Designated Carer

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I'm Malcolm 26 a university dropout and the third child of International Bank CEO. I'm a great disappointment to my family. No aptitude for anything that the family thinks is important. I like working with my hand, wood & metal working and similar things. Not so much with engines or electrical work. I'm not a hard worker, I do things when I feel like it, but I always finish them. A 2 day job might take me 2 weeks. It was decided that I would go and take care of my Dad's sister Tanya, who lives in the country on a 50 acre hobby farm. Tanya 45 and a widow couldn't have any children of her own. Ralph her husband died in yachting accident 5 years ago. Tanya was in a car accident last month and was laid up. I was sent to do any work around her hobby farm while she recovered. Dad told that there was not much to do and even lazy bum like me could manage it or he would cut me off financially. So I agreed to go. Tanya was the nice one of our family, she tall, slim and stacked. I wouldn't have to do any housework as there was cleaner 5 days a week and a nurses coming in the morning & evening for 2 hours each time from a agency. Tanya was loaded, as was most of the family. Me being the exception. I arrived and seen Tanya for what I was required to do. To my surprise I enjoyed working with the cattle (5) and 3 horses. As well the chickens and 7 pigs, I fixed the barn doors and went horse riding and found an old pickup in a shed behind the barn. I asked Tanya about it and was told it was here when they bought the farm 10 years ago. Ralph was going to get it running. But he never got around to it, I asked could I have a go. She said " Yes, if you get it going you can have it. I got it going after a couple of weeks. Tanya was up and about by then. The nurses weren't needed anymore, but the housekeeper was permanent. As Tanya didn't like housework or cooking. I was still there doing odd jobs around the farm and in no hurry to return home. One morning I was sitting in the pickup read a porn mag and having a pull and didn't notice Tanya come into the shed. She caught me mastubating and laught. I was a bit sheepish, but she said " Sorry I scared you, I thought you were up to something. Anyway when your finished can you help me catch a horse, so I can go riding. I still not moving around perfect yet". I agreed and we left the shed to catch a horse. After a few minutes I got all 3 into the horseyard beside the barn. Tanya then asked If I would like to going riding with her. I replied Okay and saddled 2 horses. We headed towards the creek and once across up and over the small hill to a small earth dam on the other side. We tried up the horses and sat talking under the trees on the side of the dam. After a bit Tanya asked "if I would like to swimming with her". I said " Yes, but didn't have anything to swim in". "Nor do I, I'm going in naked, you still want to join me". I said "Okay". We both got undress and got into the water, we played around for awhile and then got out laid on the side the dam. I fell asleep and woke up to Tanya sucking my cock. We then had sex and I started to sleep with her every night. That was 10 months ago, Dad still paying me an allowances and I'm still at the farm with Tanya. I think Dad is happy that I'm away from home. I'm dating a girl from town, she the doctor's receptionist Kelly and she is also sleeping with Tanya. It was Tanya that introduced us, as Tanya is bisexual. Tanya has asked Kelly to move in with us. She is moving in next weekend and I have asked her to marry me and she said YES.

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