What a son he is

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When I least expected it, my life was turned around. Mark, my son, finished school for the summer term. He was at home to await for his results, as most of his friends were some distance away he spent a lot of time just sitting around at home, I was glad of his company though. He'd been home for about a week when Mark announced that he was going to take me out for a meal or something.

"You don't have to do that." I smiled,.

"Course I do," Mark laughed " It's been ages that we haven't been out and i want to take my pretty mum out.

"Oh Mark," I laughed "you'll make me blush."

"Not you mummy dear," he grinned "

"Okay dinner it is then mum." he replied giving me a hug.

As he released me I felt myself going all warm and tingly all over, I was shocked at myself, but at the same time I was enjoying the feeling, it was the first time I'd felt this way for months.

"So," Mark was saying "you go and put on your hottest dress and your most alluring war-paint and I'll take you out. Oh and don't forget the naughty skimpies underneath."

Laughing I headed for my room,
There was quite a selection of clothing in my wardrobe which included a whole array of nice lingerie, in a sudden fit of madness I chose my favourite basque, it had quarter cups and lifted up my 38D boobs to show off my nipples to a treat. A pair of my sheerest black stockings completed the undergarments and I turned my attention to the dresses, the one I chose had a plunging neckline and though it came down to below my knees it had a split in the side seam that came right up to the top of my leg, a little make-up and a brush of my hair and I was done. Looking at myself in the mirror I felt so sexy, even if it was only my son I was going out with I was suddenly feeling good about myself and a little horny,
I had the feeling that when I got home I'd have to masturbate for a good while. When I went back downstairs Mark looked at me and gave a wolf whistle.

"God mum you look good enough to eat." he grinned "Boy will you turn some heads tonight."

"I'll do then." I laughed giving a little twirl.

"I'll say." he smiled and winked.

The restaurant my son took me to was a lovely little place, it wasn't large, but the atmosphere was intimate and the food was not that bad. Over the meal Mark and I laughed and chatted about everything and nothing, I must admit to having a little too much wine and I was feeling more than a bit merry.

"Shall I tell you something?" I said quietly leaning over the table.

Mark's eyes had gone wide and were staring down my cleavage, but I didn't really notice this as I waited for him to respond, suddenly he grinned and leant forward towards me.

"What do you want to tell me?" he almost whispered.

"I'm not wearing any knickers" I'm going Commando tonight, I giggled at him.

Mark sat back in his chair and laughed then leant forward again.

"Your not wearing a bra either." he grinned.

I looked down in surprise at my gaping top then looked at him and grinned.

"I'm wearing a basque," I said poking my tongue out at him "so there. Did you get a good look then?"

"You bet I did." he laughed quietly

"Luke!" I laughed in mock shock and sitting back in my chair "

Luke laughed as the waiter came back to the table with our drinks.To be honest I was really enjoying the sexy banter, in more ways than one and when I saw my son looking at me speculatively, I smiled seductively at him.

"What?" I asked.

"I was just wondering if you really weren't wearing any knickers." he grinned.

"I'm not and I can prove it if you like." I responded challengingly.

"I'd like." he replied to my challenge.

I slid my chair around the table until I was right beside him, the slit of my dress right next to his leg, after a quick look around I took hold of his hand and shoved it into the slit and placed it on my hairy pussy.

"There!" I laughed.

His hand lingered on my pussy for a while and I felt it rub against me a little sending a shiver of excitement through me, I was surprised at myself for acting the way I was, but I was d***k and also enjoying it a lot. Almost reluctantly Mark moved his hand away from me, he was smiling as he raised his hand to his nose and sniffed at his fingers.

"You smell nice," he grinned "I bet you taste nice too."

"Cheeky bugger." I laughed
"Just watch it sonny Jim."

"I have been, and I'm enjoyed it." Mark laughed back.

There was nothing I could say to that so I laughed while wondering just what the hell had got into me, this was my son I was flirting with yet I was enjoying his attention..
Mark called for the bill as I continued to puzzle over the strange mood that had come over me, there was no logical explanation for it, but it was harmless and we were both enjoying ourselves so why was I worrying? Besides, Mark was a handsome young man and I felt flattered that he of all people thought that I was still attractive despite my age compared to his, he was probably biased, but I valued his opinion more than anyone else's, I looked at him and saw that he was watching me with what I would have sworn was a hungry look in his eyes, The look when a man was about to fuck me, but I put it down to my own foolishness.

"Come on then mother dear," Mark smiled as he put his wallet away "let's take a walk to settle our meal."

He offered me his arm and I took it as we walked out of the restaurant, Mark seemed to have an idea of where he was heading so I just leant against him and let him guide our steps, neither of us spoke, we just enjoyed the clear night air in an intimate silence. After a while I began to feel excited, it was the feel of the night air on my bare pussy and nipples that was the cause of it,
I'd forgotten how randy I got walking along with no underwear on, I was an exhibitionist at heart, maybe he had been right, the thrills I was feeling certainly were growing with each step we took. Then we came to a dark lane, I could see cars parked in little lay-bys and suddenly realised that we were at the local Lover's Lane, and now I was here with my son.

"Are you all right mum?" Mark asked stopping us in the middle of the lane.

"Fine," I said a little breathlessly "just fine."

Just a few feet away there was a bench and I found myself being steered towards it by my son, he sat me down then sat close beside me, I could feel his leg pressing against mine and felt another wave of bliss building up inside me. Mark put an arm around my shoulder and drew me to him, I felt strangely comforted as I leant against his chest with his arm across my shoulders, comforted and excited. I couldn't believe what was happening, but the pleasure I was feeling was too strong to ignore.

"Cold?" Mark asked as I trembled against him.

"No," I sighed trying to keep the excitement out of my voice "definitely not cold."

My son twisted around and I felt his hand tilt my face up so that he could see it, he looked deep into my eyes then grinned knowingly, I knew he had guessed the reason for my shakes and instead of shame I felt only excitement.

"Want to go home?" he asked.

"Please." I breathed.

He rang for a taxi to pick us up from the restaurant, The taxi would be there in about there in 30 minutes.. As soon as we got home I intended going up to my room and giving myself a real orgasm, though I wondered if even that would ease the desire I felt burning inside me, then I realised that Mark wasn't making a move to depart. I looked at him and saw he was looking around us, puzzled I followed his gaze, but I could see nothing or no-one, I almost jumped off the seat when I felt a warm hand slide onto my leg through the slit in my dress then move up to my pussy.

"Mark!" I gasped in excited surprise.

He just smiled as his hand began to trace the hair's on my pussy, his fingers running over me lightly then pausing to gently rub at my clit, I know I should have pushed his hand away or jumped to my feet, anything but not just sit there and enjoy what he was doing to me. Excitement raged in me drowning the shock I felt at my son's actions and my own submission to them, his fingers were moving faster on my clit and I couldn't hold back a gasp as he made me climax, but that wasn't the end of it, as I leant against him shivering with delight my son slid his fingers down to my wet hole and gently pushed two of them into me.

"God Mark!" I gasped as my orgasm grew stronger "Oh God, I shouldn't be letting you do this to me darling. Your my son and only 16.!"

His response was to move his fingers a little fast in my pussy and to tilt my head up with his other hand, I looked at his face as it came closer to mine and groaned as I felt his warm lips press down on mine gently. With a jerk I hit a new peak, red hot ecstasy ran through me as I shuddered against my son, his fingers buried deep inside me as I pushed down on them, his lips suddenly hungry on mine as I groaned out my bliss into his mouth. Then, as my peak faded, Mark moved his hand from my pussy and parted our lips with a sigh, I felt warm and shaky inside as he stood up then drew me to my feet.

"Let's go home, the taxi will be here any minute" he said quietly, suggestively.

Walking at his side, leaning on his arm with tremors still running through me I felt shocked at myself for allowing Mark to finger me as he had, for some reason I felt helpless, it was ridiculous, but I just couldn't seem to resist him or the joy he was making me feel. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realise that we had been in the taxi and we'd reached home until we were inside the house and Mark was closing the door,
feeling unsteady I headed to the living room and poured myself a large Gin and tonic, my son was at my side a moment later as I downed the drink.

"Oh Mark," I sighed pouring myself another drink "I shouldn't have let you do those things to me."

Grinning Mark poured himself a brandy then took hold of my free wrist, and he guided my hand down to the front of his trousers, he pressed my hand to his trousers and I felt the hard shape of his cock, hard and erect in the confines of his boxers.
Gasping I looked at my son's face, he was smiling at me as he held my hand to his groin, the look in his eyes was desire and I felt both stunned and flattered that I was the object of that desire and when he let go of my wrist I just couldn't help myself any more, I gently rubbed at the shape of his cock through his clothes. Without a word Mark put down his glass and took me in his arms, his lips coming down on mine in a burningly passionate kiss that sent tingles of delight spreading through me, I felt his hands tugging at my back then my dress felt suddenly loose and I gasped into his mouth at the knowledge that he had opened the zip of my dress. Parting our lips my son pushed the dress from my shoulders and slid it down my body, it fell in a crumpled heap around my ankles as he took a step back and gazed at me in the bright light of the living room, I felt my nipples tingle as his eyes passed over them and my hairy pussy ached as his eyes went lower.

"God you are a beautiful woman mum or can o call you Helen."

"Mark" I gasped out as his hands started to undo his own clothing.

I felt mesmerised, trapped, unable to protest or move as I watched my son undress in front of me, his eyes constantly roaming over my body and when he pushed off his boxers to reveal the erection he bore I felt the breath catch in my throat.

"Mark" I said weakly as he raised his hands to my breasts.

"Hush mum," he said quietly as his hands stroked my heavy globes "just enjoy it."

I was having no trouble in that despite all my shock at what was happening I was enjoying it more than I ever would have believed possible, yet a part of me wanted to put a stop to it, to end the foolishness before it went too far, but I couldn't find the will to act as I knew I should and when my son began to tease my nipples I felt only bliss as an orgasmic tide rose in me. As I started to shudder one of my son's hands slide down my body to my pussy while he leant forward to take my nipple in his mouth, I felt like two people, one who was watching as though from a distance feeling shocked at what was happening, the other feeling wild elation at the pleasure my son's attentions were giving me and when I felt his fingers slide into my wet pussy while his thumb pressed on my clit I cried out in sheer delight. A few seconds or minutes or hours later I felt my son's hands moving from my breast and pussy, his mouth releasing my nipple, then he was holding me firmly, I gasped as he swept me off my feet and lowered me to the carpet with my body still shaking from orgasmic bliss.

"Please Mark!" I gasped out weakly.

Even I wasn't sure whether I was begging him to stop or pleading with him to take me, I felt so mixed up and so wildly excited that it could have been either or both, but Mark felt no confusion as he came between my legs and pressed his cock to my pussy.

"MARK!" I cried as I felt him surging into me, my body rising of its own accord to meet him.

If I had felt ecstatic before I felt overwhelmed now as my son began to move his cock in my very wet pussy with a deliciously slow, firm stroke, leaning over me he twisted his head to suck at one of my nipples while he used one hand to play with the other and his other arm to support himself, all my thoughts were suddenly engulfed by pure bursts of delectable sensations. I could hear myself crying out as though I was listening from a distance, my cries begging him to 'fuck me', pleading with him to 'fill me', had I been able to think I would have felt disgusted at my reactions, but all I could do was feel as I rode on roller coasters of ecstasy. Luke was moving faster in me and I was moving with him, it was as though my body had taken total control as it savoured what it desired to the full, in a moment of clarity I found that I had wrapped my arms and legs about his body, holding him to me as his cock slid in and out of my burning pussy and my mind was overwhelmed by sensations again. Then my son thrust into me and groaned, his body trembled against mine and I felt a burst of heat deep inside me as his semen flowed thickly, screaming out my passion as my body bucked and writhed under him I let myself drown in the sheer bliss of the moment and when my peak faded I could still feel my son moving in my pussy even as his cock began to shrink. When at last Mark rolled off me I lay panting and shaking, unable to control the tremors that ran through my body or my ragged, over-excited breathing, beside me my son sat up and I sensed that he was looking down at me, turning my head I looked up at him with glazed eyes.

"You are fantastic." Mark smiled down at me, his chest heaving from his exertions.

Leaning over he kissed me gently and I felt a tingle run through me, it was frightening the way I felt about my own son, yet I couldn't deny it any longer, my own body had betrayed me, I had enjoyed every single moment of his lust, even though I felt guilty, shocked and disgusted all three emotions couldn't compare to the satisfaction I felt and the joy he had given me.

"Oh Mark my darling," I sighed as soon as I had recovered enough to sit up "Mark, we shouldn't have done it, I shouldn't have let you do it, but God forgive me, I loved every blissful moment of it."

"You'll love it again as soon as I get hard again." he laughed.

I knew from the tone of his voice and the way he put his arm around me and drew me to him that there was nothing I could say that would dissuade him from lusting after me and to be honest I found myself feeling elated that he would want me in that way, sighing I leant against his chest and gazed down at his cock lying limp between his legs. Though I knew a part of me would never really accept the situation and would feel shock at it I also knew that I would willingly give myself to my son whenever he asked or even if he didn't ask.

"Let me help it." I laughed lightly as I leant down to take my son's cock in my mouth.

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