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Jacob, a 20 years old guy and most successful youngest wrestler of SNA wrestling company. He has an undefeated streak of 100-0 in the wrestling company. One by one all wrestlers has fallen before his might so far. He is none other than the son of the owner of the company, Sophie. She has an attraction for those guys who can rise at the top. Her son was probably at the summit of the strongest since he has the streak no other wrestler has. Needless to say she finds her son attractive also as he spends most of the time at the house training shirtless. Like most other women Sophie finds men’s chest, abs attractive but she strangely also has a fetish of fore playing with man’s bellybutton and penis. As she has an ex-husband also, she really knows every secrets of pleasuring a man to the point he becomes helpless. The more she watches her son’s bare body, the more the urge of seducing her son gets stronger. She has never missed any match that her son has participated on and never she controlled herself from drooling over her son’s bare sweating body as he fights at the ring or trains at house. Jacob also spends most of the time being shirtless even when visiting the markets, neighboring area, beaches. During night clubs he wears a completely unbuttoned shirt making sure his chest, abs, belly, bellybutton are visible.
One day Jacob was training in the house hitting a punching bag, practicing his wrestling moves. His whole body was sweating a lot as he was gasping for air.
“Don’t you think you should have a break?” hearing the voice of his mom Jacob looked at the door way of the room where his mom was standing and smiling at his well built body. Jacob smiled back.
“Well, mom you know, big tournament is coming. I must prepare myself.” Jacob replied with half smile and half serious look.
Sophie approached towards her son, looking at her son’s sweaty bare body and patting on his belly she said, “Your rock hard body is not an object that can be conquered with physical strength.”
Jacob realized his dick was rising inside his pant. Sophie noticed the hard on with a grin on her face.
“Umm…mom…I think you are right, I….I need…to take a shower.”
Sophie smiled and said, “Go for it.”
Jacob headed towards the bathroom and started showering right away. While cooling off, the thought of him having a hard on by his mom’s touch made him blush. After sometimes of refreshing shower he looked at the screen near the bath tub and saw a shadow. He freaked out a little but being man up he slide away the screen and saw it was none other than his mom. He remembered that he forgot to close the door also he realized he is now naked in front of his mom as she was looking at his dick. He immediately jumped on the bath tub covering his private parts with both of his hands.
“Awe…….MOM!” he shouted with a red embarrassed face. Sophie giggled and then she said, "Relax it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” moving her son’s hands from his dick and balls with her soft hand.
“Besides, you were the one who forgot to close the door, so don’t blame me.” saying that she started to leave.
After finishing the shower Jacob wrapped a towel to cover his downwards area and then after using some gels on his head and grabbed the body lotion to rub it on his body.
“Mind, if I help.” Jacob looked behind hearing the voice of his mother and stunned. Even before Jacob could even answer her, she took the lotion from his hand, took out some lotion and began rubbing it on her son’s chest and belly.
“You know son, you have not only a hard chest but you also have those stunning abs who surrounded your bellybutton making you the most attractive man of the universe.” Sophie said with a soft voice.
Jacob tried his best but listening to her mom’s praise for him and feeling her mom’s soft touch was too much for him to control his erection. After she was finished she said, "Come,breakfast is ready. We need to shop after that today.” Then she was gone. Jacob wore his pants and started going downstairs for his breakfast. While enjoying the food together Sophie looked at her son.
“Aren’t you gonna dress up?” Sophie asked.
“No need to, Shops are not too far from our house.” Jacob replied.
Sophie grinned, "Well suits you. Girls will probably give you a lot of stares.”
Jacob smiled. After they both finished their breakfast. They went out for shopping and indeed a lot of girls not only stared at Jacob but also drooled at every inch of his body. Jacob somehow managed not to get too erected. They finally returned home after an hour of shopping and the rest of the day was spent uneventfully. But before sleep at night Sophie visited her son’s room again caressed his chest and belly and wished him good night.
“Sleep well, son big tournament will start tomorrow and if you win this one other than the trophy you will also get a special reward from me.”
Looking at her mom Jacob asked curiously, "What do you mean, mom?”
“You will find out tomorrow night.” Sophie smiled.
Next day after breakfast Jacob started to prepare for the tournament one last time. Then he put on his unbuttoned black shirt outfit and put on his wrestling pant. Mom and son both went to the tournament. After they reached to the place mom cheered her son before letting him go to the locker room.
“Remember son, remember the special reward waiting for you at night.” She winked.
Jacob nodded and headed towards the locker room while Sophie went to her office for tournament management. When everything was finished, the tournament started, the battle was fierce but Jacob made it to the finals. Now he has to face the giant named Brutas. Both wrestler were getting ready for the final match. People cheering loudly.
“Although he is a giant he is arrogant and he probably expect me to hold back but I would rather surprise him offensively.” Jacob planned his strategy. It actually worked, the giant wrestler was indeed surprised when Jacob started to punch and kick him offensively making quite a good damage. But somehow at some point the giant managed to grab hands of Jacob and hurled him in the corner. Now Jacob has no where to go. Taking this advantage the giant clothesline him on the corner forcing Jacob to sit down. Then he began to kick Jacobs belly. It made Jacob angry he lifted the giant on his shoulders, rose up to second rope and power bombed him from the second rope. Then he jumped and dropped himself on the giant’s body and went for the pin. It was three count and Jacob won the tournament. Actually Brutas was the only wrestler who actually gave Jacob a small challenge thanks to his size advantage. Sophie smiled at the live screen from her office as she watched the trophy handed to her son by the judges. People cheers loudly.
“A special night is waiting for you, my son.” Sophie said to herself looking at the live screen still.
Reaching home Sophie congratulated Jacob for his victory. Jacob nodded with a smile. Put the trophy on the table and went to take shower. When night fell off Jacob went to his bed room. He was shirtless of course. Sophie followed him, closed the door.
“Time for your special reward, honey.” Sophie said with a playful voice.
Jacob can’t believe it is happening. The only reason Jacob didn’t get a girlfriend is because he always wanted his mom to seduce him. The dream is turning into reality for him now.
“Take off your pant and underwear.” Sophie instructed Jacob and without question Jacob followed the instruction. Then Sophie told him to lie down to the bed and Jacob followed as well. Jacob lied down to the bed on his back.
“The area from his belly button to his inner thighs is erogenous, and a gentle massage is a great way to rev his engine." Sophie thought to herself. Sophie put her finger into his bellybutton and fingered it as she massaged his dick at the same time. For Jacob it was a hardcore turn on. He began to moan a little and said with a weak voice, “Mom you are the best.” Sophie giggled while continuing the pleasure.
“It’s only the start.” Sophie replied with a naughty grin as Jacob looked at her both curiously and happily.
She caressed his dick and licked his bellybutton at the same time.
“Uhhh….mom………feels amazingggg…please…more.” Jacob reacted with heaving breath. Sophie giggled.
Then she drew her tongue from his bellybutton to downwards then gently blow on the line to create a tingling sensation. She alternated between hot and cold air for stimulation overload.
Then from above she again made her way down with her tongue to reach his bellybutton and did not pass go, kept kissing, licking inside. Then she went for his dick making sure it is inside her mouth giving him blow job of his life and fingering in his bellybutton at the same time as Jacob could not take anymore he finally had to cum in her mouth and Sophie swallowed it. Then she softly kissed her son’s lips, while gently tickling his skin from the pelvis up to the belly button. Jacob and Sophie both laughed.
“Wait here, son.” Sophie opened the door and went to kitchen, took some chocolate liquid and returned to Jacob’s room and shut the door again. Jacob and Sophie both giggled as she poured the chocolate liquid in his bellybutton and some of it even on his penis. Then she kissed her son’s bellybutton and licked it cleaned properly with her tongue making it wet with her saliva.
“Mmmm…….so tasty and yummy bellybutton you have, honey.” Sophie said with a seductive voice.
“Oh yeah…….mom…I have the luckiest bellybutton ever.” Jacob replied being seduced.
Then she licked his penis clean with her tongue. After her son was completely exhausted from the pleasure she went up and they both kept kissing their lips until they both fall asleep.

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