Aunt Nora Chapter 5

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Aunt Nora chapter 5

By now Im exhausted, Ejaculated 4 times in less than 10 hours, I was spent, I needed to sleep, I was happy. After Nora left my room, few minutes went by and I finally fell asleep.
I didn't set an alarm because I knew my parents and Nora were headed out to Flagstaff(city a few hours away from Phoenix where are staying) to hang out with some of their friends and enjoy the snow, I had already told them I did not want to go, and with no one at the house, no reason to wake up early. Got woken up with a knock at my door around 11 am anyways. It was my mom saying they are leaving.
I couldn't fall back to sleep after that. After tossing and turning for another 15 minutes, I decided to get up, take a shower and eat something.
After showering I headed downstairs and to my surprise Nora was there eating breakfast at the table.

Me: Aunty!! I thought y'all left for flagstaff?
Nora: I changed my mind, I didn't want to go, so I told your mom I wasn't feeling that good and didn't want to go be in snow and make it worse.
Me: Aunty, I'm sorry to hear that, are you ok
Nora: honey, im not your Aunty when we are alone, and yes I'm ok, I just didn't feel like going with them.
She invited me to the table to have some breakfast, I walked over and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

After breakfast she wanted to sit down and talk. so we did.

Nora: So what we did yesterday, how do you feel about it?
Me: great, never felt better, no regrets
Nora: I need to know where this is going J
Me: Where ever you want Nora, I’m happy with wherever this takes us
Nora: its not that easy, how long can we keep hiding this from the family?
Me: As long as it takes, I'm not saying anything to anyone, I want this, more than anything, and I never want it to end
Nora:I do too J, but think about the future, you are here for a week, then you will leave me for who knows how long
Me: I will come see you a lot more Nora, don't worry
Nora: I know you will, but that will make your mom more suspicious
Me: I will just pretend I found a new girlfriend here
Nora: J, that will only work for a little bit, until they wanna meet her and she doesn't exist.
Me: So what are you suggesting, but before you say anything, I’m not ending this, no way
Nora: We had a great time J, we can end it and move on with happy memories
Me: Absolutely not, I would sooner give up my family than lose you, Nora I need you and won't go back to anything else
Nora: Aww honey that is very sweet, but you have to think long term
Me: Ok well I do need to find a college, I can find one here, my mom would much rather have me move me here than anywhere else.
Nora: that will work for 4 years, and once you graduate, then what?
Me: Nora, I promise I would do whatever it takes to be with you, I will find a job here in phoenix after I graduate
Nora: J
Me: Nora, trust me, I spent the past several years dreaming about being with you, fantasizing day in and day out, there wasn't a day when I didn't think about you. I hated your ex Adam out of jealousy, never even gave the guy a chance. Nora this is what I want, I want to be with you, no matter the cost and I will do whatever I can to make it happen, I just got you in my life and I'm not about to let you go without a fight.
Nora: aww Jason(walked over to me a hugged me tight)
Me: Nora I've been in love with you since I was 13, and I plan to love you for the rest of my life
Nora: J! I love you too baby
Me: We will make it work, after my college we will think of something else, we have 4 years to plan that
Nora: Honey if you are serious about this, I’m with you, but just know if we get caught, the family will be done with
Me: Im not worried about losing my family, I know it will hurt, but losing you will hurt a lot more and I’m not going to let that happen

We finished hugging, ate breakfast, she was done before me so she got up and was doing the dishes. She looked so good standing there her ass looked amazing slightly pushed towards me.

I walked up to her and hugged her from behind, pulled her hair from her shoulder and kissed her neck, she leaned back, I reached around and cupped her tits, she reached around and grabbed my penis thru my pjs.
I walked her back to the dining table, bent her on top of it, pulled her dress up and her pajamas down to expose her ass, I slid her panties to the side and inserted my cock in her pussy, reaching under her and grabbed her tits while i fucked her hard, after a few minutes I raised her back up and walked to the couch, laid on top of her, kissing her I went back in her pussy.

Fucking her for a few minutes, I felt her pussy tighten and knew she was gonna cum soon. I was not close yet, so I started pumping her pussy even faster, I felt her cum, my penis was wet inside her, I kept fucking her wet pussy, once her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling she says

"Jason, umph, I found and took, umph, my pills today, umph, my birth control pills, umph, you don't have to pull out anymore"
"I want you to fully experience everything with me, umph, and not being able to cum inside me,umph, I know how much you wanted to, umph and know how hard it was for you to pull out umph, and now you can have me every way you want and desire"

Listening to her say those words to me sent me to the next level, and I started ejaculating inside her pussy for the first time, when I was done I pulled my cock out and saw my cum drip out of her pussy, it was an amazing sight for me.

After that we stayed on the couch and talked more about what college I should apply for and how soon I should get enrolled so I can move in. We are still sitting on the couch with half of her clothes off and my pants down. As soon as my cock showed any signs of life, Nora reached over and grabed it, played with it until it was fully hard, we would have sex, continue discussing the future and planning it out while we weren’t fucking.
By 6 PM we had fucked 5 times.

Phone rings, its mom, she wanted to see how Nora was holding up, and also to let us know they just heading out.
After hanging up Nora and I looked at each other and almost in sync said
"we only have a few more hours before they get home"

We quickly undressed each other went at it again, after making love again, we ate dinner(left over pizza).

We started talking about our fantasies, since I had mentioned to her that I have been fantasizing about her since I was 13. I told her a few of the scenarios I would play in my head, and then I asked her if she anything that she wanted to try.

She told me that shower sex always intrigued her and she alway wanted to try it. We went to the downstairs bathroom and tried fucking while standing in the shower, ended up fucking her on the shower floor while the water was running, came back to the couch watching TV, she asked if there was anything I wanted to try since the shower thing wasn’t that great or fun/exciting.

Me: I've never had a good blow job and I have fantasized a few times about you giving me head.
Nora: o baby I'm sorry
Me: Ive never really enjoyed BJs from my ex girl friend but maybe she didn't know what she was doing
Nora: Im so sorry J, all this time, from last night to now, I haven't sucked your cock yet
Me: Its ok Nora, we have a lifetime to enjoy each other and I loved being inside your pussy anyways
Nora: I know me too, but I know guys love BJs and I'm sorry for not delivering

She pulled me closer to the end of the couch, grabbed my dick and started rubbing it, once it got a lil bigger she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. It felt amazing, Amanda did not know how to give BJs, I had no idea they felt this great when done right.
Within a few minutes I came in her mouth, she kept it all in and swallowed it all, looked at me

Nora: That didn't take long!
Me: it was amazing, you knew what you were doing, I couldn’t control it
Nora: Sorry to keeping you waiting
Me: Nora it was amazing, i can't describe how awesome that felt
Nora: J, I know guys loved BJs, I am ok blowing you once in a while but I want your cock inside my pussy and need you blowing your load(grabbed my hand and placed it on her tummy) in here, rather than in my mouth
Me: I loved your BJ though, I’ve never felt so good
Nora: Its not like I won’t blow you anymore, but I need your cock in my pussy and filling it up instead of my mouth and throat.
Me: Deal Nora, I enjoy both so can't go wrong!

By now we both knew that my parents would be home soon, so we started cleaning up, and wiping down everything we had sex on.
Nora was in the room where my parents were staying just wiping down, I had already cleaned everything else.

I walked up to her, bent her on my parents bed and roughly mounted her, she screamed loudly as I started pounding her hard and fast, I kept her pinned down with my right hand and had my left hand on her ass, she kept wanting to move around but I wouldn't let her, I wanted her like this, she tried to use her hands to lift herself up.

I grabbed them both and locked them on her back and held them there, she was moaning and panting, "Jason I'm gonna cum” she muttered, I did not slow down, started going faster and faster, I wanted to cum with her, she started shaking and lifted her legs off the ground, my penis was about to plop out of her pussy, I reached under and around her pussy and lifted her back up, her pussy tightening around my penis and pulsating, until we both came together.

We finished cleaning that room, both took a shower and got dressed awaiting my parents coming back.
We heard the car pull in the gated community, saw out the window and saw it was my parents, so we went by the garage to wait for them, I was behind Nora, I grabbed her ass with both hands, pulled her close to me and started grinding, she turned around and french kissed me, she reached down to feel my cock, broke the kiss

Nora: After coming 3 times last night and what? like 8 times today, you are still getting hard?
Me: What can I say, you drive me crazy Nora
Nora: Its Aunt Nora and I need you to behave for a lil bit honey, until bed time
Me: Yes Aunty, I love you
Nora: You little naughty boy

She french kissed me again until we heard the garage door opening up.

Nora: Adjust your pants so they can't see your huge boner, Ill take care of it tonight, I promise
To be continued…...

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