Aunt Nora Final Chapter

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Ant Nora final chapter

It was about to be my time, been away from my love for way too long, finally had everything together, college was going to start in 30 days, but I convinced mom and dad to let me go earlier so I can familiarize myself with bus schedule and the city. They were happy since I would be living in Aunt Nora's house and the knew I would be good and safe there.

Aunt Nora had to work the day I got my flight to Phoenix, I didn't care, I knew how to get to her house from the airport and wasn't a big deal. I took a cab from the airport to her house, I got in, settled in again in her office upstairs. It was around 3 pm and Nora was not off until 9 pm at the earliest. I was excited to see her again and be with her again, I missed her a lot.

When she finally go home, she threw her stuff on the living room couch and almost ran towards me, and hugged me super tight, kissing me on my face and kept telling me how much she missed me and how lonely she felt without me. We kept kissing each other, I had my hands on her ass and she had her arms around me holding each other close.

We were right next to the kitchen wall, I lifted her work shirt over her head, reached behind her and un did her bra and pulled her pants down, I quickly undressed myself, still standing there kissing each other, I pushed her closer to the kitchen wall, Once there I reached down and lifted her left leg with my right hand, I didn't want to wait and inserted my cock in her pussy.

She told me how much she missed that feeling of my cock filling her up. It did not take us much time to cum, I filled her pussy with my cum.
We both put our clothes back on and went to the couch to catch up, talking and kissing, we couldn't keep ourselves off each other.

We spent the whole night just talking, making out and feeling each others bodies. We eventually turned in around 2 am to go to sleep after making lover 3 times.
Nora had the next 2 days off, she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere with her, like actual dates. I agreed, I honestly couldn't turn her down, since I wanted a real relationship with her and not just sex.

The next 2 days we spent a lot of finding out a lot more about each other, previously not mentioned things, we grew as a couple a lot, surprisingly we only had sex 1 more time during the first 3 days I moved in, But my love for her grew much more and she was loving me more as well and stopped seeing me as her nephew, but a man who could make her laugh, hold a conversation, listen and treat her well.

We quickly became a couple within the first week or so, she would come home and tell me how her work day was and vent to me when/if she had a bad day and I would comfort her, I would even have dinner ready most nights before she got home.
We were both in love with each other and couldn't get enough of each other. We had been too busy being a couple that we kind of weren't sexing each other as much as before.

We made a deal that her next day off we would get back to that since we are both young and need that physicality in our lives as well.
That day came, and I was ready for it and wanted to make the most out of it. The night before we went to bed a little earlier, I set my alarm for 7 am, I Woke her up, we showered together and had sex in the shower. we went downstair and had breakfast and I told her I wanted to try something.
She trusted me and didn't care what it was, just asked what she should do. I told her to go the bedroom, get naked and wait for me.

I grabbed the whip creme and grapes and went to the room, I put some whip on her nipples and licked it off, the other nipple, her belly button and her pussy. She said she wasn't enjoying it at all but if I was I could keep going, she wanted me inside her is what she said.
I told her I was having a little fun and once I'm done I promise I would fuck her good.
I turned her over and put the rest of the whip creme can in her ass crack, I went a little overboard and filled that ass crack up. once the can was out, I went in and started licking it off, it was a huge turn on for me, my cock was throbbing.
Once I was done licking all of it off, I went and laid down next to her, she immediately sat on top of me and had my cock in her pussy. She was super horny and waited for me to get done. She rode hard and fast until we both came. We laid in each others arms.

Me: Nora
Nora: yes honey
Me: can I ask you something?
Nora: yea Jason of course, I'm yours now, you can ask me anything
Me: Have you ever had anal?
Nora: Yes, couple of times
Me: Can we try?

she looked at me with a "no way" look

Nora: Don't take this the wrong way
Me: But you have let other men in there
Nora: Jason, the first guy that I let in there had a cock half the size of yours, and Adam wasn't any bigger
Me: You let Adam in there?
Nora: Honey, it was a while ago and like I said he was boring and had and couldn't satisfy me so I figured I would try anal, with his small cock it wouldn’t be that bad
Me: I hate that guy, he had you before me and he had your ass and I'm not allowed
Nora: Jason, its not that your not allowed, your cock is double the size of his, it stretches my pussy to the max, I don’t think I can take that in my ass honey
Me: We haven't even tried and you are turning me down already.
Nora: Baby I'm sorry, i know my body and your cock is huge.
Me: lets at least try Nora please? I won't ask again if it hurts you, please!!!!!!
Nora: Baby….
Me: please Nora!!!
Nora: ok fine, But if it hurts, you will stop, promise?
Me: I Promise Nora and I won't even ask again, I don’t wanna hurt you
Nora: Ok lets give it a go

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the vaseline jar, I rubbed a bunch of it on my cock, I had Nora go on all four and I rubbed some vaseline around her asshole, I wanted to make sure I could enter her with my cock and not hurt her at the same time.

I put my index finger in her ass, kept putting vaseline around the area as I went deeper and deeper with my finger. second finger, more vaseline, eventually had 3 fingers in her ass, knuckle deep, I kept fucking her with my fingers for a few minutes.
I asked if she was ready, she said sure.

I put some more vaseline on her asshole and put my tip right on her asshole. Instead of pushing it straight in, I dragged n down and pushed the tip of my cock in, it snapped it. I heard Nora moan. I wanted to make sure she was ok so I asked and she said to keep going.

I slowly pushed in my cock in her ass, checking almost every half inch how she was doing, I would go in about an inch, stop, stay for a bit, then push in another inch, stop, stay.
When I got to the middle of my cock where its widest, she could feel it and told me to stop for a second.
I did, while I waited for her to adjust, I put even more vaseline on my cock and her ass with my fingers. I knew this was a huge milestone, once the fattest part of my cock is in, the rest would be easy.

After a few moments, Nora said to go, I gripped the bottom of my cock and pushed it past the middle, I saw her asshole close back in around my cock. I continued checking with her to see how she was doing. I kept inching in, My balls touched her pussy and she said omg you are in.

Me: Yes baby
Nora: I can't believe I have that huge cock inside my asshole and it fits
Me: Yes, are you ok, hurting?
Nora: A little baby but its not bad
Me: I can pull out if you want me to
Nora: no baby, its fine, it actually feels ok
Me: I dont wanna move it, I don't wanna hurt you
Nora: its ok baby, we have come this far lets see what happens.
I pulled out a little and went back
Me: You ok still?
Nora: Yes, keep going
Pulled out a little more, and all the way back in
Me: still ok honey?
Nora: yes baby, ill tell you if it hurts, keep going

I slowly started fucking her ass hole, felt super tight, but felt great, I would go all the way out and only leave my tip in, and then go all the way back in deep and felt her pussy connect with my balls. I kept increasing speed, until I could hear my balls smacking her pussy lips every deep stroke. She told me it feels nice, and my balls smacking her pussy felt especially great.
I went faster and hard so she would feel that more and harder, after a few minutes of hard and fast I finally came in her asshole. We both collapsed and laid there for a few minutes kissing each other.

The first month Nora and I lived together was amazing, we became best friends and great lovers. There were days where we only left our bed to eat, one day we had sex 11 times, my penis had never hurt like that before and we stopped late evening because my penis was hurting a little and her pussy was super tender from getting fucked 11 times in 13 or 14 hours.

We wanted to keep our sex and couple life healthy, so we decided to make a schedule and stick to it no matter what.
Friday night was date night, we would go to dinner or a movie or a comedy show. We had board game night on every Tuesday(we eventually got bored of shoots and ladders and bought some other ones as well), On Sundays I would bbq or cook lunch and dinner in the park across the street from Nora's house and so on.
Most importantly we decided to have sex at least once a day, every day, when she was on her period we would do anal or blowjobs. For the next year while I was going to college, I worked hard while at school and even harder with Nora at home.

One day I came home from college and found Nora sitting on the couch, looked extremely upset and didn't even notice me come in, usually she greeted me with a hug and a kiss. I immediately knew something was wrong, sat next to her, held her in my arms and asked her what was wrong. She told me she had been thrown up randomly in the mornings and hasn't been feeling 100% for a few days, she told me she bought a pregnancy test and peed on it but doesn't have the heart to look at it.

I assured her, no matter what I would alway put her first and would always be there.
I told her we would look at it together, I walked to the bathroom and saw it sitting on the sink, I grabbed it and walked back over to her, my thumb was covering the screen, when I let go we saw it said a plus(positive) sign which meant she was pregnant, I hugged her tight and told her I love her and I'm happy.
Ive wanted to have my family with Nora, but Nora was older and more mature and she was thinking of what will happen to the family a how will everyone take it and so on.

I was just living in the moment and enjoying the fact we are pregnant, my dreams of having a family with Nora were coming true.
She finally told me her concerns and I told her she meant more to me than anything else, including family or their blessing, and that If I had to chose between her and family, I would chose her every time, no matter what.

I told her we can say one of her boyfriends made her pregnant, but she wanted the birth certificate to say the right dad and knowing my mom she would find out.
Beyond that she didn't want her kid to be judged due to our relationship.
That week after much discussion and stress, we decided to let everything go, we knew we only wanted and needed each other and both of us wanted a family of our own and didn’t want to be judged by others on what we had done.

We decided to abandon our family and just disappear, we knew that would be the best so they don’t have to be ashamed and be involved in something they won’t understand. It was a lot to take for both of us.

Next month came by really fast, her house was put on the market to be sold, we have a place we found in a small town south of Phoenix, she used the money from her first house to purchase the second one. She applied at a hospital in that city and because of her reputation and work ethic, she immediately got offers for jobs down there.
I dropped out of college and enrolled in medical billing which I had previous experience in, so I could provide some support for our family.

Our last week at the old house, I came home one day, Nora was making dinner, she didn't come up to me and hugged me or kissed me, which was strange, So I walked up behind her, hugged her and said I love you, and immediately asked how the baby was doing before she could tell me to stop.
I heard my mom's voice from behind me "wtf is going on". That night was the roughest night in my life, my mom did a surprise visit and I did not see her when i got home.

Nora and I were done hiding our relationship, and came clean to my mom, she was crying and was mad at both of us, but we kept together and supported each other and explained to my mom how much we love each other, so much that we are about to disappear from the our family and be on our own, cut off all family ties and just be us.
My mom after a lot of convincing from me and Nora finally gave in and understood how much we loved each other. We gave her an idea of where we were going to be and told her we would keep in touch if she wanted that. She agreed, stayed a few days with us and went back to California as we were leaving that house.

Six and a half months later, Nora gave birth to a beautiful baby Savannah, we were lucky enough to take Savannah home the very next day, I was finally a father, and made a baby with the love of my life.
On my daughters first birthday I proposed to Nora, she obviously said yes, we got married later that year, I changed my full name and kept Jason as my middle name, with a new first and last name, after we got married, Nora and my last name after our marriage had no ties to our family. We were really happy together.

We did have one more girl second year of marriage, Natalie.
I really wanted a boy, so we continued to try, Nora wanted to make me happy and give me a boy as well.
When Savannah Turned 4, Nora was pregnant again, this time it was a boy. Davis.

With a complete family, We decided no more kids and enjoyed our little family, made new friends and pretty much forgot that Nora was my aunt. She was my wife and the mother to my 3 children and the love of my life. and nothing else matters.

Its been 8 years living with Nora, I've loved every moment with her and wouldn't trade a single day with her for anything else, like every relationship we have had our ups and down and arguments and fights but I don’t regret anything.
I still look at her the same way I did 8 years ago and she looks at me the same way, we still feel the same way about each other, hopelessly in love, she still turns me on and we make love the same way we did when we first started, with extreme and undying passion.
I will love her till the day I die.
The end.

This story is mine, however, I changed all the names except for mine and Nora to make sure we stay private.
Love can be found anywhere, and everywhere, just because society has rules and frowns upon certain things doesn't mean we should not love the ones we were meant to be with.
I can not imagine my life without Nora, and she feels the same way. We have not looked back and regretted any decisions we made. Sure we miss our family but neither of us would give up what we have now.
As far as laws are concerned our first encounter, I was over 18(I am 27 now) and she was 26(35 now).
Anyways i hope you enjoyed my story...... and i hope you find your soul mate like I did, and when you do, don't let go!!!

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