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My wife and I are blessed, the kids we wanted we got, we wanted a boy and a girl and we go them our first try.
I know not everyone gets that lucky.
This story about such a thing.

My younger brother was a woman's man, he always got whatever chick he wanted. He is almost 9 yrs younger than me.
When he finally decided to settle down he found this super cute, sexy young girl to marry him. She just turned 23 and my brother was 26.

A few years in to their marriage, they seemed happy but couldn't have any kids. Doctor suggested it was my brother that was the issue. They both loved each other and everything else was great but they wanted a few kids, at least 2.

In our family I am the most fertile, so the Drs suggested I donate my sperm so they could have kids as well. Im not going to turn down my brother from being happy so I agreed to it.

I wasn't sure how this would work so I just waited for them to tell me what to do.

One day my brother called me and said his wife would stop by to get my final approvals and stuff.
My sister in Law, Nadine, came over, my wife was at work and the kids are at school (I worked from home).
She started telling me how it all works, but then stopped and had a lot of sadness in her eyes and face.

I asked her what was bothering her, she told me the amount of money this costs is way more than they can afford but she wants to make my brother happy and doesn't him to blame himself on this situation we are in.
As a big brother, I told her whatever I can do I will for their happiness.

Nadine said she was glad to hear that and she had a plan.
Im intrigued so I say to her again "whatever it takes from me, I'm in"
Nadine started telling me it would basically be her and my kid anyways, so why pay a doctor to do all of this work and pay so much money.
I caught what she was suggesting but didn't want to believe she was asking me to impregnate her directly.
I asked for her to tell me her plan exactly.
She said she would be over my house twice a week for us to have sex, just sex, meaningless sex that would yield a baby.
I tried to fight it but her guilt trip and persuasion got to me and I agreed to it.

We walked to my bedroom, she put on the blinds and made the room incredibly dark, she didn't want to face me or see me, and she didn't want me to see her either, she just wanted me to fuck her, fill her pussy with my cum and she would leave.

Once the lights were off and the room was dark, I heard her removing some clothes. I took off my pants and moved to where I thought she was.

She asked "are you going to be able to get hard or do you need help?"
I told her I should be fine in a minute or 2.
I started feeling her body with my hands, but she immediately stopped me and told me "please Andy, lets just keep is intercourse only"
I said to her its going to be harder for me get hard without any stimulation
She reached down and got a hold of my limp cock and started stroking it, she said "ok i can try to help"
A few minutes later I finally started getting harder, now I don't have a huge a penis, I'm an average type of a guy, my penis is probably 6.5 inches long but its thicker than a normal penis, I can barely grip it with my hand once it fully erect.
She was having a hard time holding on to it as well.
Anyways I was fully erect, and I told her "lets get this done"
She said "you are much bigger and thicker, so go a little slow the first time please"

Her pussy was wet, the tip of my cock went in instantly and then i started going slow for the rest of my cock.
Once I was all the way in i asked her "are you doing ok, do you need me to stop?"
She told me to keep going and just finish it.
I tried my hardest to cum fast but without any stimulation, I lasted about 10-12 minutes, lucky for I felt her orgasm only a minute before I ejaculated in my sister in law's pussy.

When I was done depositing my cum inside her, she told me she would lay there for a bit and she will come out to talk to me after and schedule the next visit.

A few minutes later, she came out of my room fully dressed, walked over to me, hugged me, said thank you for helping her and said she would be back in 2 day for another session.

2 days later, she came over again, told me she will wait for me in the room since she saw I was working on a project.

I went to my room 10 or so minutes later to find it completely dark again. I told her I can't see and don't know where she was.
She got up and walked over to guide me to the bed, we bumped into each other and I realized this time she was completely naked, I felt her boobs pressed on my arms.
Last time she only took off her skirt and panties, this time I thought she was completely naked.
She sat down on the bed and started jerking my cock once my pants were off again.
Only a few moments later I started getting hard, she said "much faster today than last time Andy"
I laid her down and got on top of her and entered her pussy, I enjoyed being inside her, even though we were just fucking, but something about this being taboo turned me on a little more. I controlled my orgasm and really tried to make it good and make it last.
I think I got to 12-13 minutes (almost the same as last time) and ejaculated in her pussy again, Same as last time once I was done, I got up, put my pants back up and left the room.
We did this for like 2 weeks, same method, same 10-13 minutes average.

I was starting to like her pussy way too much and wanted it more and more to a point where I would neglect my wife the night before because I knew what the next day would hold for me.
One night, my wife was extremely horny and I knew Nadine would be by the morning so I brushed her off, told her I was too sleepy, I wanted to save myself for Nadine, and My wife did not know any of this.
This plan of mine backfired on me, kinda
Next morning when I woke up, my wife asked me to fuck her. With no more excuses, I had to do it.
I love my wife and sex with her was always amazing, after we made love she went to work.

About an hour later Nadine came over as expected. we followed the same routine, but this time she had to jerk me off for a long time before I got hard, mainly because I just got done having sex with my wife.
Once I was hard, it took us even longer, I was probably in her pussy for at least 20 minutes before I came.
When I did she said "omg Andy finally, started to think you weren't going to cum today" Something about her teasing me like this turned me on a little more.
Now normally once I'm done coming i would pull out and leave, this time I stayed in her pussy for a few minutes extra.
She said "you've been in there a while Andy, are you still cuming?" I told her I was done a few minutes ago
"well you are still inside me and you are still hard, so just wondering" she said
I replied "yeah im liking it in there more and more so just maximizing my enjoyment......" I thought she would slap me for saying that or push me off, but nothing, after a few seconds of silence "ok....i supposed I can let you have it, after all you are being helpful"
We laid there for a while, I stayed on top of her and felt her boobs against my chest and I could smell her hair and perfume. My cock was completely flaccid but I forced kept it inside her pussy.
After probably 45 minutes of me just laying on top of her she started stroking my arms, this was the first sexual thing she has done and it was an instant turn on for me.
She said "thank you, you have made this easier for us, I'm glad we are doing this....."
Hearing that, my cock started growing.....I didn't care what she meant, but I heard that she was glad we were fucking, even though deep down I knew what she meant.
I told her "no problem, I'm actually ok with this"
My cock was growing back into her pussy, i knew she felt it she goes "oh my you are getting hard again, you think you can fill me up again?"
That all I needed and my cock go to full erection and I started pumping her pussy, since Ive already ejaculated twice today, once with my wife and once with her, It took me just as long to cum this time as well, some 15-20 minutes I emptied my balls into her pussy one more time, i laid on top of her for few minutes, then got up, pulled my pants back on and left the room.

She came back over 2 days later, this time I wanted to feel her body more, so I took off all of my clothes, while fucking her I felt her nipples rub up against my body. I came in her and she left.
I haven't felt her up, i don't know how her boobs feel and what she tastes like and Im getting curious and I want more, even though I knew it was wrong.

She came back over a few days later and this time I wanted to see what she would let me get away with, during intercourse I reached under and grabbed and squeezed her ass, she said and did nothing. So a few stroked later i grabbed her boobs and started playing with them, she again, said and did nothing. So i kept going. I put her tits in my mouth and started sucking on her nipple, this time she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in closer, encouraging me to continue sucking on her tits. Her actions and her nipples in my mouth did the trick for me and pumped her pussy full of my cum. After i was empty, i got up and left the room like normal.

2 days later she is back, but this time I stopped her before she got to my room, i was thinking about her when she came in and was already horny and hard.
I put my arms around her back and pulled her in closer, like a hug, i knew she could feel my penis against her body, I could feel her body on it.
Without waiting for her reaction, i tugged at her top and started untucking it from her skirt, still waiting a reaction, but got none. I kept going and pulled her blouse over her head, she wasn't wearing a bra and i see her tits for the time. they were great. I look at her face and I can see she is willing to do whatever i make her do.
I hike her skirt up while we are started in the hallway, she held the skirt up for me while I undressed myself.
My cock is out and its the first time she has seen it, i see her eyes get bigger.
I brought her closer to the wall and lifted her legs up and supported her back against the wall. I pushed my cock in, she had to guide it in her pussy.
I fuck her hard and fast, finally cumin inside her after only 5-6 minutes. We stayed in that position for a few more minutes, until my cock slipped out of her pussy due to flaccidness.
She took her skirt completely off, grabbed my hand and walked me to our bedroom again, lights stayed on and the room was completely visible.
She said "lay down with me please Andy"
I did, we spooned for a while, i kept playing with her boobs.
After a bit spooning, she turned around, pushed me on my back and went down toward my cock and started sucking it. I was still pretty much flaccid, but she didn't stop and didn't seem to care. I didn't mind either it felt good.
within minutes she go me hard, she stops and asks "how do you want me?"
I got up and put her on all 4s and started fucking her doggy style, she was finally making love to me and it wasn't just "sex" anyways she wanted me as much as I wanted her.
As I'm fucking her i felt her pussy tighten, haven't felt her this way before. she was having her orgasm. I felt my cock get wet inside her pussy, that put me over the edge as well and i started shooting my cum in her. She couldn't keep on all 4s and collapsed on the bed, I wanted to make sure all my cum was inside her pussy so i fell with her keeping my cock inside her.

We were in our 3 month of fucking 2-3times a week by the time this happened. A few weeks later I got a call from my brother he was super happy and sounded excited, he invited me over to his house, where he tells me that Nadine is pregnant.
I was happy for him but i knew it meant that i couldn't fuck her anymore, I looked at Nadine and she had a similar look on her face.

My brother "finally she can stop seeing the DR every 2 days and getting injections"
Nadine "no honey they have to continue for a bit longer, they can't just stop"
I looked at her knowing exactly what she is trying to do.
My brother "no big deal I'm just happy we are having a kid finally"

Nadine came over the next day, and told me how happy she was that she is having my kid, and told me I can have her whenever I want and she will always be mine for giving her and my brother a chance to have a family she owed me herself.
I told her she doesn't owe me anything and I did for family, but also because i enjoyed fucking her just as much, if not more than my own wife.

Over the next few months she kept finding excuses to come see, so we could have sex, from injections, to check ups to hanging out with her friends, anything she could get my brother to believe, and she would come to my place and we would have sex.
IN her final month of labor we cut back sex significantly, it was harder to keep it on going with her actual DR visits and other stuff.
She told me she is sorry she can't fuck me and that she would make it up to me soon.
She eventually had a baby boy. our baby boy.
She was in the hospital and my wife asked me to stay with her overnight since my brother had his work the next day and she knew I can get my work done a little later anyways.
We spent the night talking and discussing what we are going to do, we both needed each other for sexual relief and had to figure out a way to still meet. While talking about all of this I got a boner and she noticed.
she said "ok bring it over here, you can't fuck me but i can give you a blow job" she sucked me off and swallowed my load for the first time ever. It felt great.
Once she was back home, I would "help" them out by taking my work laptop to her house and doing my work there, just in case she needed someone while my brother was out at work.

For the next 3 weeks i got a blowjob from her every day (sometimes twice). Her next Drs visit she asked when she can have sex again.

The baby is about 6 months old, I haven't fucked her this entire time, its been like 8+ months since I've had her pussy and i really wanted her.
One night we were over their house, my brother, my wife and the kids were in the backyard BBQ-ing, i walked back in the house to get some water and saw Nadine doing dishes. For whatever reason I got instantly hard. The kitchen sink overlooked the backyard so we can see everything outside because the backyard was lit up.
I walked up behind her and hugged her tight and kissed her neck and pushed my cock on her ass.
i said "remember when you said i can have you whenever, wherever i want?"
She replied "yes, and I meant it"
i Lifted up her skirt, pulled my zipper down and entered her pussy. We started fucking. after a few minutes we both see my brother getting up with the food and heading back inside. "Andy you need to cum, hurry up" Nadine whispered
I started fucking her hard, reached around and grabbed her boobs and thrusted deep.
The timing was perfect, I came inside her pussy, pulled her skirt back down, and zipped up right when my brother opened the door.

After that we went back to fucking 2-3 times a week. She convinced my brother to have another kid, which would give us a chance to fuck again without looking over our shoulders. My bro agreed.
She was back to coming over but she started coming over every day.
It became harder for me to fuck my wife, I was fucking Nadine during the day and most nights I would be fucking my wife as well. I was fucking Nadine 2-3 times more often than I was fucking my own wife.
Instead of getting her pregnant right away, I started pulling out when she was ovulating to delay this session for as long as we both could.

One holiday season, her parents came to stay and were staying at their house, and it made it harder for her to leave and come over to fuck me. I was missing her a lot and needed her but it was near impossible to get her alone.
One day we all went out shopping and we planned this entire day around, shopping, going to a park and then movies later on.
We met for breakfast, we hugged everyone in the family.
While hugging her i told her i need her, she said ok she will find a way.
She ate rather fast as I noticed, then had to go use the bathroom, she got up and went towards the bathroom.
A few second laters, i got a text from her saying to meet her by my car.
I drive an escalade with tinted out windows and i knew whats going to happen right away.
I saw her standing by the car, i unlocked in, we got in the back seat. she tells me to fuck her fast so no one notices we are gone for too long.
I came in her in less than 3 minutes, mainly because I had missed her and was extremely horny. As we are leaving back to the restaurant, i tell her i want more today, she tells me it will be really tough but she would try.

We get to the park and she says she had left the stroller at the house for her(our) kid, she waited till everyone was settled in so no one would want to go.
I didn't want to make it obvious so i told my wife i don't wanna go with her either, knowing my wife she got mad at me for not being helpful and told Nadine I would take her.
I showed some discontent but got in her car and we went back to the house.
We had a little more time so we got fully naked, did foreplay and then fucked, before grabbing the stroller and heading back out.

Came time for movies, we had booked seats in this small theatre that had recliners and you can order food and alcohol. We both decided to go use the bathroom before the movie started, i ended up fucking her in the bathroom.
We head to the theatre one at a time, and the seats they us were on the right back corner of the theatre, they were in front of us to the left. Most of the rest of the theatre was empty, i took the isle seat.
When she came back she had to sit next to me in the corner.
right as the movie started I reached over to her and put my hand in her skirt and reached in and started fingering her pussy, the movie was loud and covered her moans and hisses.
I kept fingering her until i felt her cum twice. She was exhausted and fell asleep during the movie.

A few months later, Nadine and my brother had a huge fight, and my brother left the house and went over to his best friends house. The next several months were rough, she was trying to mend her relationship back and our sex was pretty much cut off.
We would meet but it was hard and there was a lot of stress on her.
She finally came over to my house one night and begged my wife to let her talk to me in private, my wife didn't mind at all.
Nadine and I went on a drive, and she told me how she CAN fix her relationship really easily but she doesn't really want to fix it anymore, she told me she fell out of love with my brother and can only think of me and how she feels needed and loved when she is with me and that she needs me in her life and she is willing to do whatever it takes.
She told me she would give me some time to think about it and for me to let her know if i feel the same way.
The more I thought about it the more I agreed with her, i needed her in my life. But i needed my wife as well. I had fallen in love with both of them and couldn't see my life without either.
I told Nadine the truth about how I felt about her and my wife, she was a little disappointed but understood and said she will come up with a plan where I could have both.
My brother and Nadine kept separated and finally filed for a divorce, now without getting too deep in the situation, the entire family sided with Nadine.
He is my bro so I had to take his side but even I knew he was in the wrong in this situation and it got taken out of control.
My brother's house had to be sold due to the divorce. Nadine has a kid that she won custody of since she had a better job and was the mom.
MY wife invited Nadine to live with us until she figure it all out, my brother hated us for doing so and pretty much stopped all contact with us. Pretty much disappeared. He wouldn't even come to see the kid.

Nadine stayed in our guest room, which was awesome for us, when my wife was at work her and I would have sex pretty much daily, and I would make love to my wife almost every night as well.

Nadine had been in our house for about a month and I knew she would eventually have to move out, I had to come up with a plan before that so she could stay longer.
I had nothing and eventually that time came sooner than I had hoped, Nadine was asked by her parents to move in with them. And since she has no relation with us, i knew if she moved out, it would be the end of us.
I was devastated and pissed, I did not want to lose her, and she didn't wanna lose me either.
The night before she was leaving, she was packing and in that moment I noticed and realized that I actually loved her and wanted her more than my wife, and I was willing to give up my wife for her without even second guessing.
I decided in that moment that if i had to i would divorce my wife for her.
I had been married to my wife for 11 yrs now and knew her for another 5 years before that. IN this moment i didn't care about any of this, nor my kids. I knew i wanted Nadine in my life, more than anything else.

I pulled my wife aside, sat her down and basically told her everything. She was livid and crying.
I told her I still love her, but I also love Nadine and can't live without either of them in my life.
My wife didn't seem completely against any of this. she was upset yes but she wasn't murdering me or telling me to divorce her.
Instead, after a bit of us talking about this, she asked "how would this even work, who would be primary?"
I was shocked that she asked this, meaning she was at least considering this.....
I told her "Honey, I don't want to lie to you anymore, so I will tel you the truth in whatever you ask me, Ive been with her for over a year now, did you ever not feel primary?"
My wife Shannon replied no.
I told her "the only difference between last year or so and no, will be that you will know and I will not hide anything from you anymore"
Shannon "But you will still make time for me and still love me like you do now?"
Me "Yes, like I said you have been sharing me with Nadine for over a year, and you didn't see a difference, you won't see a difference in the future either"
After a 10-15 minutes of me convincing my wife, i finally got her on my side since the kid is mine anyways, i sold my wife on having Nadine stay at our house and she was even ok with sharing me with her.

We both walked outside to Nadine's car and brought her back inside and told her what we we had discussed and how we came to an agreement on all 3 of us can stay together.
My wife set some ground rules for us which Nadine didn't mind, they weren't anything crazy, basically Nadine and I could sleep in the same bed up to 3 times a week but she would have me the other 4 nights, and if they were both in the mood Shannon would get priority and stuff like that.
After all this discussion, Nadine called her parents and told them she is staying with us and made up some BS reasons. She hung up the phone, ran over to my hugged me, kissed me passionately for a few minutes.
After the kiss, we both looked at my wife to see her reaction, and my wife gave us a smile, she walked over and joined our hug, i kissed them both back and forth.

After a few minutes I walked them both to our bedroom, I started undressing my wife, Nadine started undressing me.
Shannon and I are naked and we both undress Nadine together. Nadine was bit smaller than wife in weight, i had lay on top of my wife.
Both of their pussies within inches of each other, I entered Shannon's pussy first, a few strokes later, i pulled out and went inside Nadine.
After a few minutes of this, i decided to really fuck my wife hard, once i made her cum i did the same to Nadine and came on their pussies.

I told them I know I can be with both of them and can last enough to satisfy both and it makes more sense for all of us to be in the same bed then trying to figure out a schedule for each. They both agreed.
As soon as the kids were asleep Nadine would join Shannon and I in our bed.

Nadine and I ended up having one more boy together, the following year my Wife gave birth to another boy, our family was complete.

Every night for the past 10 years that we have been living together, I've made love to at least of them. Several nights of the week I have them both and we have a threesome.

Our secret was out a few years after Nadine decided to stay with us. The entire family banished us, no one talks to us and pretty much wants us dead.
We moved out of that area a few years later, mainly because we were tired of the harassment from her family or mine and wanted to be in peace.
My wife Shannon and Nadine ended up falling in love as well, we spent so much time together, they are best friends and enjoy each others company, they are pretty much bisexual since i made them eat each other out, and they ended up liking it and do it a lot.
If i had to pick, I would say I love Nadine more, but I would never openly say that, and I always tell them I love them both equally. I don't think Shannon has noticed yet, but i end up making love to Nadine far more often then her. Like last week for example, i probably fucked Nadine 8 or 9 times, some of them were Shannon, where I fucked them both, on the contrast I only fucked Shannon 4 or 5 times, some of which were also with Nadine, basically I only fucked Shannon twice by herself the whole week, but Nadine, i had her 5+ times.
Maybe because Nadine is much younger than Shannon or I, or maybe cuz I had my wife for another 11 years before Nadine.

Anyways this was my true story, i hope you enjoyed. I wish I could show you what they both look like......

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