Assistant, daughters friend and finally daughter.

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This is a true story, so all the names and locations have been changed.

I met my wife when I was 15, she was 14, we instantly had a connection and were best friends within a few weeks of talking to each other. We were still young so made some mistakes and let go of each other for about a year, during this year our friendship got stronger but we were not romantic. After several failed relationships on both sides we decided that we are wasting our time with other people and got back together.

My wife gave birth to our daughter right after high school. We were really young and stupid, but came from a well off family that took care of us and our daughter while we both finished college. My wife has a masters in teaching and I have a Masters in Math.
My wife and I are still very much in love with each other and can't see us with anyone else.
Right, there is always a but!!
Anyways, we decided to create a cheat pass. Basically a list of people we can have sex with and the other would not get mad. Now this started as a joke based on celebrities and people that this would never be possible with. But we both ended up taking this way too serious.
My wife and I also don't have any secrets, which is one of the reasons we can tolerate and love each other even after 25+ yrs of being together.
My wife had told me which of my friends she thought of hooking up with, which of my 3 brothers she had fantasized about and so on. So naturally when the finally cheat pass was done, my younger brother and my second best friend was on that list along with a neighbor of ours and 1 celebrity.
See originally we were making this list as a joke but it became real, really quick and I was getting scared of losing her. Which she ensured me she would never leave me.
Anyways, I showed her my list and keeping with being hones with each other my list was a lot more embarrassing than hers.
My list included her young sister(she just turned 20 when this list was made) to which she gave me the evil eye.
It included my daughter's best friend(also 20), and my wife punches me lovingly and calling me a pedo/cradle robber.
It included one of my assistants from work who was married but had a great body
and finally (as a joke at first) I included my daughter. My wife was not happy about any of the people in the list due to the Age/relationship and the last one was married.

She let me have my list after days of arguing back and fourth, my argument was if she can have a married guy(my brother) on it then I should be allowed it as well.
If she can have family (my brother) then i should be allowed a family member as well.

Anyways she wanted to make sure it was near impossible to actually go thru with it so she set clear cut rules.
Basically stating neither of us can initiate this, or seduce the person, it would have to be initiated by the other person, and no one can know about our lists. And if this ever does come to fruition neither of us can be mad. And no cuming inside for either of us, either pull out or condom must be used, along with other safety stuff and blah blah

Anyways about a year after this was done, one day I was working with my assistant on this project, when I my wife called, she quickly stated that "its happening, she is sorry but she just wanted me to know that its happening, she will explain later" She sounded excited but didn't really tell me anything and hung up.
I took a few seconds to try and figure out what she might be talking about and could not come to anything. the list had completely spaced out of my mind.

Now I don't know if this was just luck or coincidence, but my assistant and I were trying to find this document that we had filed for a business last year, this business was getting audited and we need that info again to help them out. We had moved offices and most of our stuff was converted to digital but we could not locate this file and we still had all the paper records.
So myself and my assistant Tina were in the storage room digging thru boxes of mess.

Once I was off the phone with my wife and back to normal, I looked over towards Tina and saw her leaning towards a file drawer and searching for this file. Now Tina is a married women in her early 30s, probably 33-34, almost 6-7 yrs younger than me, but her body is what sexualized her for me.
She had the hourglass figure, she had tall legs, wide hips, narrow waist, and a great set of tits. She was definitely an 8. She had long blonde hair and she was very pretty as well.
Anyways, I'm day dreaming about her, she is wearing an office skirt and a purple blouse, each of them hugging her body tight and showing her curves very well.
Im staring at her ass and thinking about how much her husband must love fucking her.
Its been at least a minute since I've been off the phone and I've just been standing there admiring her beautiful ass.
She turns around to see if everything was ok with me, caught me day dreaming, and asked if I was going to help her look or continue thinking about my wife.

I got a little defensive, "I wasn't thinking about my wife"

Tina: Well, (she looked at my crotch, which was showing a semi hard cock underneath) you sure?
Im super embarrassed now, I've never seen her look at my crotch and I'm hard and its showing thru my pants. Im lost for words and i mutter "yeah, not thinking about my wife........" as soon as I said that I knew I fucked up and couldn't take it back.
Tina: OMG Jack, someone other than your wife can get you this turned on that you get side tracked at work? Ive never seen this side of you
Me: Lets not talk about sides (this was supposed to be an internal dialogue pointing to her backside pointing at me)
Tina: What is that supposed to mean?
Me: Nothing Tina, sorry I said that
Tina: are you saying I did this to you? (Pointing at my bulge)
Me: (trying to change this embarrassing subject) lets get back to work and find this stupid document
Tina: Jack..... Ive worked for you for how many years now? You know Im married
Me: I know Tina, I'm really sorry, its just that........(I thought I caught myself this time before saying something else stupid but...)
Tina: Its just what? Jack I'm flattered but I'm still married, happily(she said happily very hesitatingly)
Me: I know and like I said I'm sorry, I just saw you leaning over and ...well...I fucked up
Tina: Its ok i suppose
Me: Don't take this the wrong way, but are you and Dave(her husband) doing ok?
Tina: Yeah(again a little hesitance) .....why do you ask?
Me: Well, when you said happily married, you didn't mean it and just now when you replied you had doubts.
Tina: Thank you Jack for your concern but we are fine............

I knew she wanted to say something else but I didn't know how to get it out of her.
Me: Well if there is anything I can do for you guys, please let me know
Tina standing across the table from me, looked at me for a few moments, wanting to say something but didn't.
Me: Tina, are you sure everything is ok?
Tina: There is something you can do to help(she said with a heavy emphasis) us
Me: Sure, anything, name it, you have been a great asset to my firm and whatever you need, I'm here
Tina: i appreciate it. I was never going to ask you this until today......
Me: Why not? and whats different about today?
Tina: well its a really awkward thing and I'm really embarrassed about it and way to shy.....
Me: so......
Tina: But after what I just heard you say and what I just saw I think it will be ok.
Me: .......ok so what is it?

She started telling me about how she met her husband when she was super young, her husband was 8 yrs older than her and had been with other women but she was just out of high school and never even been on date. She tells me she only been with her husband sexually.
Anyways after her full story, she tells me that she had convinced her husband to let her have sex with one person, who ever she wants and she doesn't have to tell him about it, as long is its not multiple people, she was basically allowed to have sex with other person outside of her husband.
Im listening to this and shocked, and mesmerized.
She tells me the biggest reason is that her husband had a below average dick and she wants to feel something bigger, she had tried toys but the feeling isn't there.
She then says when she saw my bulge, that was the first thing that came thru her mind.

Now for me, she is already in my cheat list, so I have nothing to worry about and I did not ask for this. I was super excited to say the least.

When she got done explaining her side, I walked over to her side of the table, I put my arms around her waist, pulled her and kissed her on her lips, after a few kisses she finally let my tongue in and I was making out with her.
After a few minutes of making out, my cock was back to full erection and I knew she could feel it touching her body. My hands are grabbing her ass and squeezing, her hands are on my shoulders and face.
She was wearing a purple button down blouse, after a few minutes of me kissing her neck and lips, I started squeezing her tits thru her blouse and started un buttoning her.
She was not wearing a bra, I felt her warm breast in my hands and her nipples poking my palms. I pulled the rest of her blouse from her skirt and took it completely off her and put on the table behind her.
Haven't broken the kiss yet, i keep trying to hike her skirt up, but it was very tight on her was not giving.
She broke the kiss and said "we will have to take it off, there is a zipper in the back" and turned around.
I unzip her skirt and pull it down, she has an amazingly smooth body, only 1 tattoo on ankle but she smelled incredible, I was so turned on.

Her skirt is off and on the table as well, she turns around and I see her big tits and her nipples. She looked stunning, she was wearing a plain black panty, i checked her out up and down, flawless body, amazing figure and all the curves in the right places.
We go back to making out, I quickly un do my shirt and pants while sucking on her tongue.
She is just as horny as I am by this point, as soon as she realized my cock was out she reached down and grabbed it.
She broke the kiss again to look down at it, "its huge, compared to Dave's cock omg"
I grabb her face and start kissing her again, she is still playing with my cock and starts rubbing it around her pussy.
She guides my hand to her thigh, motioning me to lift it up.
I reached down and lift up her left leg with my hand.
We are still hungrily kissing each other.
She guides my cock to her pussy. I reach between us and slide the panties to the side and thrust in her.
She broke the kiss again and pulled me in to her and dug her nails in my back.
She let out a loud moan and a sigh "its so much bigger"
I ask her how much bigger(for my own gloats), she tells me Dave is about half(I'm about 8 inches)
We are still standing in the middle of the room with my cock deep in side her pussy, and carrying her leg in my hand.
I start fucking her hard but she orgasmed way too fast and couldn't hold herself up.
I reached around her lower back with my left hand to try and keep her up, but my cock slipped out her pussy, i had to drop her leg back down.
As she she is in her orgasm, she can barely stand on her own and her legs were shaking.
I decided to pick her up like a bride and moved her to the table, she is completely helpless in her orgasm and just flops on the table, breathing heavy and shaking.
I throw her legs over my shoulder and penetrate her again, she moans more.
I don't know if she was just sexually starved or my penis being bigger but she was loving every moment of me fucking her.
After a few more minutes of me just pounding her pussy, she comes to another orgasm. Now my cock, balls and my thighs are wet with her juices. After that, we switched spots and she rid my cock. She begged me to let her taste my cum, so when I was about to cum she got off and put her mouth on my cock and swallowed everything i gave her.
The few drops that leaked out, she licked off my cock after I was done.
It was towards the end of our day, and due to the weird day we decided to call it and left for home.

Once I got home, my wife tells me that she got her dream come true. Apparently she had some card trouble and our neighbor(the one on her list) helped her with it and one thing led to another and they ended up having sex. She loved it and was very happy.
side note: the neighbor felt terrible about doing that, we were friends and he felt ashamed, and eventually moved out of the area, I didn't want him to move but I couldn't tell him about the list either....anyways.

So i tell my wife about my assistant and she was pleased that we both got our wish(es). We sat there and told each other EVERY detail, which upset both of us a bit but we eventually were ok knowing that we both still want each other.

Now, life gets complicated. My wife has to go back to the school for a parent, teacher conference, she asked me to stay home and make dinner for her and our daughter. I was ok with this. We kiss and she takes off.

I was preparing dinner when I heard a strange noise from my daughters room. I went upstairs to check it out and my daughter Casey and her friend Natalie were both home studying (they are both 20 and are both taking same courses at college). I had no idea they would be home, but my daughter told me they took the time to study today and miss the class so they are better prepared for the mid term.
Natalie has been at our house plenty of times before and she is a good girl with a great body (yes she was the one on my list), she is not a stranger to our house but have always been a shy reserved girl.
I said hi and invited her to stay for dinner and she greeted me with the biggest smile she has ever given me and it felt different. I didn't think too much of it and went back down stairs to making dinner.

I am in the kitchen when I hear someone coming down stairs, it was Natalie coming down to get something to drink.

Natalie : Hi Jack
Me: Hey Nat (her nick name that almost everyone called her)
Nat: Just thirsty(she said it slowly) today
Me: ahh, well we have plenty of choices, help yourself
Nat: I wish I could... too damn thirsty(she said it again in the same way)
Me: Well whatever you would like, you are more than welcome to have.....
Nat: Are you sure Jack? (she said while biting her lip)

Im not thinking about anything, I'm still thinking about dinner and Tina so I'm not really paying attention
Me: Yes Nat...why are you asking (i finally looked at her and saw her biting the lip)
Nat: well I heard you and Angela(my wife) talking earlier
Me: OMG im so sorry.....
Nat: its ok, I'm really glad that you guys have that kind of understanding.....
Me: Yes Angela is awesome and I love her very much
Nat: Well....if Angela is ok with it......
Me: (not catching her drift) ok with Tina? yea absolutely
Nat: Anyone else?
Me: who?
Nat: Well....i may know someone else that has a huge crush on you
Me: (finally getting the hint) oh
Nat: yes, ever since we went to the beach with you guys
Me: that was a few years ago Nat
Nat: yes but i can't forget it, it was the best trip
Me: im glad you had fun
Nat: Well I had more fun after, imagining
Me: oh.....

She walks over to me and sits down on my lap and puts her arms around me shoulders. Im a little taken back to see her in this playful mode but I just had my balls drained by Tina and If I'm getting another person on my cheat list, I want to enjoy it fully.
Before I could say anything she has her mouth on mine and we are making out.
We kissed for a few minutes and I broke it off.

Nat: you don't want this?
Me: I do Nat, but Angela will be back in an hour, I have to finish dinner and Casey is upstairs
Nat: So, we can make it quick!
Me: Nat, i really want to, but if i am going to do this, I want to enjoy it
Nat: I will make it worth your while
Me: I know honey, but you heard me and Angela, i just got my balls drained by Tina and I want to give you a proper time and not rush thru anything
Nat: cmon
Me: Why don't you come over tomorrow morning, after Casey and Angela are gone we will have a few hours before I have to be at the office.
Nat: ok deal
She goes back to making out with me for a few more minutes before getting off my lap and going back upstairs.

Dinner was almost done but it was not an easy task, thinking about what is happening, I got my wish with Tina and now Nat wants me as well, I couldn't believe my luck.
Dinner went smooth, nothing awkward, as if that whole thing never happened.
Casey asked Nat to just stay the night so she doesn't have to drive back to her house. She did.

Next morning, I woke, made my wife breakfast and lunch while she got ready for work, she has to be at work by 730 most mornings and I don't have to be at y office until usually 1030, Tina takes care of most of the morning things for me before that time.
Angela left for work around 710, and Casey had to be at her class at 8am, but she has to fight traffic so she left around 725.
Nat didn't have the first class and she didn't have to go in until 945am.

Nat and I were sitting at the breakfast table as we heard Casey's car leave the driveway. As soon as Nat heard that, she got up from her seat and walked over to me and sat back in my lap and started kissing me again.
It felt awesome knowing this 20 year old want me this badly even though I'm close to 40.
As we are kissing my hands are exploring and feeling her body and I start getting harder.
My cock started pushing up against her ass as it got harder and harder. I knew she could feel it.
We didn't stop kissing, I lifted her in my arms and walked her to the couch.
I undressed her, laid her down, (she was nothing like Tina, much smaller body, smaller tits and small but nice looking ass), her pussy looked really good, i decided to eat her out. She actually tasted very good.
If it wasn't for her tight pussy looking nice and tasting good I wouldn't have gone any further with her, my fantasy expectations of her were much higher and I was disappointed.
I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm and wanted to make it quick and get it over with.
I got up on her and penetrated her slowly, she had a really tight pussy. By the time I was all the way in, I felt her cum.
At this point I was definitely over her, I honestly did not want to continue and wanted to wait for my wife and have sex with her instead, Nat just lay there like a starfish and the sex was super boring.
I thought maybe I could fake my orgasm and get this over with but when I told her I'm about ready she begged me to cum all over her face, she said she saw it in a lot of porn and really wants it this way.
I couldn't fake jizz coming out of my cock so i figured what the hell, lets just get this done and over with.
The only way to make it fun, I started fucking her doggy style, her pussy wasn't bad, but it was a little tight and not as wet as my wife's or even Tina.

Im trying really hard to get to my orgasm, I'm concentrating, thinking of my wife and Tina and Im not paying attention to anything else that is going on.
As I get super close I tell her to get on her knees, she is below me cock waiting for my jizz, looking up at me with her mouth open and a smile on her face, I'm at the edge, only few seconds away from cuming on her face.

I heard the door open(it was to the right of couch) I turn to look and I'm already over the edge and start cuming as I turn (almost in slow motion)
My daughter Casey was in the door looking at us...
My cock is spewing out thick white jizz all over Nat's face, Nat didn't even notice that Casey was back in.

Casey: Nat what the fuck!!!!

Im frozen and still cuming on Nat's face, I look down to see my cock spitting jizz on her face, she turns to look at Casey, and then turns back to my cock and puts it in her mouth.
I can't stop cuming and just stand there until I'm empty.

All this time Casey is yelling at both of us and telling us how fucked up this is. She tells Nat to get dressed and get out of the house and she is almost in tears.
I tried to get her to calm down but she was livid. slammed the door behind Nat as she left the house and turned to me and continued to yell and crying.
She thought Angela and I would be over after this and how she thought we were inseparable and loved each other and now she sees this....
I tell her none of that is happening and that I still love Angela with all my heart, I finally get her to stop yelling but she is still crying.
I walk over to her and hug her tight and ensure that she knows how much I love this family and her mom and made sure she knew her mom and I aren't going anywhere and that we would always be together no matter what (i haven't really gotten a chance to put on any clothes yet)
Casey finally understands that Angela and I have a much stronger bond and relationship and nothing could come between us, she says she is sorry that she flipped out on us and that she understands.
She wasn't crying anymore but I knew she wasn't completely over the situation so I just stood with her and held her in my arms.

We stood there for probably another 5 minutes, she kept holding me tight and I kept rubbing her back.
Casey is just as tall as me, so the way we were standing, my cock was pointing down at the ground but basically resting on her yoga pants right at her pussy mound.
We finally broke the hug and I told her to sit down with me and talk, we walk over to the couch, i put my pants and shirt back on and sit down next to her.
We talk for a bit, I wanted to make sure she was ok. After talking to her for a few minutes i knew she would be.

From standing with her hugging, almost right after I came on Nat, I still had some cum left to come out of my cock apparently, that cum found its way to Casey's yoga pants right at her pussy area.

During our conversation both of us noticed it at the same time, or maybe I noticed it and she saw me staring and saw it as well, either way we both see a few drops of cum on her pants.
Without thinking, i said "I'm sorry honey, let me clean that for you" I put my finger on her pussy and dragged one of the drop off, dragged another finger and got the second drop and then rubbed a lil more to make sure nothing else is left. I was just being a father to my little girl and didn't really realize that I was touching her pussy in an almost sexual way.

After I got it cleaned, I looked up back at her face to continue our conversation and saw her eyes were closed and her neck tilted back, a second or 2 later she opened her eyes and I instantly knew she enjoyed me touching her pussy like that.
I thought for a second and said "let me make sure nothing is left" and to confirm my initial assessment, she opened her legs a little more and pushed out her pussy, even though you couldn't tell anything was dropped there.

As I was reaching back down towards her yoga pants, I saw her close her eyes again, and as soon as I touched her pussy are, she rested her head against the couch.
I gently rubbed her crotch area of her yoga pants for a few more seconds. Looking back at her enjoying it very much.
I lifted her shirt up over her tummy, put one hand on her stomach holding her shirt up and the other hand sexually touching her pussy thru her yoga pants. She was moaning under her breath.
i let go of her pussy, i waited till she opened her eyes and looked at me, i started unbuttoning her top, she looked at my hands doing so and looked back at me and kept eye contact.
I get her shirt undone, she leans forward and removes it completely. She is wearing a red 2 strap bra, i reach around her to un clasp it, she hugs me as I do.
I pull her bra forward and release her boobs. I am taken by surprise. Her boobs are perfect. just the perfect amount of hang, small aureolas with very pale pink nipples. Ive been in love with her mom for a long time but I just found a pair of tits I loved more.
I immediately start sucking on them and playing with them, I was like a horny teenager with his first ever set. I could not get enough of them. I was sucking and licking them for way too long.

Casey: Dad
Me: (stopping for the first time since I saw them) yes honey (realizing on my own I've been at it way too long) I'm sorry baby
Casey: its ok......
Me: Ive just never seen boobs this in love
Casey: haha don't tell mom, she will kill you
Me: worth it....

she playfully slapped me on my head. I knew she was ready, i went back in to kiss her boobs again just to tease her

Casey: Dad!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: ok ok fine

I reached down and pulled her yoga pants off, she lifted her body to help me. She was wearing regular white panties underneath but I immediately saw how wet they were, her juice was dripping from the outside of her panties.

Me: you are ready, aren't you?
Casey, well yeah, you have been sucking on my tits for the past hour(she said sarcastically)

She helped me removed her panties as well. I went down on her and licked her pussy, i was licking her pussy for only a minute

Casey: Oh cmon dad
Me: What?
Casey: Do you spend this much time with mom as well?
Me: yea, i love her pussy and tits
Casey: right now i don't need your tongue daddy, you can have more whenever you want.....
Me: Fine!!!( i say teasingly)

I got up, took my clothes back off, laid her down on the couch and put my cock by her mouth, she started sucking it right away.
Once it was wet enough with her saliva, i positioned on top of her and start penetrating her. She was loving it, i could tell, she was moving her body with my motions and really fucking me as well(unlike Nat who just lay there).
We tried a few different positions, she was riding me facing me when she finally came to her orgasm, she hugged me tight with my cock deep in her pussy, i felt her pussy pulsate on my cock, squeezing it.
When she was done she sat like that and started kissing me and telling me how amazing that felt and how happy she is with this whole situation.
She finally realizes that I'm still rock solid in her pussy, "I'm sorry daddy i forgot you need to cum as well" and started riding it again.
We kept kissing she she fucked me hard. after a few minutes, i pulled my cock out of her pussy and came all over her stomach and mine.
She helped me squeezed the cum out and then without warning stuck my cock back in her pussy and started riding it again, only a few second later she came again. finally my cock was done and fell out of her pussy. We stayed like that position for a long time, making out and just feeling each other.

I was exhausted, and called Tina and told her to cancel my day and that I needed to spend the day with my daughter. Tina was great and took care of my day for me.

After about and hour of Casey just siting on me and we just making out and feeling each other, we finally decided to move and get some energy back in us. It was almost 2pm by the time we got done with lunch.
We decided to watch some Tv, but really the TV just played in the back ground as we made out, we were so lost in each other and kissing and fondling, we completely lost track of time.
I picked her up and took her to her room, laid her down on her bed and undressed her again. She got back up and undressed me. She stayed kneeling down and started sucking my cock, now her mom gives the best blowjobs(imo) and she wasn't doing that great so I started giving her pointers on what mom does and she learned super fast.
After a few minutes i picked her up and took her to bed, there as a mirror in front of us that reflected the door behind us which was still open.
We were in the zone, her moaning and we could hear the sound of her wet pussy against my cock. Neither of us had any clue of what was going around us.

I heard Angela "what is that noise, what are y'all doing?" I looked up and I see her entering in the door frame, her face turned white....
I see her standing there and I froze, but Casey didn't see her and was too close to her orgasm, she kept moving her hips on cock and continued fucking me "don't stop daddy I'm so close"
I keep looking at Angela's face to see if i can gauge a reaction and I knew she wasn't upset/mad, maybe disappointed and shocked.

Casey : OMG dad I'm cumming, fuck me please
Me: Casey ......
Casey: (while cumin) yessssssssss daddy yesssssss

I look at Angela thru the mirror and she has a slight smirk on her face, and I finally knew she wasn't mad at finding us.
Casey: omg dad that was great, why did you stop? did you cum inside me?
Me: no honey

I got off her and she saw mom standing there
None of us said anything for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds.

Casey: Im so sorry mom, it just happened....
Angela: its ok honey, but you need to let your dad finish

I looked at Angela, did not expect her to say this.....
Angela walked in the room and sat on the bed beside Casey

Angela: if you ride your dad he will enjoy it much more, he likes to see the boobs bounce
Casey: Mom....
Angela: yes honey
Casey: Are you ok?
Angela: yes honey, we can talk later, right now i need you to help your dad

Angela helped Casey get up and practically sat her on my cock, guided my cock inside her pussy and was motioning my daughter up and down my cock.
After a few minutes of my daughter riding me, Angela stripped down and laid on the bed besides us.kissing me and playing with Casey's boobs.
She eventually spread herself on my face and let me eat her out while our daughter was still fucking me.
I was loving every moment of this, and was controlling my orgasm, I wanted to last much longer in this situation.
I felt my daughter cum again on my cock, my wife told her to swap sides.
I have my daughter wet pussy on my face as I feel the familiar and loved pussy of my wife nest on my cock, it felt great to feel her pussy again.
My daughter finally spent got off my face and sat next to us, watching her mom ride my cock and her tits bouncing everywhere.
I was moaning louder and was loving this, i loved fucking my wife it was the best feeling for me.

Casey: Dad you are loving this aren't you?
Angela: oh yeah he loves your mom
Me: Yes, i love you both
Casey: how come i couldn't make him this excited and moan?
Angela: honey, he can cum inside my pussy and he knows that and loves that feel
Casey: I would have let him cum inside me if he wanted to
Angela: he couldn't honey, those are our rules
Casey: What rules?
Angela: our cheat pass.....(she explained the cheat pass in small sentences while she is riding me)
Casey: that makes no sense, you both know I'm on the pill
Angela: (stops fucking me) she is right Dave, no reason to pull out with her.....

I didn't respond, to me either of them were now the same, my daughter was younger but had the same build of body as her mom, however Angela knew what I wanted and when so she could fuck me much better.
Angela: Dave, i know what you are thinking, don't worry we will teach her
Casey: yea daddy ill learn how to please you
Angela: beside I rather you fuck her than Tina again
Casey: or Nat
Angela: what? you fucked Nat too?
Me: yea......i was going to tell you
Angela: you are done with your list already!!!

She got off my cock and positioned Casey back on it, my wife was kissing me as my daughter fucked me.
Angela: cmon honey fill your daughters pussy
Casey: please daddy

Both of them begging me to cum, sent me over the edge and started shooting my jizz in my daughters pussy, she stayed locked in on top of me until i was completely done, fell on me and laid next to me with her arms around me. My wife followed her lead and all 3 of us laid there for a while

Angela: you know you are gonna have to fuck both of us going forward right?
Me: yea, I think i can handle it.
Casey: mom its ok, you guys can make love and when dad can do me ill be ready
Angela: I don't mind sharing honey, he can take care of both of us anyways...
Me: I can take care of one of you each morning and the other at night?
Angela: Yes i know, corndog
Me: well.....what can I say you are both hot
Angela: Casey, he already tries to fuck me twice a day so you would actually be helping me
Casey: I will gladly help when you aren't up for it
Angela: When I'm on my period you can fuck him twice haha
Casey: I'm actually looking forward to that ....
Me: win win for me, you guys have off cycle periods as well, So i will always have one of you
Angela: We are gonna need a bigger bed, so i can still sleep while you 2 fuck
Casey: we can go to our room mom
Me: no, you will just sleep with us going forward
Casey: as long as mom doesn't mind, i would love it
Angela: I don't mind honey, we will share

We ended up moving to a new state, Casey and I ended up getting married eventually, we were in Nevada and their laws are "different", I was technically married to both of them. I wanted a big family and convinced them to let me get the both pregnant.
Angela ended up having another girl while Casey had twins, one boy one girl, their pregnancies were less than 2 months apart.

We tell people a variation of Angela is my ex or Casey is my ex but we all live together because of kids and other made up BS that we feed them.
Its been about 6 years since, Casey(still calls me dad haha) is pregnant one more time, I'm hoping for a boy but I'm in a happy place either way.

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