Cousin Amanda

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As any young male, Ive always been horny. Porn has been my best friend for as far back as I can remember, from using paid porn sites to adult cam sites to sex dolls and massage parlors and pretties, i have done everything.
The story starts where I fucked up big time, I installed a hidden camera in my moms bathroom, I always thought she was hot and wanted to see her naked. I got my wish, had several videos of her showering on my PC. One day Dad and I had a fight and I was literally kicked out of the house, I was 19 years old and had a decent job but no place to live, so I begged my cousin Amanda who was 18 but still living with her uncle to let me stay at their house until i can find my own place. They agreed.

A few days later my mom called and she was extremely pissed, up until this point she still wanted me back in the house and be a family, but once they got my laptop unlocked and saw the filthy shit I saw on porn sites and her showering she was disgusted and told me she never wants to see me ever again.

I was a mess, i knew I fucked up but had to continue my life. Amanda and Uncle Tom didn't really dig in too much into what happened, they thought it was just temporary and let me stay there for a while.

I had been sleeping on their couch for about 2 months, now comes the hard heat of summer and the couch is no longer comfy, its hot as hell in the living room, the family is not super wealthy and running the whole house a/c was expensive so they only had an a/c in Amanda's room and Uncle Tom's room, since Uncle Tom travelled for his work he didn't want to waste money on cooling the entire house when he wasn't around.

He was leaving for a 2 week assignment and we all decided I would sleep in Amanda's room on the floor to save them money. So I did, when we were both off we spend most of the day in her room to stay cool.

Now I've been masturbating in their house ever since I moved in, I have a high sex drive and was habitually cuming once a day and couldn't stop even if I tried. I was very good at hiding when I did it so it wouldn't become weird.

One day I was off and Amanda went on a date, I was in her room getting ready to masturbate, my cock semi hard and I'm thinking about a fantasy. I heard a car pull in, looked out the window it was Amanda's car. I was so pissed because I really needed to cum and was super horny and because of her coming back so soon Im going to have to stop and resume later when I can find a reason to be alone.

I tucked my cock back in my underwear and pulled my shorts back up.
Amanda came in the house and I could tell she was upset about something,

Me: Whats wrong Amanda?
Amanda: My b/f , well my ex b/f is an asshole
Me: Im sorry, but yeah most guys are
Amanda: yeah but fuck him
Me: What happened?
Amanda: he told me if i wasn't fucking him he will look elsewhere to find that
Me: wow that is a dick move, you dumped him right?
Amanda: yes we are over
Me: great you dont need that type of a guy, you are beautiful and smart, you will find someone better soon, I promise
Amanda: Jason, thank you so much, i needed to hear that

She came over to me and gave me a tight hug. I still have a semi erection so Im trying to make sure its not obvious.

Now up until this point I never thought of Amanda in a sexual way, she was a year younger than me and the way we grew up she was like my sister.
But in this moment she holding on to me, crying, her warm body against mine, my face in her hair, and my semi hard cock pressing against body, the smell of her body and her hair, and her hugging me so tight while I was still horny sent me to a place where I didn't know I wanted to be in. I started sexualizing her.I rubbed her back while she rested her head on my shoulder, i gently massaged her hair, felt them soft and silky. All this while I'm feeling her boobs being pushed on to my body. All of this turned me on.

Suddenly she broke the hug and sat down on her bed besides me and starting telling me how she feels about her ex b/f and all the things she did for him.
While she is talking my mind goes in and i start checking her out, she has long blonde hair, soft tanned skin, she has light colored eyes, decently defined lips and from the look of it a decent sized rack.
She had a little tummy, she wasn't fat but a little out of shape, which worked out for me since I liked chubbier girls, mainly because of thick thighs and waist.

Anyways, after a few minutes of conversing about how bad her ex was

Me: Amanda don't worry, I promise you will find someone better
Amanda: I don't know, if all guys want is sex and I'm not ready for it then none of them are gonna want me
Me: Amanda don't be an idiot, you have no idea how smart you are and guys love smart girls
Amanda: thanks Jason but if they don't get to know me
Me: listen, you are very attractive, guys will get to know you
Amanda: yeah right you are just saying that
Me: Im really not, you are really hot to be honest, as long as you are willing to give guys a chance they will come to you
Amanda: you really think so Jason?
Me: Yes guys will come flocking to you, now that you are single
Amanda: no not that part
Me: What part?
Amanda: You think I'm hot?
Me: Well yes!
Amanda: Why do you say so?
Me: Well I'm a guy, you have a good smile, you are not super short, you have a nice head of hair, you smell, nice, you are thick and have a good body.

All of this talk of me stating why she is hot, I was now rocking an almost full boner.

She tells me Im sweet for telling her all of this and thanks me.
She came closer and hugged me again.
This time my penis is pretty much full erect, if it wasn't for the shorts keeping it together it would be fully erect, and I knew she could feel in on her body, its almost 7.5 inches when its fully erect and there is no way she wasn't going to notice it.
She held on the hug a bit longer than before, she was not crying anymore and had come back to normal.

After a few moments, with the smell of her hair and her body against mine, all my horny and my sexual desires were in full effect. i could not control it anymore and my penis was becoming fully erect.
I usually wear my penis to the left, when it is fully erect it sits right below the elastic making a little window. I felt it growing against her body, i knew she will feel it too, but i couldn't break the hug either, she had just got done feeling bad about her break up and I didn't want her to stop.

After a few moments my cock twitched a bit, she pulled away and looked down, I was a little embarrassed so I turned away so its not as obvious.
She turned me back and looked at the bulge.
I apologized and she started laughing.

Me: Im sorry
Amanda: No Jason, at least now I know all that "you are hot" talk wasn't bull shit, and If you find me hot I know others will too
Me: I suppose
Amanda: laughed again
Me: In my defense I was ready to masturbate when you came in, when I saw you were upset i had to stop.
Amanda: I'm sorry, and thank you
Me: No problem, anytime
Amanda: If you want I can leave so you can "uhemmm finish"
Me: No, you can stay

She heard that as an invitation to stay and watch instead of me saying you can stay and Ill finish later.

Amanda: wow open invitation?
Me: no, what I meant was....never mind
Amanda: hahah finish what you were saying Jason
Me: No, its ok, if you want to stay and watch, I'm ok with that

My heart was racing a bit, I didn't know why i just said all of this..... I kept looking at her for a reaction, not finding any. It was a few moments of silence but it felt like minutes of us just staring at each other.
Finally i said fuck it and decided to chance it, lets see what happens.

I sat back down on the bed and in one swoop motion, took my shorts and underwear off. I did not look at her, got up, picked up the clothes and put them on the dresser. Next I removed my shirt and put that on the dresser as well.
I turned to face her for a brief moment, my cock fully erect and pointing out towards her, my balls are hanging and jiggling every time my cock twitches.
She glanced at me from top to bottom, I'm no model type, i don't have a six pack or crazy muscular either. just a normal average looking guy, but im not fat or pudgy either. I go to the gym 5 times a weak but I also eat like crap. My penis isn't huge but its about 7.5 inches.

I stood there for a moment and let her check me out, she turned red just a little from blushing. I sat back down on her bed and was sitting with my back to her head board and my legs towards.
Neither of us said anything. A few more moments of just watching her stand there while my cock twitched every few seconds, I finally grabbed my cock and start jerking it.

A few strokes late she sat down at the foot rest edge of the bed and finally settled in with her body 90 degrees from mine and her back being supported by the wall, she had her legs bent at the knee and was wearing yoga pants, I was able to see her curves and her thick thighs. I started jerking it faster and harder.
I looked up at her face to see she hasn't lost sight of my cock this entire time and every now and again she would bite her lower lip.

I started imagining how it would feel to have her lips on my cock, and that thought sent me over the edge and I came to my orgasm, thick white spurts of jizz came out one after another. First one came out with a lot of force and landed near my nipple.
Second one, little less force, lands on my belly, third one, fourth one, fifth, sixth, seventh, I'm furiously jerking it at this point in my orgasm and I gaze at her and she is intensely looking at my cock erupting all this jizz. I usually cum a decent amount, which I'm used to about 13-16 spurts of jizz. But this time my orgasm lasted until 12th squirt(usually I'm done after 4th one or so) it felt intense. My orgasm subsides and I finally stop jerking my cock and let go it from my hand. The final few squirts come out.
Few moments late my cock is finally deflating, I've caught my breath a little bit and I see some of the jizz rolling off my stomach and about to hit the bed sheet.
I used my hand to grab it and move it back on to my belly and rub it just a bit so it doesn't go back down.
As I'm doing this I heard a little moan/hiss from Amanda.
I wasn't sure if thats what I heard or just her breathing.
I wanted to be sure, the thought of her moaning got me excited again and wanted to see if she would moan again.
I grabbed a few more strings of cum from my belly and ran my fingers thru it up and down my belly and chest.
I heard her again, this time its was louder "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Me: Did i turn you on Amanda?
Amanda: Turning a little red, NO!!!
Me: Is that why you are moaning then?
Amanda: shut up
Me: its ok to be turned on, guys enjoy it when they do that to girls
Amanda: Ive never had done anything with any of my b/f I've always been embarrassed since I didn't know what to do
Me: What???
Amanda: Ive never knew what to do and didn't want to come off as an idiot so I never let them get any further than just kissing
Me: OMG is that why you were so upset at your ex? because he wanted to force you to learn?
Amanda, yea i guess
Me: Amanda!!!! You will have to learn someday wether you like it or not
Amanda: Yea but i don't want to be seen as an idiot in bed
Me: You won't be, chances are the guy will blow his load early and blame himself
Amanda: Yeah but i don't even know how to make him do that
Me: you are silly, you just made me do it and all you did was sit there
Amanda: yea but I don't know what to actually do
Me: OMG its a learning thing for both the guy and girl, nothing to be embarrassed about, no one knew what to do until they tried
Amanda: you obviously know what you are doing, i mean look, you have already came and I didn't even do anything
Me: Yes i know somewhat I'm doing, thats because me and my ex experimented
Amanda: really?
Me: yes, dummy!! We were both virgins
Amanda: So what did you do
Me: We messed around until we found out what we both liked and then kept going
Amanda: can you.........(hesitating) can you teach me?
Me: You want me to teach you?
Amanda: Yes, so when I get another boyfriend i don't feel stupid and helpless.
Me: But you want ME to teach you?
Amanda: I know its weird but i trust you
Me: yes very weird but then again i have my cock out and my stomach is covered in my jizz so i think we are past weird
Amanda: So where do we start?
Me: now?
Amanda: Why not? this will give us 2 weeks to learn since my dad is out
Me: wow two weeks, i don't have that much to teach you
Amanda: But you said both people ending up learning
Me: right
Amanda: So where do we start?
Me: ok i guess we doing this...
Amanda: thank you Jason
Me: Ok lets start

Amanda got up and lifted her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the ground besides the bed. I noticed her boobs, they bounced once and jiggled for a few moments, she was wearing a white plain bra, nothing fancy. I noticed that her belly wasn't as fatty as i had imagined, she was a little chubby girl but her belly was really not bad and sexy with the curves, and no muffin top either. I was surprised, she was in much more of a share than what I had imagined.
She kicked the shirt off to the side and started pulling her yoga pants down, she had her side to me, I was able to see her ass, big round a little fat, then her thighs which I loved. Her yoga pants are off and she kicked them to the side as well. She was wearing black granny panties.
She stood there for a second or two

Amanda: You were right this is more awkward and weird than what i thought.
Me: Well you gonna keep going now, lets go
Amanda: I have never been naked in front of anyone before
Me: Well today will be your first then, cmon with it
Amanda: ok

She faced me and reached behind her and un did her bra hook. moved the bra forward and dropped it to the ground. I see her tits settle a bit lower, jiggling a bit, much bigger than I pictured them to be. She had very pale aureolas, i could barely make them out even though i was only a few feet away from her. She had the cutest small nipples which barely had any length to them and were darker pink. Overall her boobs were very nice and very good shape, color and tone them.

She bent down and her panties dropped to the ground as well. I see a bushy area exposed. I could not tell if she maintains it to this bushy style or if its just running wild. I sat there just checking her out. I finally looked at her and she had a smile on her face.
I motioned my hand to have her come sit on the bed beside me.

She came over and sat down, i could tell she was still a bit shy about all of this.

Me: you know this reminds me a lot of my first time
Amanda: yeah? how so?
Me: Me and my g/f were super shy and once I saw her naked I couldn't control myself and came all over myself
Amanda: really?
Me: yea, we then sat at talked about sex while my stomach and chest were covered in jizz as its right now
Amanda: What did you guys do next?
Me: we waited for my cock to come back, but you and I don't have to
Amanda: Why?
Me: Well I want to talk to you about it first. Let you know what happens and why
Amanda: ok

i basically gave her the sex talk and let her know whats normal and whats not, and what to expect and so on.

Amanda: but i don't feel that good when i masturbate, i don't know how and why girls keep doing it
Me: you don't like it or it doesn't feel good?
Amanda: I don't mind it but i don't enjoy it
Me: show me how you normally do it
Amanda: Ive only done it twice because i was curious
Me: wow ok well show me what you did

She had no idea what she was doing. I had to stop her almost right away.
I moved in closer to her and told her I would show her the right way.

I spread her legs, moved the hair away from her pussy lips, exposed her thick lips and bright pink pussy. I touched each part and told her what everything was.
I licked my fingers and with my other hand i spread her pussy lips. I barely touched her clit and she started gasping and panting.
She tells me she never felt such a jolt before.
I put my finger back on her clit and rub in gently, she can't control it and started closing her legs and moaning. I told her to relax and told her to hold her legs up.
I reach back in and rub her clit more, she eases in and eventually learns to control her legs.
I kept rubbing her clit, i could see her pussy getting wet, i see some of her cum glistening out of her hole. I slide my finger down her lips and collect her jizz and go back to her clit. When I do that i feel her convulse and moan louder. I knew she was liking that.
Every time i saw more cum, i would repeat, I did that a fourth time and she lost it, let go of her legs, one of them hit my thigh and the other would have hit my face if i didn't cover up.
She was having an orgasm, she closed her legs tight and rolled on her side, breathing heavy and rolling side to side, cupping her pussy with her hand.
After a few moments her orgasm subsided, she sat back up and looked at me.

Me: Hi
Amanda: hey
Me: So what do you think?
Amanda: I've never felt anything like this before
Me: I know, you were doing it wrong
Amanda: yes, this is amazing
Me: glad you like it
Amanda: yeah i loved it, now i know why girls love it
Me: There is more
Amanda: really? show me!!!!!

I wanted her to feel another orgasm, I had her lay down normal, i put my hips by her chest, and laid my elbow on the other side of her basically laying across her stomach. I spread her pussy again and slid a finger in her hole. she wanted to buckle but i wouldn't let her. with half a finger inside her pussy, I started rubbing her clit with my other hand. I wanted her to cum hard and fast, I rubbed her clit furiously and moved my finger around inside her pussy. she kept on tussling with her body but i wouldn't let her stop me.
A few minutes laters, she starts moving her hips and has another orgasm, her pussy was dripping jizz to my finger and i could feel her pussy convulsing on it.

It has been enough time for my penis to regain its shape and I am getting hard again. I am horny, she is laying here exhausted, I decided to fuck her.
Her pussy is still dripping jizz and my cock is rock hard just thinking about fucking her.
I lay on top of her and line up my cock and start sliding it in, i barely have the tip in and lets out a small scream.
I had forgotten that she was a virgin and has never had anything in he pussy before.
I knew I had to take it slower. she doesn't push me away, even after she realizes I'm about to fuck her.
I finally start pushing my cock in deeper. she keeps breathing heavier and heavier.
Im finally all the way in, my balls are touching her ass and i feel her pubes on my stomach. I asked her if she was ok, she said she was fine.
I reached between us and starting rubbing her clit again while my cock was buried deep in side her. I could feel her getting wet again, i felt my balls receiving her cum.
I grabbed her tits with both of my hands and pulled my dick out to the tip and thrusted it back in. she let out a cry. I knew she needs to ease in so every few i would do that to get her pussy used to having a cock inside it.
Eventually she didn't scream or cry anymore. but i knew she wasn't enjoying it yet. I kept rubbing her clit to give her some pleasure.
After about 10 minutes in her pussy, she tells me it doesn't hurt anymore and actually feels good.
I am now ready to fuck her hard, but i go slow and long strokes to make sure she enjoys her first time. I am working hard to control myself and not cum yet, i wanted to last long.
A minute later she tells me she feels it getting closer and she was about to cum again. I keep pumping her, waiting for her to cum again.
She started buckling her hips and breathing hard and moaning, i feel a gush of liquid around my cock and that did it for me, i could no longer control it and came. I tried to pull out but with her legs locked behind me and her buckling and moving around i just couldn't. I came inside her.

After we were both done. i raised myself up and told her that i didn't pull out and she has my cum inside her pussy. To my surprise she didn't care, she said if its meant to be then it will be, and pulled me back to hug her again.

The day was early and we had sex one more time before that day was done.

Me: well what do you think now about sex?
Amanda: I love it, I wish I could do it all the time
Me: Well girls can cum multiple times, guys have to wait
Amanda: I know, but i wish you didn't so you fuck me for hours
Me: well i don't know about hours, but with breaks we can do it a lot more often
Amanda: how often?
Me: I don't know
Amanda: how many times did you fuck your g/f in one day?
Me: i think 2 times but i know more can be done
Amanda: How?
Me: well I've masturbated more than 2 times in a day
Amanda: how many times have you done in one day?
Me: Well this one time i came two times within about 2 hours, went to sleep, woke up and came another 2 times before i had to go to work
Amanda: So 4 times?
Me: yeah but that wasn't all at once.
Amanda: we can try for more?
Me: Yeah lets do that tomorrow.

The next day when i woke up, i woke up to a giddy and excited Amanda. She told me to hurry up and brush my teeth while she made me breakfast. Almost right after breakfast she started talking about what we discussed last night.

We were sitting in the lounge, she was turning me on so i grabbed her, pulled her closer, kissed her on her lips and started undoing her clothes.
Once we were both naked, i ran some spit on my cock and went inside her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast.
I knew she was about to cum and timed my orgasm with hers and came inside her pussy again. I didn't care if she got pregnant anymore either.

We spent most of the day talking about sex, and fucking as soon as my cock could get hard.
It was late in the day and we were in the kitchen making dinner, we were making soup.
I was on the counter and she was stirring the soup, i see her ass wiggle in her skirt and that turned me on again.
I waited till she was on the sink counter, i slid my pants and shorts off and walked towards her while she was standing at the sink facing away from me.
In one fast motion, i lifted her skirt up, spread her ass cheeks aside and slid my cock all the way in her pussy.
The pots and pans in her hand dropped in the sink and made loud noises. I didn't care, i started furiously fucking her pussy, she leaned on the sink and just let me have it my way.
I reached under her and grabbed her shoulders from underneath and started pulled her closer trying to get my cock in deeper and deep while i pound her pussy.
This time i didn't even wait for her to cum first, i wanted it bad so i didn't even try to control it, i started coming inside her again. luckily right when i was about to pull out she had her orgasm as well.
My cock dropped out of her puss and i saw our cum mixxed together dripping down her legs.
This was our 9th time fucking that day and it was only 730 pm.
We got done making soup, ate it together and watched some tv. Around 930pm she asked if i was ready for one go.
I was flaccid but i wanted to try anyways. I told her to strip for me slowly. she did
my cock slowly started growing in my pants but i felt a lil discomfort. She pulled me up from the couch and started undressing me. I didn't want to say anything, and it wasn't hurting, just felt a little discomfort.
Anyways we fucked one more time, and once we both came the discomfort got stronger and started to hurt a bit. I told her that i guess 10 times in one day is about the max we can fuck. She smiled and said yeah sounds about right because the last time my pussy was hurting just a tad bit.

We ended up falling asleep on the couch in the lounge. woke up and did it all again but only 4 times.
The next 2 weeks went by rather quick, I had shown her everything, i taught her how to give blow jobs, we tried different positions, i told her to trim her pubes, she told me which position she felt the most satisfied in, we made each other better in bed.
Aside from a few times when she swallowed my cum, I was deep in her pussy when i shot it out. We discussed what we would do if she did become pregnant and we were both ok with the consequences. We decided that we would tell her dad that it was one of her b/f and that I had helped her get away from that damaging b/f and that i had been taking care of her anyways. So i would become the father figure.
My uncle would be home for a few weeks and then gone for weeks and sometimes months.
We slowed down our sex when we was home and keep it to a nightly thing. He was home for 2 weeks and I told Amanda to let him know that she had sex with her b/f and that they are no longer together cuz he was abusive.
Knowing my uncle he did exactly what we thought he would, he told her never to see him again and that he would help her.
That night I told him i would help as well since she is family to me.He tells me how much more comfortable he feels leaving her at the house with me.

He leaves again in another 2 weeks and tells me to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and away from stupid boys that treat her wrong.
When we are home, we barely leave her bedroom and explore and fuck all day and all night.
3 Months in and Amanda woke me up one day as I heard her throwing up in the bathroom, we both go see a doctor to find out she was pregnant.
We were both happy and excited that we made a baby. We are in love with each other at this point and didn't see us separating anytime soon.
We call uncle and let him know, he asks me to take care of her.
When he comes back, i suggest to him that no one knows who I am or that I am related to you or Amanda. And instead of the baby not knowing who the father is, i told him that I want to take care of the baby as the father.
He says he is ok with it but doesn't think Amanda would go for it
I told him i will talk to her.
We convinced him to let us be the parents, he fell for it and didn't think anything else.
We also convinced him to let us marry each other to make sure no one has any doubts.
We got married during her 7th month pregnant. We moved out a month after the baby was born.
This was a few years ago, our oldest son is now 5 years old and we also later had a daughter who is now 2 years old. I have never been this happy and all of this was stupid luck.

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