A stormy night

Written by , on 2017-12-11, genre incest

Originally published on my first account under Snyper86

You are driving down a country road, late at night. There is a massive storm raging around you. Lightning splits the sky and thunder shakes the car. The storm came up suddenly. There is a light up ahead, you can see it between the lightning.

the rain gets harder and harder, and you have to slow down more and more as you cant see. You get closer to the light and see it's an old wooden building, in a poor state of repair. Some of the windows are missing, but the roof looks good.

Suddenly, lightning hits a tree ahead of you and it blocks the road. Another strike behind you blocks the road back as well. You're stuck.

You see another car in front of the house, the bonnet is up, the lights are dead.
you pull up beside the other car, and decide to head inside, maybe the other person has some food and drink.

As soon as you get out the car, you are soaked through. You get to the door, and find it ajar. Pushing through, you call out "hello?"

The hallway is dark, but a flickering light is at the end of it. You tentatively begin walking down as a voice replies "Hi, come on down, it's warmer this end!"

The voice sounds friendly, so you enter the room and find yourself in an almost bare room. There is a roaring fire in the fireplace, and a picnic blanket laid on the floor.

A man is sitting on the blanket, he looks mid-twernties, and has a friendly face and smile.

"What a night, eh? I broke down outside just before sunset. Lucky for me, there's plenty of firewood here. This is the only room without a leak so far." he explained.
"Come on over by the fire, you look soaked through!"

You walk over, shivering despite the warmth of the flames.

"I'm Joe," the man said. "Listen, I'm gonna give you my shirt. I'll step outside while you change, you'll catch a cold in that dress."

Joe leaves the room. You have his shirt which should just about cover you. You quickly shed the dress, and lay it down on the floor in front of the fire.

You leave the underwear on and put the shirt over the top. it's a thin white shirt, so it clings to your figure.
You call Joe back in. He arrives, water drips down his torso, but he is carrying a coolbox.
"I was on my way to a picnic when the car broke. Fancy something to eat and drink?" He smiles.

You sit down and Joe opens the hamper. Sandwiches, fruit, and four bottles of wine are quickly set up on the blanket.

You and Joe quickly get through the food, as neither of you had eaten for some time. The fire is starting to wane, and there is no more wood for it.

"I have another blanket here, wrap that around you and try to get some sl**p. Looks like this storm is here to stay for a while." Joe suggested.

"What about you?" You ask.

"I'll be ok. I'm a bit warm as it is." he replied, and he laid down on the edge of the blanket.

You lay down facing towards him just as the fire died.
You see Joe shivering a little while after, and decide to share your covers. You move over against him and wrap the covers around you both. He seems to be asl**p, and you find your hands start to explore his body. You like what you find on his body, and decide to try to explore a bit more.
His arms are toned, obviously they have some strength. You wonder just how strong he is. Could he lift you easily? You think he could.
Your hands work from his shoulders, over his chest. Defined, not rock hard. Comfy for resting your head against. Flat stomach, no six pack but not fat. This guy looks after himself but doesn't take it too seriously.
Your hands reach his waistband, and you slide over his jeans. There is a definite bulge in front, and you cant help but give it a gently rub and squeeze. You realise that he isn't hard yet, and your mind wonders just how big he is hard? Could you take him all?
Joe groans and presses his hardening bulge against your hand. You rub a bit more, and he starts to stir.

You cant help imagining how it would feel, sliding yourself over his manhood, and you start to undo his jeans. just as you finish, Joe rolls towards you.
"Still awake?" he asked sl**pily.
"You make it a bit hard to sl**p!" You smile at him.
you slide your hand inside his jeans, Joe jumps a little, and moans as you grip him gently.
"I think that should have been my line!" he jokes. Joe slides his jeans down a bit, taking his boxers with them. he does it slowly, teasing you as slowly his cock is revealed. As the boxer shorts slide off the end, it springs up, and you think that he must be fully erect. Long, thick and hard, you cant help but stare.

"Ok, you've seen mine. And more. Isn't it time you returned the favour?" asked Joe.

You stand up, and start to slowly sway side to side, to a rhythm only you can hear. You unbutton the shirt from the bottom up, slowly, sensually, giving him a view that appears to please as his cock gets even harder. You feel your underwear is soaked, and it's nothing to do with the storm raging outside, but rather the storm brewing in the room.
As you finish the buttons, Joe stands up and gently slides the shirt off your shoulders. his touch is so light it tickles. He looks you over, smiling slightly.
"You are stunning!" he exclaims.
"You're not so bad yourself!" you reply
Joe pulls you close. he starts to kiss down your neck. You close your eyes, as his kisses travel from just under your ear, down to your shoulder, and back along you to your cleavage, slowly moving across your skin, brushing his lips over you as he moves. He takes your nipple into his mouth and you then realise while he licks and sucks it that he has managed to remove your bra without you realising.

Joe has one hand on your other breast, kneading it and rubbing your nipple. The other hand is doing the same to your ass, squeezing it gently, pulling you closer to him. You are so wet already that his cock slides between your legs without any resistance, so you are sliding along it, feeling the length of his shaft running across your pussy lips. It's driving you mad, and you can't help yourself but to pull his face up to yours and kiss him. The kiss is hard, his tongue presses against your lips, and meets your own. This isn't making love, this is pure a****l sex, hard rough and fast.

You want him, but he is larger than you are used to.

"Lay down!" you breath to him. "Let me have you"
Joe doesn't need asking twice. He sits on the blanket, and lays down pulling you to him. You straddle him, again running your hands over his body. You feel his cock pushing against your wet lips, gently but firmly pushing them apart. You slowly press yourself against it. you feel your lips start to open, then stretch more as his head passes between them.
Slowly, you push him inside you, stretching your hole, but there is no pain. Only exquisite pleasure as you take first his head inside, and then lower yourself over his shaft inch by inch. Somehow, you take him fully inside you, but you sit there with him deeply buried in your pussy. He gently pushes his hips upwards, lifting you slightly. Your clit rubs against him slightly, and you are on the verge of an orgasm.
You lay down, kissing him. He returns the kiss, more tenderly this time.
This is enough to tip you over the edge and your body explodes with shocking pleasure, shaking with the power of the waves of ecstasy.
You barely catch your breath when Joe lifts up and rolls you both over. You are now on your back, and you feel the power contained in his muscles. He slides out slightly, slowly, drawing himself out of you with maddening precision. At the same time, he starts to kiss you, first your lips, then your chin, and slowly slides his lips down your neck, giving slow, sensual kisses every inch or so. He repeats his suck and kiss with your left breast, finishing with a gently tug on your nipple with his teeth.
He rises up a little, and you realise only his head is still inside, A mischievous smile plays over Joe's face, and he suddenly presses himself inside. He stops with half his shaft embedded inside you, and starts the kisses again, this time going down your right side, first your lips, then your chin, and slowly slides his lips down your neck, giving slow, sensual kisses every inch or so. He repeats his suck and kiss with your right breast, finishing with a gently tug on your nipple with his teeth.
This time, he keeps going down. between your breasts, down your stomach, over your navel, down, teasing every inch...

Joe carries on downwards, sliding closer to your seconds pair of lips. He kisses just above where your clit is hiding, and suddenly moves further down between your legs. He pulls your knees up, and starts kissing the inside of your left thigh, adding a nice suck to the kiss, teasing your skin. He moves slower now, kissing every half inch down your leg, tickling you as he moves. One hand is holding your leg still, while his other hand is sliding up and down the back of your right leg, brushing the very base of your bottom. it tickles, adding to the sensation of his kisses.

He moves closer and closer to your dripping wet pussy.

Joe spreads your legs further apart as his head gets closer, 3 inches left, 2 inches, 1 inch, you tense up, knowing that in a moment your mind will be blown in waves of explosive pleasure.You gently press your hips towards him, urging him to take what's offered.

It doesn't happen. Joe moves back down your legs, and starts again on the other side. Once again he moves closer and closer to your pussy. Once again Joe spreads your legs further apart as his head gets closer.

4 inches.

3 inches.

2 inches

1 inch,

You wait for it, hungry for more, you can feel your juices seeping out between your lips, you moan in frustration. You
need more.

Suddenly, you feel a warm, wet mouth cover your freshly shaved pussy, from your clit to below your vagina, Joe has you in his mouth and you feel his tongue slowly licking up your spilled juices. A gently sucking as the tongue moved up along your slit, then you shiver as a cool breeze blows over you. Joe has moved off you a little.

"You taste fantastic!" he smiles

"Don't just sit there, eat up!" you gasp

With no more encouragement needed, you feel Joes tongue lick you again, from base to tip of your slit, slowly, gently, and again, getting harder and faster each time. He stops at your clit and covers it with his lips. Suddenly, he sucks your clit hard, rubbing his tongue faster and faster over it.

You explode.

You grab his head and press him down into your pussy. Waves of excruciating pleasure tear through you. You arch your back, thrusting your pussy into his mouth. Joe keeps licking and sucking, drawing every ounce of pleasure out of you.

You calm down, and as you do he helps you up. You look down at him. he is as hard as ever, and you decide you cant help yourself.

you fall to your knees and take his head into your mouth. you lick all over him. you taste your juices, and you love it. You lick all over his shaft, sucking your fluids off of him. gently rubbing his balls while you clean him off, you decide to try to take him all in your mouth. you start off slow, and move your head back and forth, taking more of him every thrust. You feel Joe getting into it, and he gently pushes your head down his shaft while he pushes towards you with his hips.

he pulls you out and pushes you over onto all fours, promptly moving behind you.

You feel him behind you, and you silently prey for him to enter you.

You feel him sliding his fingers into your pussy, a bit rough. You can tell he's getting worked up. you feel a pressure between your cheeks, and then pushing at your arse. You feel him slide slowly inside you, firstly his head, then his shaft, inch by inch.

You push back into him, just wanting him inside you.

Finally, after what seems forever, you feel his balls press your pussy.

"Take me, fuck me hard, make me scream!" you pant.

Joe slowly draws back, and forward, as though testing something. He slides out a bit, and holds there. you are about to push back into him when he slams his dick all the way home, his balls slapping your wet lips. you love it. He does it again, waiting less time this time. Back and forth, in and out, getting faster and harder every thrust of his gorgeous shaft.

he reaches rouns and grabs your tits, pulling you off your hands. you move together, as one, perfectly matching each others rhythm, until you feel him squeeze your nipples almost enough to hurt.

"I'm gonna cum!" Joe groans

"Please, fuck me, cum in me!" you moan back, barely able to form the words

Joe pushes you forward back onto your hands, and steps up a gear again.

You feel him stiffen, and suddenly he climaxes, shooting his load deep inside you. You cum harder than ever before tonight, shaking from head to toe.

You feel Joe lean over you, gently pumping his hips into you, making sure every drop is out of him.

You both lay down, Joe still inside you, holding you close.

The storm is still raging outside, but you couldn't care less.

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