Aunt Nora Chapter 4

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Aunt Nora chapter 4

Here I am, lucky SOB, laying on top of my beautiful aunt, who I just had sex with, my dream girl, my crush, I finally had her.
I just laid there on top of her, smelling her hair and her perfume and her sweat. After a few minutes, she wrapped her hands around me again and began running her fingers up and down my back.

Nora: Thank you J
Me: I should be the one thanking you, this was the best thing ever happened to me
Nora: Aww, Thank you honey
Me: Aunt Nora?
Nora: J, honey, you are naked, I’m half naked, you are lying on top of me with your cock inches from my pussy and I’m covered in your cum, please stop calling me aunty
Me: oops sorry Nora, its just habit
Aunt Nora: Its ok hon, what were you saying?
Me: I have a confession to make
Nora: yeah? Shoot
Me: Don't be mad though
Nora: Honey, baby, seriously look at us, why and how would I even get mad? Now say what you gotta say
Me: That dream girl I was talking about.....
Nora: Yea, what about her? why would you bring her up right now? after we just had sex?
Me: Well, because that girl is you
Nora: omg.....(paused for a few seconds) I'm an idiot.....
Me: Why?
Nora: You were sitting there describing me the entire time and I didn't put 2 and 2 together, even after you were sniffing my pussy, god I’m stupid
Me: Also, those Panties were yours
Nora: Omg J, you are so bad
She kissed me passionately. After the kiss broke, she suggested that its late and we should go to bed.

I got off her and stood up, she stood up as well, he dress was now back down, I was still naked. She started walking to the door and I stood there watching her hips sway. She stopped in the door and said come on lets go. I was confused since I thought she wanted to go to sleep, she saw that confused look.

Nora: Im not letting you sleep here after what we just did
Me: I can sleep with you?
Nora: Yes honey come on
Me: What if my parents see us?
Nora: Look J its just past midnight, you know you parents don't wake up until at least 9 am, We will set an alarm for 7, so you can come to your room ok?
Me: (With a smile on my face, walking towards her) Ok Nora, sounds like a plan
Nora: thats my boy,(looking down at penis) my man, full grown man.....

We get to her bedroom, she lays down, I lay down next to her, hugging her from behind, spooning, I'm still naked, my cock is nuzzled by her ass, felt amazing holding her like that.
Suddenly she got up, looked me, took her dress off.
First time I'm seeing her bra, she was wearing a blue one, looked very nice on her. She saw me staring, gave me a smile and turned around, go ahead honey, she said, I quickly got up and undid the buckle and saw her take it off and drop it to the ground. She turned around and I see her tits first time without looking thru a computer screen.
She saw me staring hungrily.

Nora: Im so sorry baby
Me: Why Nora?
Nora: I should have been naked when we made love
Me: its ok, I still had the best time
Nora: I feel little bad, I know how much men love tits and I kept them hidden while we had sex.
Me: next time it will be different
Nora: Of course honey

With that said, I pulled her back into bed and spooned her again, this time being able to feel her skin on mine, her boobs on my arm and hands and her ass pushing against my cock which was now semi hard again. I reached between us and lined my cock up with her ass crack. she wiggled her hips at me.

We stayed like this for 15-20 minutes, however my arm under her was getting numb, so I pulled it out and laid on my back.
She was still awake too and turned to me,I told her my arm was numb. She kissed me on my lips and rested her head on my chest.
Im lying in bed with her, both of us naked, I could not fall asleep, kept re-imagining what was the best evening/night of my life. Kept re living the feeling of being inside her. I knew she was asleep but I just couldn't do it.
My penis was getting hard again, could not control it, I didn't even care that I wasn't sleepy, I was enjoying every moment of it.
Nora woke up, saw my boner, looked up at me, looked back down

Nora: Honey what are you doing why aren't you sleeping?
Me: I cant Nora, I'm having a great time with you laying besides me, you can go back to sleep
Nora: You are hard again hon
Me: Well yeah, I'm laying next to the most beautiful girl in the world
Nora: Thanks baby, but you need to sleep
Me: Cant, I've tried, can’t fall asleep
Nora: Well, you won't be able to sleep with a boner
Me: I know
Nora: Lets take care of it really quick so we can both sleep

She reached down, grabbed my cock and started jerking me off, wasn't long before I was fully erect. She was kissing me on the lips while jerking me off.
I reached down and pulled her leg over me, she was sitting right above my cock.
she reached down, guided my cock inside her pussy and started riding in fast, she told me to let her know when I'm close so she can get off.
Watching her boobs bounce and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, it didn't take long for me to get close, I controlled it as much as I could and we kept fucking for a several minutes.

I was just about to cum when I felt her pussy tighten and she sat on my cock while she orgasmed, I could not hold it at all, but I knew I can't cum inside her.
I lifted my hips and grabbed my cock out of her pussy just as it spewed out the first string of cum.
She laid back down beside me, with her head on my chest, she grabbed my cock and squeezed the last of my cum out.

I was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep, I kissed her again while she squeezed all of the jizz out of my cock. We both fell asleep.
Seemed like only minutes had past by when the alarm went off and it was 7 am already. I got up, turned the alarm off, Nora looked at me, smiled and went back to sleep, i covered her up with her blanket and started making my way to my room.

I laid down on the couch when I heard the room door opened, I was afraid it was my mom or dad,to my relief it was Nora again, still naked, came over to me, lips on my lips, she reached down and grabbed my cock with her hand and started jerking it again, she broke the kiss and said "I need you one more time"
I grabbed her, switched spots with her, laid her on the couch, and went down on her pussy, started eating her out again. After a few minutes, she pulled me up and said she wants to make love again.

I complied and got on top of her and entered her pussy again. We made love for a few minutes, after we both came, she got up, started leaving while i was laying on the couch, she got to the door, turned around, ran to me, kissed me a bunch of times, and then went to her room.

To be continued…...

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