Aunt Nora Chapter 6

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Aunt Nora Chapter 6

Mom and Dad are back home, Nora and I looked exhausted.
Mom suggests that she makes us both some soup and we both head to bed early today to rest it off so we can get better tomorrow.

Mom caught up with Nora on her friend and what she is doing and how everything is turning out, I sat across them both and just kept gazing at Nora, she would catch me staring and give me a smile and get back into the conversation with my mom.
We moved into the living room where the TV was, Dad decided to head to bed since he did most of the driving and was tired.

Moms favorite movie was on TV, and she begged us to stay and watch it with her, it was half way thru the movie but she still insisted that we stay with her.
Nora told her she is feeling cold and still under the weather so she went and grabbed a blanket. Mom did not want to get sick so she sat on the recliner by herself where dad usually sat.

Nora sat to my right and placed the blanket over both of us, she was resting her head on my shoulder, as soon as the blanked was covering us she guided my left hand to her boobs, and she reached in for my penis, just holding it in her hands and gently massaging it, I got my left hand back and grabbed a couch pillow and rested it against my left leg, wanted to cover up her massaging my cock. With my right hand, with a lot of struggle trying to keep the movement under covers to a minimum, I finally got my hand in her pants, then thru her panties, and on her pussy, I started rubbing the clit with my index finger and she kept squeezing and relaxing my cock with her hand.

We were watching breakfast club on TV, and since its my moms favorite we know it all too well, towards the end of the movie I was horny as hell, having my cock rubbed for 25 minutes, and judging by how wet Nora was I could tell she was horny as well. We got our hands freed right before the final scene so we could do our traditional fist in the air as the movie ends, it was our cheesy thing we did, Only difference this time was my fingers were wet from Nora's pussy.

Mom told us thank you for watching it with her and keeping her company.
I got up and said good night to both and walked upstairs to my room, I didn't close the door all the way, I wanted to be able to hear mom closing her room door downstairs.

I heard Nora and Mom say goodnight to each other and I heard Nora start to climb the stairs as I heard my mom close her door and lock it downstairs.
I opened my door and closed it behind me and met Nora at the top of the stairs, I reached in to kiss her, she stopped me and whispered, wait till we are inside J.

We went inside her room as soon as the door was closed, she hit me in the arm a couple of times "you know how hard it was to control my orgasm J, you kept rubbing my clit thru the entire movie, I wanted to ride your cock right then and there"

I turned her around and bent her over her bed, pulled her PJs down and again like before forced my cock in her pussy hard and fast, she screamed but in her bed so it would not be loud, I grabbed her hands behind her back early this time and was ready for her to cum and was ready to grab her. She was really horny, after just a minute or two she started shaking, I immediately put my other hand under and around her waist, she lifted both of her legs off the floor, but this time I was prepared and did not let my cock slip out, I kept pounding, her pussy was tightening around my cock and it felt great so I thrusted deep in her, I heard her let out a little moan.

I kept my cock deep in her, I could feel she wanted to move but I had her held down pretty well, and with her legs off the ground she could not go anywhere, other than just wiggle side to side, which she did.
I felt her orgasm, it was strong, the pussy was squeezing my cock really hard, I felt a mist on my balls, didn't really think much of it, I felt several more before I realized that she was coming so hard that she was squirting.

That sent me over and I started to cum inside her pussy as well. her pussy finally relaxed and my cock was soft and came out of her pussy. She turned around pulled me down to kiss me, we made out for a few minutes in the same position.
I looked at the mess we both made, there was cum dripping down both of my thighs and her pussy was bright pink.

I cleaned up my legs and hers, but could not resist getting a taste of this bright pink pussy.
I started licking, it was very tender, Nora jumped a bit every time I would run my tongue across her clit, it tasted different, with both of our sperm mixed in, I didn't care I continued to eat her out, she was off the edge of the bed and her legs over my shoulder.

I had never tasted ass before and I wanted to, So I lifted her up a little and ran my tongue across her asshole, she let out a moan, I didn't stop, I kept licking her asshole and sticking my tongue in a little every now and then, she was moaning constantly, within a minute or two of me down there she came again.

While I wasn't fully erect, I wanted to be inside her anyways, so I got back up and put my half flaccid cock inside her. It was a struggle since it wasnt hard. I locked in with her and started making out with her grabbing her tits, sucking her nipples, her neck and her tongue, after a few minutes I was finally hard again and started fucking her again, this time we both lasted a long time, we went thru several position changes, almost 25 minutes later I finally came inside her again, We were even more exhausted now, and moved up the bed and decided to fall asleep.

I woke up several hours later, it was 5 am, I had to go use the bathroom, moved Nora on to her back, set the alarm to wake up before mom and dad. Used the bathroom, when coming back the bathroom light gave way to show me Nora laying there naked, I stood there admiring her amazing body and figure.

Horny young guy in me, I was getting hard again, I moved to the bed, and tried to raise her legs without waking her up, I was between her legs with a hard cock, I slowly entered my cock in her pussy while she was still asleep, I was all the way in, deep inside her when she finally woke up, saw what was happening and smiled pulling me on top of her and kissing me and told me to fuck her.
once we were done fucking, she told me that is what I need to do if I wake up horny, every time.

We went back to sleep for a little bit, alarm woke us up. I knew I was gonna miss her today with mom and dad home with us so I forced myself to get another erection and we made love one more time before I went to my room.

I woke up at 10 by my mom who made breakfast for all of us. We chatted a bit and then went to the store to buy some food for lunch and dinner.
Once we came back home, I was missing my Nora a lot and was trying to find a way to get her alone, it was only 2pm and I didn't want to wait all day to get her again at night. So I told them I'm going upstairs to play xbox.

A few minutes later I called to Dad to see if the wifi was still working, I unplugged the internet before doing so, my dad confirmed it wasn't working, I said I can try to fix it, without plugging it back in I went downstairs and asked Nora where the router and modem were, she knew that I already know where they are but caught on and played along and said here J lets go i will show you where they are.

Me: I need you Nora, I can’t wait till tonight
Nora: J! baby its only a few hours, and besides you bending me over and fucking me so hard has my pussy very tender
Me: Please Nora, look what you are doing to me, my cock is hard just looking at you
Nora: Baby we can’t right now, what if you parents walk up? We can’t get dressed that fast, its not worth the risk
Me: I can pull up my pants real fast
Nora: yeah you can, but what you do to me, I won’t be able to, once your cock is inside me, thats all I feel and won’t be able to react
Me: Nora please
Nora: J, no, how about I give you a quick blowjob instead? You can have the rest of my tonight
Me: that works!

She went on her knees pulled her hair back, reached over and pulled my pants down, started sucking on my cock, she knew how to make me cum fast with her mouth, it wasn’t more than a minute or two before I came, she swallowed it all and cleaned up my cock with my tongue, she kissed me and told me to wait for tonight for more.

For the remaining of our trip to her house, I slept in her bed every night, fucked her at least twice a night until we came back to California.

Amanda came to see me, she has been horny since she hasn't seen me in over a week, I fuck her, she enjoyed it but to me it felt empty, the next morning I broke up with her.

A few weeks later I got my acceptance letter to Arizona State, mom was happy that I am going to be somewhere where she knows I would be safe.

While I was in California, Nora and I would Skype every night, she even bought an xbox just so we could hang out without our parents suspicion on long conversations with my Aunt.

To be continued…..

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