Family History

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I'm now 24 and 5 yrs ago I was caught by my Grandmother Beryl fucking my sister Kay. Kay is 2 yrs old than me. We starting fucking each other 2 yrs before being caught. We had just move in with Beryl after our Parents died in car crash after a drunk driver went straight a red light in truck, total their car. Granddad was long deceased and Beryl was the closest family left. We were self sufficient in money wise as our parents both had big life insurance plans. Beryl who was 54 at the time ours deaths. Anyway Kay and me consoled ourselves with each others company. I'm not a great looker and neither is Kay, plain is good discription, not slim or fat. I'm skinny and a bit of a nerd.
Beryl is full of figure and still has curves in the rights places with nice face. As me and Kay both attend the local college and stayed with Beryl. Neither of us were into party scene and kept to ourselves mostly. After being caught by Beryl, when she had come early from her job on that Saturday in July. She was shocked and didn't say much, just poured herself drink and sat in armchair across the lounge we were on naked. She finally said " I knew you 2 were fucking and I was hoping to catch you at it. That why I came home early. You 2 don't date and go out only together and that is not natural for young adults. I know, I and my brother Greg fucked a lot before I married. Your mother was also serviced by Greg up till he died 7 yrs ago. My husband Brian was a good man and I only fucked Greg besides him. Your father was also a good man and your mother was only doing Greg besides him. Our family history is full of stories like that, we seem to have a very high sex drive". We asked " So your not mad at us then". "No, I want to join in with the FUN". She replied. Kay got married last year to Grant and I'm engaged to Kelly
and plan to wed next April. Kelly bisexual and is having sex with both Beryl and Kay. Kelly and Kay are both pregnant, Kelly by me and Kay by Grant. Grant is 39 and doesn't seem all that interested in sex. Once a months suits him and so Kay gets what more she needs from me. Kelly should have our child round the beginning of next March. They are all happy with the arrangement. Except for Grant who doesn't know about it and is happy to keep building his company. It a rule that no babies in family are by siblings.

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