Family Lineage

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I have been away for 5 years for work and returned home 10 months ago. Because I had been diagnosed with cancer in my testicles and I needed better treatment. After seeing the specialist, I was told " that there was a 50/50 chance of a complete cure. But there was a high chance, I would be sterile. My mother Gwen was worried that she would have NO grandchildren. I was told I could freeze my sperm. But I was not sure about that and mother told to proceed with it. After making several donations, she was becoming concern that it wouldn't be enough. She started to investigate getting a surrogate, but it was to time consuming. My mother decided that it would better, if kept it in the family. She looked at all our female relatives to find the best match. On finding no matches, as half were to old and the rest were mostly married. Only exception was cousin Danica a 24 old overweight lesbian. Mom said "That there only one thing to do, she would have my baby". Mom is 43 5'7" good figure, dad and her divorced 5 years ago. He remarried his business partner Rosemarie and he didn't keep in touch with me. Mom had married Dad when she was 18 and 5 months pregnant with me. They didn't have any children and Mom was left fairly well off after the Divorce. I was unsure about having a child with Mom, but she insistent. So I agreed, we tried me masturbating and her inserting my sperm. But it just didn't seem go far enough in. After our fourth go, she said " Stuff this, You had better fuck me". After a little conversation I agreed. We had sex for 2 weeks and than a rest for a week and than started again. After about 7 weeks there was a positive test. After a couple more positive tests. I went into hospital and start treatment and so far I'm doing well and Mom is about 5 months pregnant.

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