My Wife's Family

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I'm 35 married and own a IT business. I'm doing very well and I married a 18 year old girl from Bosnia 10yrs ago. She and her family came to live me. There are no males left in her family. Her Grandmother now 68, Mother now 47, Aunt now 49 and cousin now 32. The only virgin in the group was my wife, all the others had been raped and male family members killed in the war of freedom by Serbs. When I met my wife on a trip to Bosnia, I fell for her in a instance. After a couple of months, I asked her to marry me. That when she would, but couldn't. Her family believes in the old dowry system and they couldn't afford a dowry. I said "I don't care about dowry, I want you". But she was adamant, no changing her mind. After a week of trying find a way round the dowry problem, I met an old englishman Ken who had married a widow just after the war. He had run into dowry troubles too. He had got around the problem by taken in the Mother and Aunt as the dowry.
They became property of the marriage. That was a possible way around the dowry, as I was going bring them hold back home with me anyway. There is a very strict guidelines to making of a dowry. Ken's wife was a widow and not a virgin and age also had a cost. It has to be agreed by both parties and it would be very easy to insult the other party by asking for a low amount of dowry. So I asked them what was the dowry they thought was enough for her hand. I then offered 15% more and a way they could afford it o Ken's advice. Which was a split of the dowry as so 20% for the Grandmother, 25% for Mother and Aunt and 30% for the cousin. It took 5 days for them to agree. The longer they took to agree, Ken told that it was a good sign and should be a good result. It also that I was marrying the whole family. I would be incharge and they would be there for my every need.
After 10yrs I have 10 children, 3 each from my wife, her cousin and 2 each from her mother and aunt. It works great, I have the master bedroom and my wife sleeps with me everynight and the others sleep in the second bedroom. I can have sex any and all as I want. The grandmother gives great all over body rubs in the shower. The children have the other 6 bedrooms. It has turn out great and I wasn't going to sleep the others, but my wife kept saying it was part of our areement of the dowry.

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