A Grandmother's thanksgiving confession

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I have to confess. This is bad. When my grandson was in school I went on his computer to look up some music on youtube that I did not want to buy on itunes. A few years ago my oldest grandson Charlie who is sixteen (now) taught me how to use this app on his computer called, well that is not important. Oh I am 62, I am 4'11" now. I use to be 5'1". I am in good shape I would say. Decent, to say the least. I use to work out all my life and I still take long walks every day. My hair is grey and I don't die it anymore. I use to but I just gave up. Even with my grey hair I do not look 62. I look much younger. My oldest granddaughter says I look like I am in my late 40/ early 50's.. I am a size 8 in pants which is the biggest I have ever been in my life. My waist is 30, my hips are 42. I have above average breasts, they are 34 D.

Any way make a long story short. I was looking through his computer and found he was watching porn. Through his search history. But the women were older than me. I got turned on by some of the videos and the thought that he had masturbated to the same video turned me on even more. This was before thanksgiving. I was thinking about this forever. Every night I would think about him doing that to himself. After a few days it became like every time I would see him come home from school I would have to go in my room and rub one out. It became an obsession. Every time he would come home from school I would just get wet instantly. He is too young I thought at times. Why is he jerking off to older women. Why is he even jerking off. Well it is about that time, He would be getting sexually active. I know it's sounds bad enough but that is not the worse part. The night before thanksgiving. I fucking went through the photo albums and masturbated to his pictures on facebook. And some of the pics he took while fishing with his dad in the summer. In just his little bathing suit.

Thanksgiving night I had enough. It had been months and I just wanted to watch him jerk off. To see if he was really doing it. I decided to set a trap. I live with my oldest daughter since my husband passed away. She had divorced her husband so a few years before my husband passed away I was there all the time helping anyway. I got to watch these boys grow up. I live with her and my 2 grandc***dren Charlie I told you about and Andy he i youngest and so after cleaning everything I said I was going to go watch a movie in my room.

I went upstairs and I snuck into my grandsons room. Went on his computer and started going through his search history. Since he was off from school for break I knew he didn't have to go to sleep til 10 or 11. So I went right before that at 9:30pm while he was downstairs playing video games. while on his laptop, I went searching through a porn site called xnxx (cause that was the site he was searching so often). Anyway I decided to search granny fucks her b0y. That's when I found some great, great videos, One in particular I am sure was the real deal. And as I watched I was so filled with excitement I decided to masturbate. Now I don't use fingers when I have been masturbating to my grandson. I just rub my clit. I actually haven't had anything inside me in over 18 yearsl Since my husband passed away I had gone through menopause and I thought. What was the use. Sure sometimes I would rub one out thinking about an old lover or my ex husband but that was it. Now i was possessed. Just as I was about to cum. I heard him coming up the stairs. I ran into his walk in closet, I left the laptop open so he can see that someone was watching it. Through the small gap in the open door I saw him walk in and act like nothing was unusual with the laptop. Being on porn. Surely his mother would flip if she found her precipitous boy was jacking off to granny porn. Any way long story short it worked after a few min he layed on his bed with the lap top on his stomach and took out.....

I swear to god. He took out the biggest fucking dick I had seen in years. It had to be 4 inches long and pretty thick and he was flaccid. After a few min of watching the video I was watching I see he starts getting hard. He starts to stroke his dick now. I mean This boy had a 6 1/2 maybe 7 inch dick but thick like a soda can. (I was pretty far away but it looked enormous. I was shocked. It was astonishing. I assume it looked so big because he is only 4'10".I know he is almost as tall as me and maybe 90 lbs. He is a skinny thing but he looked like he had a six pack and a chest already. Maybe from soccer practice. Basically he did not look malnourished. Almost did but not really. Anyway he is growing he will get bigger. Shit thinking about this makes me wonder if he dick will get bigger. My husband was 5 inches and when he got older and fatter it went down to maybe 4. I mean he was always fat but he started really getting up there. Anyway.back to the main story.

His dick looked at least 7 inches the most. And i was about 5 feet away with the door a crack open. My hand down my pants rubbing on my swollen clit furiously. I saw him place the laptop next to him on the bed by his pillow next to his face watching it and jerking off. He was going at it for a good 15 min and I was as well I was rubbing my clit brought me right up to the edge. I moaned under my breath, as my fingers strummed and pinched my swollen clit. “Yes… …Oh my god… …yes" After a few moments, I started to see his legs straighten and I could see his toes curl. He let out a loud groan and ropes and ropes of cum. So much ropes, then little squirts and then another rope. All hitting his chest. and his face and behind him as well. The headboard of the bed. I remember now he jizzed all over it. He had huge globs on his face (at least 2) and a few globs on his chest. None landed on his flat stomach. I had wondered how long he was holding that in for. Maybe a day the most. Then I see him go under his bed and pull out a rag and clean off his face then cleaned off his chest.

By this time I could hear the wet squishing sounds as my fingers slid up and down my pussy almost about to go inside. Then it happened i closed my eyes as the intense feel came over me and I could picture his big dick streaming loads of cum all over the place and I for the very first time in my life. I squirted. At that moment as I heard the water gush out of my pussy and hitting the carpet what sounded like to me after a big dog pissing on a carpet. I grunted so loud and almost collapsed on the door. My eyes were still closed. After a few moments of heavy panting and coming to the realization that my body had done something it had never done before. I realized my grunt was pretty loud and I was caugjht. I nervously looked back through the ajar door waiting to see my grandson walking towards it but at that moment i had grunted a squirted my grandson had just turned on his TV. As he watched TV naked I could see his dick was still pointing straight up in the air. He got up a few times to pick up headphones so I know it was pointing up. The joys of being young. So much blood bumping in that dick. He could still jerk off for another 30 min this time.I waited in that closet til Andy decided to put on his boxers and go to the bathroom. Then I made my escape.

Yeah, that's the worse part. It's my grandson Andy, The youngest grandson, and I don't know what to do.How come at my age I am getting so horny and for my own grandson. In the last month I have masturbated more than I have in the past eighteen years. What is happening to me? What do I do? I think it isn't even his penis size. If it was small I would still want it. I don't know how this happened. But It is a sickness now.

Before sending you this email. I decided to see if maybe I could hang out with like a caring grandmother should. I made him breakfast and his came down wearing a crusty shirt. I told him to take off the shirt. He complained. I argued with him for a while. Finally after his big brother told him to listen to his grandmother he did and he took off his shirt. I took it from him. I knew the shirt was covered in cum. I could see it was the "rag" he grabbed from under his bed. Thursday night. While he leaned over and handed it to me my hand started to shake as I was going to grab it. My body was pumping so much adrenaline it was because he was shirtless handing me a shirt I saw him use to wipe off the cum from his chest two days prior.

I left the kitchen, Charlie asked "Are you okay nan?"

"Yes" I replied. I went to the laundry and rubbed his cum shirt all over my face. It smells so good.The images of his hard cock shooting rope after rope. Thick globes of cum. I have masturbated while asking for your help several times. Please whatever you could do.

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