Aunt Nora Chapter 3

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Aunt Nora Chapter 3

Staring at my aunty with her dress hiked up exposing her dripping wet panties, I was living my fantasy dream.
Here I am, young guy with the girl of my dreams sitting 3 feet from me, my penis is out and covered in my sperm, her panties are exposed drenched in hers, I knew this was my Aunt , I knew what we did was wrong according to society, but none of that mattered, I was not feeling guilty, I was feeling alive, every time I would look at her she would smile at me.
I would look down again to see her went panties, look back at her and catch her still gazing at my cock.
I wanted more, and I knew her not covering herself up meant that she wasn't upset or regretting any of this either.
I tried to initiate some conversation just to check the temperature of the situation.

Me: That was amazing Aunty
Aunt Nora: Yes, it was Jason, truly awesome
Me: You enjoyed it as well?
Aunt Nora: Yes Jason, I needed it, its been a while for me

I did not expect this from her, looking at her face she still had a smile on her face and her eyes still locked on my cock which was pretty close to flaccid now.
When she would look up to my face, she would just give me a smile and then go back to looking at my cock.
I knew that this might be my once in a lifetime opportunity, I shouldn't waste it and regret not trying anything else, after a few moments of gathering courage I went for the next step, I could see she was still horny and I wanted to seize opportunity before it was too late.

Me : Aunt Nora!?
Aunt: Yes hon?
Me: can I .....
Aunt : Can you what???
Me: Can I please smell?
Aunt: Smell? Smell what?
I hesitantly pointed towards her pussy.

No words were spoken for what seemed like an eternity. She looked at my face, then gazed back down to my cock, didn't respond for another minute, finally she said "ok"
My eyes lit up and I was shocked, and stunned by this, I kept looking at her face to see if she said ok to my request, or simply ok that she heard my request, I could not tell and did not want to jump to it if she didn't ok my request.

Aunt Nora: Jason, how you gonna ask me to smell it and then just freeze when I say go ahead?
Me: I didn't know you gave the go ahead Aunty
Aunt Nora: Well now you do and you still frozen, cmon Jason

I moved to the floor in front of her in a rush, she unfolded her legs from underneath her, I was sitting between her legs, facing her pussy less than a foot away from my face.
I leaned in to get a better look, and was able to see the outline of her pussy and saw how wet her underwear really was, it was like those girls in the wet t-shirt contests. I could make an outline of everything there was to her pussy.
I kept leaning in closer and closer, I was able to smell her scent easily but I wanted more, she reached down and placed her hand on my hand, her fingers thru my hair.
She wasn't stopping me, just running her fingers in my hair.
The smell was awesome, and the visual of her pussy thru her wet panties was even better. After this close to her pussy for a few minutes, I wanted to test my limits again, I touched my nose to her wet panties, she tighten her grip in my hair just a little bit but I didn't feel a push back.
I pulled back just an inch or two and just kept breathing in her musk, her fingers still caressing my hair.

I wanted more, I wanted to taste those juices dripping out of her panties, I decided to chance it and go for it, if she pulls me back, oh well at least I would get a taste.
I moved in, and licked her panties from the bottom up, she pushed my head back almost immediately just enough so I couldn't continue licking, but she didn't push me all the way away.

She tasted amazing, even thru the fabric of her panties it tasted great. I knew i could get another lick, at least I had to try.
I went in and licked again, and again she pushed my head slightly away, but not far away, I did it a third time, expecting her to give in but same response.

I thought thats as far as I get, so i started to pull my head away from her pussy, to which she stopped me, she kept my head a few inches from her pussy.
I figure maybe she just wants me there and not any further, But i loved the taste of her pussy so far and I wanted more, and I was determined to get more of it, especially if she is keeping me within range., which meant she wasn’t mad at my advances.
So I went for it one more time, expecting a push back which did not happen. I was stunned again by this but didn't wanna chance her changing her mind and licked again, this time from lower and all the way up.

She didn't stop me and kept caressing my hair with her left hand. I kept licking and trying to suck out all of her juice from her panties.
I moved my hands on her thighs and was now pretty much eating her out thru her panties. She grabbed my left hand with her right one and locked knuckles, while her left hand was still on my head.I got a little closer with my body and was able to move my right hand further up and move her dress even higher, exposing her belly button. She let go of my head and tucked her dress behind her so I wouldn't have to hold anymore, the dress was just above her belly button, the only thing in my way now was her panties which I have licked dry of her cum.

I wanted to continue testing my limits so I moved my hand on her lower belly, and kept inching it down until I was on her panties while I licked her pussy thru them.
As quickly as I could I slid her panties to the side and ran my tongue between her pussy lips, instead of pushing me away, I felt her pull me in closer.

I kept licking her pussy for a few minutes before deciding to pull back so I can finally see it for myself, her delicious puffy pussy that was dripping wet was right there in front of my eyes, I looked up at her and went back to eating her out.
After a few minutes of me licking her pussy, I told her to lay down, and moved her with her legs, she was now resting with her head above the arm rest of the couch and her back on the arm rest itself.

I crouched in from of her and went down again, I didn't wanna tussle with the panties anymore so I took them off, she actually raised her hips to help me get them off easier.
I go back down and start eating her out again, my cock is rubbing against the couch making me hard again.
After a few minutes in this position I felt her moving more, moving her hips and panting a little more.

I knew she was close to her orgasm. I took advantage of this and reached up and grabbed her boobs and squeezed them, she put her hands under mine and and gently rubbed my hands while I played with her tits.
She started moaning, breathing heavy, hips shaking, I knew she was ready to cum, I pulled my hand back down, used it to spread her pussy lips and started sucking hard on her clit. She started cumming. I could taste the fresh sperm coming out and hitting my tongue, it was way better than what I tasted thru the panties, I was enjoying it licking off every last drop.

She was spent, her eyes closed, still breathing heavy, laying in from of me with her dress above her stomach and knees raised with her pussy exposed.
I looked down to my penis and it was fully erect again, I wanted to make love to her and I knew this was the time to do it.
I grabbed the water that was sitting on the coffee table, and used it to clean my cock from earlier jizz, i took off my t-shirt and used it to wipe my cock clean with water. I looked at her, eyes still closed, still in midst of her orgasm. I took my pants off and climbed on top of her.

She opened her eyes to see my face inches from hers, she was still breathing heavy but gave me a smile, I kissed her on her lips and she kissed me back, french kissing while I'm laying on top of her, I'm completely naked, my penis is resting just above her pussy. Her arms around my back holding me there, I'm using one arm to support myself above her, not breaking our french kiss, I use my other hand and guide my cock to her pussy, I gently enter her pussy and still keeping our lips locked I was all the way in, She broke our kiss, looked at me

Aunt Nora: Jason, just please pull out.
Me: Ok, I'm sorry......(I start pulling my cock out of vagina)
Aunt Nora: (Locking her legs around me) No! honey, I meant pull out before cuming.

I looked at her, she smiled again and I was in heaven. Her pussy felt so good, warm and wet, my cock felt nice in there.
Me: This is awesome, truly amazing
Aunt Nora: You feel great, Ive never felt this full in my pussy
Me: Never?
Aunt Nora: Not this deep Jason, you are a lot bigger than the guys Ive dated
Me: Well now you have me and my cock, Im all yours Aunty
Aunt Nora: ok that is awkward, maybe you should not call me Aunty when your huge cock is deep inside my pussy
Me: sure, but what if I like calling you Aunty? haha (I laughed sarcastically)
Aunt Nora: J, just call me Nora!
Me: OK Nora
Nora: J! Are you going to fuck me or just keep your cock deep inside my pussy forever?
Me: Forever sounds good since it feels so good, what do you think Nora?
Nora: hahaha very funny
Me: Nora, this IS my dream come true, I gotta make it last, who knows when I will be able to do this again
Nora: (with a naughty tease voice) you think you will get to do this again J?
Me: Yes
Nora: Not if you keep teasing me and not fucking me

Thats all I wanted to hear and with that I started moving in and out of her pussy, deep and long strokes for few minutes, until she told me to fuck her hard.
I was going hard in her pussy, I was about to cum again, but she started telling me not to stop, that she was close and to keep pounding. I tried to control really hard because I really wanted her to cum again.

As soon as she started cuming I pulled out and came on her belly and thighs. I collapsed on top of her and stayed there until both our orgasms subsided.
To be continued…….

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