Nipple obsession

Written by , on 2017-11-21, genre fetish

I am a petite brunette 20 year old girl with a huge nipple play domination fetish, so I paid two guys from the internet to 'break' into my house and 'force' me to have a nipple orgasm. As per my instructions, they tied my arms tightly behind my back, cut holes in my vest to expose my nipples, took me in front of my mirror and started to pinch and rub my nipples. They both sucked and licked them and told me it will e a while before they finish everything they have planned to do. They clamped my nipples and made me walk around the room led on the chain. When the chain came off, they stood me back by the mirror and made me watch as they flicked and rolled my nipples between their fingers while discussing what to do next. They clamped two clothespegs around each nipple, and a weighted clamp right on the nipples, adding weights on until my nipples were pulled down. They told me to shake the clamps off and filmed me doing this. Next came more rubbing, pinching and sucking. Then they untied my arms and made me flick my own nipples in the mirror 10 times. Then they made me strip, took me to the floor on my back, and tied my nipples to my big toes, so I had to hold my legs bent and spread. Then one of them fingered my ass, while the other occasionally pinched my tied stretched nipples. Next they made me sit up, and put the clamps back on. One of them fucked my cunt and pulled the clamps, while the other pumped fast inside my ass. I am screaming by this point. When they were both done, one held my arms back, while the other held strong vibrators to my sore nipples, and that caused a shocking orgasm that made my knees give, and they let me fall to the floor before leaving, job perfectly executed. It was an amazing experience and worth every penny.

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