was already coated that I just about passed out when I was finished.

Two more guys added their load to the singer's face, and then Hayley, still d***k, stood up and modeled off her petite body, which had already been coated with sweat from several different people but now had nine fresh loads of cum streaming down her face, neck and boobs, all the way to her stomach by now. All that was left to do was clean up, so Hayley disappeared briefly into the bathroom.

I got dressed and prepared to sneak out but, thankfully, I stalled in hopes of getting one more look at my celebrity crush whom I had just gangbanged. She didn't take long at all to emerge from the bathroom, dressed and cleaned up pretty well and with one request: someone sober to take her back to her hotel next door.

My night was about to get even better. I was the only one there who hadn't gotten d***k, so even though Hayley had no idea who I was (even though I had fucked her, helped double-penetrate her and came on her face), I'd be the lucky one she would trust to get her back to her room. To brag about my good fortune, I texted Alex to tell him I had just helped gangbang Hayley Williams and was now taking her back to her hotel.

"Dude!" he texted right back. "Stay with her tonight, and I'll be there in the morning!"

* * * * *

I stepped out of concert venue into the cool spring night air and spotted the Marriott hotel next door where tonight's performer was staying. I was the lucky guy who got to walk the d***k and ravished Hayley Williams, star lead singer for the band Paramore, to her room since I was the only one sober enough to do so. It was my intention to stay with her as long as I possibly could and hope that my buddy Alex, who had set me up for this wonderful experience, could make it in time the following morning to reap some of these benefit for himself.

Hayley had put on a baggy hoodie, hood up, so as to go undetected for the walk down the street and our brief stay in the hotel lobby. She stumbled all the way, and I wondered if the stumbling had more to do with her inebriation or the fact that both her holes had been pounded sore in the hottest gangbang of which I had ever been a part. Just the thought of what had transpired mere moments ago caused blood to rush to my penis, which I had thought would have been thoroughly spent by now.

Hayley had the presence of mind to at least remember where her room was on the tenth floor. She dropped her room key when she went to open the door, so she just giggled, too tipsy and tired to care. I picked up the key card for her and helped us both into her room, hoping it would be a long time before I would have to leave. Even if we didn't do anything tonight, to sleep in the same room or bed as Hayley Williams was a dream enough for me - not to mention the debauched shit I had just done to her with that group of men.

Hayley pulled off her hoodie and went to work on her shorts as she went right into the bathroom. She had already cleaned up in the dressing room that had been the setting for the wild night up until now, but she had cleaned up so quickly that I can imagine there was still some work to be done. Sure enough, I heard the shower begin to run, so I sat patiently in the ritzy hotel room and occupied myself with my phone until the water turned off.

I didn't want to come on too strong with the rock star, especially considering she probably still didn't really know who I was despite the fact I had walked her back after fucking her pussy twice and cumming on her face. I stood up and appeared prepared to leave, if she so desired, as she finished up in the bathroom. My excitement peaked again though when Hayley emerged from the bathroom, slightly wet and completely naked.

"Aren't you gonna spend the night?" she said in a tone that was as irresistible as her tight, petite, pale body, a smile across her face as strings of damp, bright red hair fell in her face. I muttered something unintelligible in response, but it was enough for Hayley to infer a positive answer. It looked like there was still more fun to be had tonight.

Hayley stepped over to the bed and climbed in while I frantically removed my own clothes. My cock was begging for air as if it hadn't seen use in a long time, even though it had just been immensely satisfied not even an hour earlier. As soon as I had everything off, I jumped into the bed with Hayley, my fatigue no longer an issue despite the late hour. I noticed then that she had reapplied her makeup, further confirming that she was ready for more action despite all the attention she had just received.

My heart pounding, I asked my celebrity crush if I could kiss her. Hayley answered by smiling and leaning in, and then everything was a blur. The second my lips touched Hayley's, I pulled myself up against her, feeling her warm, slightly damp body press against mine. I couldn't resist the urge to grab her small but sexy boobs while I made out with her, my mind too busy still processing the gangbang from earlier tonight to really grasp the fact that I was making out with Hayley Williams.

Those carnal urges continued to overpower me, not that I would have wanted to resist them in this context anyway. I pulled myself up on top of Hayley, rolling her onto her back. Her arms immediately wrapped around my back as we continued to kiss. Next, I felt her legs run against my hips as she squeezed my thighs and held me there. By now, my cock was aching to return inside Miss Williams.

I pulled away from Hayley's face only in order to look down at her heaving boobs and sexy body and to position my manhood to enter Paramore's singer. Hayley spread her legs for me and grinned, both of us looking down at Hayley's pussy as I pressed the tip of my cock against it and then shove its full length inside, inch by inch. As soon as I began to sink into Hayley, she closed her eyes, threw her head back into the pillow and moaned until I was balls-deep inside her.

I could feel Hayley's pussy get even tighter as my hard dick pushed all the way in. Hayley sank her nails into my back and wrapped her legs around my waist, forcing me as far into her as possible as my body pressed against hers, pinning her to the hotel mattress. I exhaled deeply as pleasure shot through my whole body which was joined to the sexy female star. After one more long kiss with Miss Hayley, I held myself up just a bit to look down at Hayley's face and tits before I started to pull my hips back and slide in and out of the pale, petite woman.

It was unreal how wet Hayley's pussy was, considering the merciless pounding it had already taken that night. With one hand still squeezing her breast, I wrapped my other arm around her back and pushed a little harder and faster into they wonderful cunt as Hayley clung to me. Between kisses, we moaned with lust as I steadily fucked my celebrity obsession. The mattress squeaked beneath us, and already beads of sweat were forming all over Hayley's beautiful white flesh and mixing with my own perspiration.

Faster and faster, I hammered Hayley to the bed, both of us breathing more erratically now. Hayley's fiery red hair thrashed about with each of my deep thrusts into her tight body, which took my thrusts steadily as I was lost in sinful desire. Hayley's cries grew louder and louder, turning me on even more, which I hadn't thought was possible. Soon, my objective became to hold off my orgasm so as to enjoy this blissful experience as long as possible. Had I not came once already this night, I can't imagine I would have held out as long as I did.

I successfully managed to stem my climax long enough to outlast Hayley, who screamed, shut her eyes and wrapped her limbs around me with a death-grip as she came. Her nails felt like they were cutting my back as she buried the back of her head into the pillow beneath her, her hair a wild mess splayed around her head. I held still inside Hayley's convulsing pussy, desperately avoiding an orgasm only because I never wanted this experience to end.

Once she stopped shuddering, Hayley relaxed, opened her eyes and smiled. At that moment, I resumed slowly pumping in and out of her amid our suddenly quiet surroundings. The smell of sex and sweat filled the air.

"Now it's your turn," Hayley said, gently pushing up on me until I reluctantly slipped out of her cunt, which twitched a little as I pulled back. Next, I rolled onto my back, and Hayley got her her knees beside my waist, reaching for my cock with one hand while pushing her hair back over her ear as she lowered her head and opened her mouth.

I sighed deeply with delight as Hayley Williams took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me off. The fact that my prick was coated with her juices didn't seem to deter her. She continued to blow me, her head bobbing up and down, slowly at first but going faster with each passing moment. Occasionally, her hair would fall back in her face, and she would quickly brush it aside, never slowing down from her pace as she sucked my cock.

Clutching the comforter beneath me, I moaned, my body rigid as the punk music star sucked me nearly to the point of orgasm. Just as I felt I would certainly cum, Hayley quickly pulled her head back but kept her hand on my dick as she shifted her body over my waist and just as quickly lowered herself down on me until my cock poked back into her pussy. Hayley continued to sink down until my balls made contact with her taint.

We both smiled and moaned as I was fully sheathed by Hayley's twat again. In no time, she was lifting herself up and down me, once again coating my manhood with her juices. On her knees, Hayley bounced on my cock, riding me adeptly as she reached up and held her boobs, which had been jiggling with her body until then. Her hair rocked back and forth as her body shook, and the mattress started to creak again when Hayley went a little faster.

This time I grabbed dearly to Hayley's thighs, sinking my nails in and simply letting her rock me as she rode up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy over and over again as the singer worked up to a manic pace. Soon she was crying out again, and I was moaning pretty loudly myself. Hayley then released her tits and put one hand up in her hair, the other rubbing feverishly against her clit as she fucked me hard and fast. Still, my brain could hardly process that it was Hayley Williams who was fucking me, and that she was doing it as expertly as a porn star.

At last, at Hayley's mercy, I could draw out this blissful night no longer. As the spunky redhead rode my cock at a nearly violent pace, I clung to her knees, pushed my hips up so as to bury my dick as deep into her as possible, and moaned as loudly as I ever had as I came hard inside my celebrity crush's pussy. I didn't think I'd have much of a load for her, given I had spent it on her face already that night, but I had underestimated how aroused Hayley could get me in such a short time, evidenced by the generous helping of semen I unloaded in her tight love canal.

Hayley ground on my cock throughout the duration of my orgasm and came to a stop upon its completion. As I caught my breath and relaxed my grip on the thick comforter beneath me, Hayley dismounted and got out of the bed. My eyes followed her for just a few seconds as she walked across the room, I guessed to go to the bathroom, before my energy finally ran out and I fell asleep.

* * *

My phone's buzzing woke me up after I had slept like a rock for five or six hours. I ignored the phone for a second as I came to and saw none other than Hayley Williams sleeping in the bed next to me, instantly reminding me of the unbelievable night I had just had. As I once again processed what had happened, I ignored the call for now and admired the petite redhead who just barely stirred underneath the cover but didn't open her eyes.

Once my brain woke up a little more, I remembered my friend Alex and that he was going to come to the hotel this morning. Sure enough, it was his call I missed. I grabbed the phone and got out of bed, put on some pants and called Alex back. He was at the hotel and needed to know the room number, which I gave him before hanging up.

When I walked back over to the bed, Hayley was sitting up, a bright red smile across her pale face that was framed by her messy hair, the comforter pulled up just above her breasts. I couldn't imagine she felt very well, figuring all she had d***k and all the pounding she had taken in both her ass and pussy last night. She hid it well, though, and even asked me if I was hoping for one more round before she had to go.

Before I could answer, Alex knocked at the door. "What's that?" Hayley said, seeming a little nervous.

"A friend," I said. "Another fan. Should I let him in?"

Hayley nodded. "You know I'm always eager to please my fans!"

I welcomed Alex into the room, and he made a dash to the bed to see if what I was saying was true. He muttered some curse words under his breath when he saw Miss Williams in the bed, sheets pulled up to her chin as she smiled wickedly. I took a moment to brief him on the star singer's performance the night before, but Alex was much too excited to really ponder what I was saying. All he wanted to know was how I could possibly have pants on if Hayley Williams was in bed in the same room as I. He had a point.

Just like the night before, it didn't matter to Hayley that she barely knew me and didn't know Alex at all. Undeterred, she got out from under the covers, revealing her beautiful naked body to my friend, who was just as naked within seconds, it seemed. Just as fast, I had my pants off again so that there wasn't an article of clothing touching any one of three of us.

Now, I had plenty of group sex experience, as did Hayley, obviously. I asked Alex if he was comfortable with the devil's threesome, to which he said, "I'd suck your dick if that's what I had to do to fuck Hayley fucking Williams." I told him it wouldn't be necessary to blow me and instead suggested a standing double penetration. Both Alex and Hayley, who did her cute laugh, were on board.

Hayley stepped in between Alex and me, taking each of our erect cocks into her small hands in her stride, a wicked grin plastered across her face. She looked up at each one of as her hands slowly stroked up and down our shafts, ensuring that they were hard enough to be to her liking. Then the punk star dropped to her knees so that the pricks were at eye-level. Her face lit up, and I watched on with eager anticipation as Hayley put her mouth on my cock first.

I moaned and Alex encouraged Hayley as she began to suck on my cock, her head rocking gently back and forth. Her hand remained on the base of my prick, holding it in place as she slurped on the tip and the rest of the shaft. Then she switched to Alex, who threw his head back with disbelieving pleasure as the sexy Miss Hayley polished his knob.

Hayley went back and forth for a few minutes, getting our cocks nice and wet. Already I could feel the cum welling up in my balls, which had been so sufficiently spent the night before. Undoubtedly Hayley would be able to beckon another substantial load from me, especially considering what Alex and I were about to do to her.

At last, Alex's cock popped out of Hayley's mouth, and the singer asked if we thought she could fit both pricks in her mouth. Alex and I looked at each other briefly as it to quickly assess if we would both be OK with it. We figured there was no reason to deny Hayley, so she opened wide and gave it her best shot.

The pretty girl with the killer voice didn't really have a big enough mouth to adequately fit both cocks into her mouth, but she did manage a couple inches of both of them past her lips while the tongue danced against both tips. She couldn't get much more than that much in there, but it was still pretty hot to look down and see Hayley Williams with two cocks crammed in her mouth for about a minute, after which she giggled and decided it was time to move on.

Hayley stood up between us, and Alex quickly shoved a couple fingers into Hayley's pussy and began to work her up, causing her to twitch and quiver with his touch as she cried out, all with a big smile on her face. From behind, I squeezed her ass with both hands before using one hand to put my dick between those tight, pale ass cheeks and poke the tip into her rectum. Hayley let out a slight groan once I wedged the tip in there, and she screamed altogether once I put my hands on her hips and pushed all the way in ever so slowly.

Hayley's high-pitched scream grew louder and louder the deeper my phallus sank into her shitter. Alex, meanwhile, withdrew his fingers from Hayley's twat and instead helped me lift the bitch clean off the floor, he supporting her underneath her knees and I sliding my hands down to her ass to support her. Being maybe a dozen pounds over 100, Hayley's small, sexy body didn't require too much effort to lift up, and it also meant that we'd be able to keep her in this position for a while. As I kept the girl's ass secured on my dick, Alex freed up one hand just long enough to push it into Hayley's vagina. Then we both held onto our cherished celeb and lowered her down until our balls were sharing her taint.

All three of us moaned in unison as Hayley took two cocks to the hilt inside her, mine fastened in her ass and my buddy's up her pussy. Hayley then gasped and threw one arm around my neck, sinking her nails into my shoulder, and the other arm around Alex as she adjusted to the double penetration. Still holding her by her ass while Alex supported her under her knees, he and I began to lift the hot singer up and down, jamming our cocks together inside Hayley over and over.

Hayley never stopped moaning and whining throughout the entire standing DP. Alex and I could barely breathe as we enjoyed this unbelievable experience of raising and lowering one of the hottest women alive up and down our rigid cocks, which penetrated deep into her ass and pussy at the same time. Hayley held onto us tightly, as if for dear life, as we moved her body faster and faster, forcing her to take our cocks deeper and deeper into her holes.

Hayley's ass was incredibly tight as I plundered it, and I knew Alex was enjoying the contriction of the sexy star's pussy as both holes were filled to capacity. Out cocks going in and out of Hayley separated by just a membrane, I could feel how full Hayley's pussy was as I made love to her anus, which, as the sex continued, caused Hayley to cry only louder and louder until she was borderline screaming.

Alex and I lifted Hayley up and down our cocks for several more minutes, never letting up our pace but going only faster and faster. The lightweight babe was easy to support and move as we had our way with her. As her body shifted, so did her hair and boobs, bouncing faster and faster as we were all moaning loudly now, caught up in the heat and debauchery of this sinful moment.

At last, we mutually decided to move to the bed. Alex and I lifted Hayley up and off our cocks, and the redhead stumbled over to that piece of furniture, her body vacant of man meat, but thankfully not for long. I quickly followed Miss Williams to the bed, getting on my back and greedily pulling the singer on top of me, those perfect B-cup tits and lovely green eyes in full view for me. As I put Hayley on my cock, giving her my love in her sweet pussy this time, Alex kneeled behind us as quickly impaled Hayley's ass, eliciting a shriek from the young woman. That shriek was followed by a laugh, during which Hayley threw her head back and held herself up by her arms, keeping her body angled between us two boys as we sank back deep into holes.

Once Hayley was comfortable, Alex and I went to work, taking turns going balls deep into our respective hole, sawing in and out of the hot piece of meat between us. Hayley moaned and laughed, taking this double penetration better than the standing one, thanks to the relieved pressure in her little holes, which were getting filled in alternation now instead of at the exact same time. As we continued, Alex and I worked together harder and faster, sinking in and out of Hayley's ass and pussy, rocking that tight, sexy body back and forth as we pumped into her like pistons.

With all self-control out the window, Alex and I pounded Hayley's sorry holes mercilessly, sliding back and forth hard and fast. Our balls took turns slapping against that pale, stretched out taint as I held onto Hayley's waist for support and gave her the best pounding of my life. Alex, meanwhile, gripped Hayley's ass and rammed it as hard as he could, all the while in sync with my thrusts into Hayley's wonderfully tight pussy, which clung like a vice to my manhood while I could feel my friend's cock deftly penetrating the neighboring hole.

Before long, we made Hayley cum, which was accompanied by a long, loud scream before the girl collapsed on top of me, her sweaty breasts pressed against me, her head on my shoulder, hair in my face. Hayley's climax didn't stop Alex and me from double-fucking her, though, and we actually took the opportunity to flip the entire sandwich around so that Alex was on the bottom, I was on top and now the lovely lady smushed between us was facing the ceiling.

Hayley's orgasmic cry turned into a laugh as she admired our adept and seamless change of position. Once we were all comfortable again - Alex on his back with his prick in Hayley's butt and I with one leg over Hayley's thigh while the girl's other leg rested on top of mine - Alex and I went right back to hammering the petite punk rocker. In the moment, my mind was still whirling at the thought of Hayley Williams being the perfect meat for our sex sandwich.

Now helplessly pinned between us, Hayley used one hand to clutch the comforter while the other sank into my back as I pumped into her pussy. Her right leg bounced on my hip to the rythem of my thrusting, while her other leg was held still between Alex and me. I was right up against Hayley, her boobs against my chest as I forced her down against Alex's chest, truly doing our best job of making a Hayley Williams sandwich. Just like before, Alex and alternated in and out of Hayley's holes, taking turns filling her up and doing so steadily. It took some time to get our pace back to where it was, but not too much as very soon we were back to double pounding the pretty babe.

The intensity of this morning's activity peaked at this point, as we were now all coated in sweat, the hot air clinging to our bodies as they slapped against each other, adding to the soundtrack of our moans along with the creaking mattress and the wonderful squelching of Miss Hayley's holes. Alex and I fucked Hayley harder and harder, sweat dripping all over my body and mingling with Hayley's as I kept her hot flesh pinned against my buddy as we ravished her amazingly sexy body. We sawed into her again and again until we somehow succeeded in making the bitch cum again, evidenced by her cry of pleasure, her nails cutting into my back and her right leg kicking straight into the air as Alex and I continued to double penetrate her for as long as we possibly could.

Within a minute of Hayley's second orgasm of the morning, though, it was time for Alex and I to finish. I asked Hayley, as Alex and I continued to thrust into her, if we could cum on her face, and she smiled and nodded in the affirmative. With Hayley's blessing, I pulled out of that wonderful pussy, knowing I would probably never top the tail I had just tapped but eager to give her the sticky facial she deserved.

Once I was off, Alex helped Hayley off his cock, and the girl kneeled on the mattress as Alex and I stood on either side of the naked singer and beat off furiously at that perfect, pale face. It took only a few seconds before I moaned loudly and came, splashing every drop of my semen all over the right side of Hayley's face and in her hair. Almost as soon as I started cumming, Alex did the same on the other side of the spunky redhead's face so that, between the two of us, we sufficiently coated the young woman's face.

As the last spurts of cum escaped my cock, I checked out the sight of Miss Hayley Williams, totally nude, cum dripping all over her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin while sweat, that of hers and two men, shined on the rest of her body. Silent, Hayley grinned uncontrollably, looking back and forth between the two of us as we all caught our breath following the most memorable nine or so hours of my life.

As we recovered and began to get dressed, there was loud knocking on the door. It was someone from the band wondering what on earth was taking their lead singer so long to leave. "Just a minute!" she yelled, scrambling to her feet. "Just taking care of a couple fans!" The guy at the door could be heard walking away, muttering under his breath. Hayley then hurriedly dressed, apologizing for making us leave so abruptly but adding that we knew what to do if a tour ever brought her back in town. With her goodbye, we left the hotel, knowing nothing in our lives would ever top what had just transpired.

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