Aunt Peggy

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I'm Dan now 23 and 5 years ago my Aunt Peggy was 34, divorced and a little overweight and 5'3". She is a lawyer by profession and had no children then, I had just turned 18. The family was altogether for Christmas and Peggy was staying at our house. We all were going to uncle Rob and aunt Juley's house for Christmas Dinner. They have 6 children all under 14 at the time. Uncle Rob is a very successful banker and he and Juley liked to show it off. Aunt Peggy was also successful, but had just moved back after the divorce and had started work in a big law firm. She didn't smile much at the time and had a bit too much to drink. After dinner we went home to change, as Rob was taking everyone out on his boat. I get sea sick and was staying home and Peggy wasn't interested in going also. After my family left for the boat and Peggy was sleeping in the spare room. I got on my computer and started to check out porn sites. After a while I started to play with myself and didn't hear my door open and Peggy caught me. She just laugh and said "Your bigger than that Turd I married and would you like to do a favor for me". I replied " What favor is it". "Would you Fuck your old horny Aunt Peggy" she replied. I replied " I
think you've a bit drunk and would hate me later, if I did". "No, No I really want to fuck and it would be our secret" she replied and starte to undress. Once she was naked, she came over to me and kiss me. Then on her knees she took my cock in her mouth and started to give my first blowjob. I was like putty in her hands and after I came in her mouth, we go onto my bed. We had sex for about a hour and then showered together and were sitting in living room, when the family returned. When Peggy got an apartment 3 weeks later, I help her move in and she let me fuck her again, she was sober this time and we kept up a regular sex life after that. It was the end of March that Peggy told me that she was pregnant. She told rest of the family about her being pregnant and that the father was a married man and he wanted her to get rid of it. But she was going to keep it and raise herself. No one said much, but all said they would help her out. She also said that would need some help around the apartment and would I be willing to move in and help her rent free. My mom said "Of course he will, I didn't get say and was going to move in anyway. Mom had my 3 siblings to look after and Juley had hers, but I was told if I had any troubles they are just phone call away. Early September little Daniel arrived and Peggy told everyone that she named him after me because of all my help. My mom knows the truth she asked her sister Peggy straight out one day about a month before the birth. She had noticed the way we interacted together and had realised the truth. She didn't say anything to the others. Rob and Juley were so self absorbed I could have fuck Peggy in front them and they most likely never notice. Dad was always busy with his work and wouldn't notice if his pants were on fire. Mom didn't care that we were having sex because we looked happy and the fact that she wasn't getting any from dad. She would come over twice a week to be serviced by me. She has had her tube tried and she doesn't need to worry about more children, she still has sex with dad, birthdays and about once a month or so. Peggy wanted another baby, a girl and we tried and she had twins a boy David and girl Susan after mom.

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