Aunt Nora Chapter 2

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Aunt nora chapter 2

18 year old just discovered Aunty's naked videos, I was excited that I stumbled across them, after I finished masturbating and cleaning up after myself, I made sure I saved all 8 of her videos and made sure I cleared browser and computer history. That memory card became my best friend.

As I was fixing something to eat my parents called, they were on their way back to the house, they were planning on stopping by a fast food restaurant and asked what I would like, after I gave them my order they told me they should be home in about 45 minutes. I knew I wanted some more of those videos on the bigger computer monitor instead of the small camera screen, so I sat back down on her desk and came one more time watching my Aunt talk dirty and act sexy. I cleaned up once more and got ready for them to come back home.

We ate dinner together, kept small talk, but I couldn't help myself and kept glancing at my Aunt and thinking about the videos. It was still early in the evening so we all decided to stay in and watch a movie.
My dad was sitting on the recliner, while I sat in the middle of mom and Aunt on the big couch. As the movie went on my Aunt rested her head on my shoulder, I don't know why but I decided to get bold and put my arm around her, my heart started beating faster as I await a reaction, she just nuzzled in and didn't say anything.

The movie ended and mom was glad it was over because she was tired and falling asleep. I, myself was pretty tired so I agreed with mom's decision of going to bed.
I started heading out but Aunt Nora grabbed my hand and said not before we play a few games of Shoots and ladder. I looked at her face and even though I was exhausted from masturbation all day there was no way I could say no to her.

I agreed to playing a few games with her but told her Im gonna change my clothes first. We said good night to mom and dad and headed upstairs, I changed into my PJs and right when I was about done I heard a knock on my door, It was my mom, she wanted to give me another blanket, as she was leaving my Aunt came out of her room, she suggested we play in her office where I was sleeping instead of her room, I didn't mind.
Mom went downstairs and we heard her door close, I closed my door, turned around and saw Aunt Nora setting up the board, she was wearing her night dress, which ended at about her knees, it was a shimmery blue color and a little loose. I could see her legs and her figure as she laid there sideways.
We started playing and kept small talk, I tried to get out of her about her Ex boyfriend but she kept it short and simple and said they were no longer together and its for the better.

She asked me about my girlfriend and I told her she is my first but I didn't think I would want to be with her long term(In my mind I only wanted Aunt Nora),
Aunt Nora asked why I didn't think it would last, I wanted to tell her the truth, the truth about how I felt about her and how I couldn't see myself with anyone besides her, but instead I said something that I instantly regretted.

Me: She isn’t my type
Aunt Nora: Why not? and what is your type?
Me: (continued being an idiot) her body type isn’t what I want, nor hair, nothing matches my perfect woman
Aunt Nora: What is your perfect woman body type, hair and such?
Me: ummm
Aunt Nora: What color hair does your dream girl have?
Me: Slightly Curly brunette long hair (I say as I’m looking at Aunt Nora)
Aunt Nora: Like mine?
Me: Exactly (I answered that too quickly I thought and was blushing)
Aunt Nora: What about body type? are you an ass guy or a boob guy?
Me: (Couldn’t believe she is asking this) ummm
Aunt Nora: C’mon you can tell me
Me: Well, I like boobs but I like a slightly bigger ass, wider hips are more figure defining to me
Aunt Nora: So I’m 2 for 2 then hahah
Me: (I joined in the laugh, just so I don’t give away that I’m describing her) hahaha
I tried to change the topic slightly
Me: What about you Aunt Nora? What type of guy do you want?
Aunt Nora: Someone I can depend on, unlike my ex who would always cancel or stand me up and kept coming up short and disappointing me when it mattered
Me: Im sorry Aunty, but I never liked Adam
Aunt Nora: Why is that? you barely even knew him?
Me: I just knew you deserved better
Aunt Nora: I guess
Me: What else do you want in your guy?
Aunt Nora: hmm, someone who thinks I’m the only girl in the world for him and no other girl would be in his head, he would think I’m the prettiest no matter who is around me, and most importantly, someone who gives me importance in their life and treats me nice

I wanted to tell her that guy is me, as I do believe she is the prettiest and no other girl matters to me, but I told her in a family way.

ME: Aunt Nora I think you are extremely pretty and an amazing woman
Aunt Nora: Aww Jason Thank you
Me: And the guys you have dated in the past are idiots and didn’t deserve you
Aunt Nora : Thank you Jason you are so sweet

She came close and hugged me tight.
When she sat back down her dress was little higher and I was able to see more of her legs and thighs, she had her back to the couch I sleep on and was leaning on her elbow.
We decided to finish the game we had started.
A few turns later she started complaining about her elbow hurting, she reached on the couch behind her and grabbed one of the cushions.
I almost had a heart attack, I had stolen some panties from her room earlier and I thought under the couch cushion would not be bad idea at all, since my mom asked for my dirty clothes and I didn't want mom seeing them anywhere.
Luckily Aunt Nora did not see the panties, they were half under the second seat cushion. My mind was racing, I was trying to figure out a smart way to go over and cover it up but couldn't think of anything.

I lost the board game because I could not concentrate and she told me to reset the board while she goes to the bathroom.
The door to the hallway was behind me so with quick thinking I sprung up and offered to help her up hoping she would not have to turn around and see the panties, it worked.
Once she started heading to the door I was trying my best to block her view to the couch and stood between her and the couch, before she left, she asked me if I was ok, I cleared my throat and said yes.

She stood there for a second and then left for the bathroom.
When she came back I used the coffee table to set the game board and had moved the couch cushion back on the couch covering her panties. my heart was racing, I didn't know what I would have done or how I would have covered anything up if she saw them.
We started a new game but my heart was still beating fast, and she noticed, she knew I was hiding something and I guess caught on.

She told me she was thirsty, she knew I would offer her water, which I did and then went downstairs to get it for her.
When I came back I saw her sitting on the couch holding the pair of panties in her hand. She had a smirk on her face, like haha you should be embarrassed smirk. I couldn't say anything I stood in the door frozen, I could see one of them was still wet from cum earlier but don’t think Aunt Nora noticed that.

She said, for someone not looking forward to spend his life with his girlfriend, you knew you would miss her enough to bring her panties here?!?!
At that moment I knew why I wasn’t dead, I realized that she thinks those panties are Amanda's and I quickly decided to run with that and said yea I'm sorry I knew I would miss her so I brought some of her clothes with me.

She instantly knew I was lying about that, and started asking me questions. I have never lied to her about anything in the past, that was one of things about our relationship, I wouldn't lie to her and she wouldn't lie to me, kind of our agreement we made since she spent so much time at our place and she was the closest family I had outside of mom and dad.

Aunt Nora: Jason, I thought we promised we wouldn't lie to each other?
Me: Yes Aunty, I'm sorry, those aren't my girlfriends,
Aunt Nora: Whose are they then?
Me: (in panic) they belong to someone I’ve had a crush on for a very long time
Aunt Nora: How long? and who?
Me: (avoiding second question) since I was 13 Aunt Nora!
Aunt Nora: wow, she must be something, who is she? Do I know her?
Me: Yes you know her very well
Aunt Nora: Wait! is she the one you were describing earlier? is she your dream girl?
Me: Yes, and Ive been in love with her for a very long time
Aunt Nora: Let me help you get with her, I mean she seems very similar to me, same type of hair and body from how you were describing her earlier
Me: I don’t know about you helping, not sure how that would work anyways.
Aunt Nora: Cmon Jason, she seems very similar to me, even owns the same style of panties, I should be able to go talk to her for you!
Me: Thank you, and maybe Ill take you up on it

She told me to sit down next to her on the couch, when I did she told me about her failed relationships and why they failed, she talked about all of them and why some failed simply due to bad sex and how they didn't know how to please her the right way, I was so lost in the conversation that I didn't realized how much of a turn it was to hear her talk about sex, my penis was getting harder and the way I was sitting i had no way of adjusting so it doesn't show.

I tried to think of other things, non sexy things to try and control it but nothing was helping since I was staring at my beautiful Aunt and she was talking about sex.
I was embarrassed and didn't know what to do. So far the eye contact was there so she hasn't seen it.

Eventually, almost like in slow motion I saw her eyes go lower and she stopped mid sentence for a second. That one second pause from her seemed like it lasted forever.
She said awe honey I'm sorry, is this topic messing with you?Thinking about your dream girl getting you this excited?

I went along with her assumption and barely muttered "yes", She continued saying that if thats the case when I finally go on a date with her I wouldn't be able to control it, she suggested that my girl friend Amanda and I practice a bunch so I don't have a boner when I finally take the girl of my dreams out on a date.

I realized that she is still eyes locked on my crotch, and the crazy in me wanted to see how much I can get out of this situation. I told her that Amanda and I aren't that physical because of the fact that I don't see her as a life partner and that Im gonna end it soon after we get back, which was all true.

She said she is so sorry and gave me a hug, the way we were sitting while she was hugging me my penis was under her thigh and it felt great, I held on to the hug for a lot longer than normal, pushing my luck and did not let go.
She finally pulled back, sat there, neither of us said anything for few seconds, which again felt like minutes in silence.

Aunt Nora: I can give you tips on being better
Me: (Assuming she is talking about sex) That would be great since Amanda and I have only ever done missionary
Aunt Nora: O……
Me: I don't know how to control myself and last longer.

Once I finished my statement I realized she was talking dating tips and not sex tips, and like an idiot I tried to "fix”

Me: I will take dating tips as well... (why did I say "as well”).
Aunt Nora: (giggling) Sure.

My eyes lit up and my jaw dropped, i didn't know what she meant by sure, especially with that giggle.
I looked at her with a questionable look as to where do we go from here.

Aunt Nora: I guess we can start now?
Me: Yes
Aunt Nora: Where would you like to start?
Me: (not really thinking) Sex!!
Aunt Nora: wow you seem excited hahah

She was sitting on her lower legs bent under her on the couch now, her dress slightly tucked in between her thighs giving me a great outline.
I was eager to see where this goes, so I sat there with a tent in my pants facing her and waiting for her to tell me something.

Aunt Nora:First things first, I don’t know about all the women but I like men that are shaved
Me: (Proudly) I am shaved and I maintain it twice a week to keep in clean.

She looked down at my tent again and looked back up with a smile on her face.

Me: I can show you if you don’t believe me
Aunt Nora: O…..

Without waiting for her, I pushed my hips up and pulled down my PJs, springing my cock out, she looked at my cock swinging back and forth, my heart started beating faster.
I thought she was going to slap me for doing that in front of her but she just looked at it for a few seconds, before saying my name. Jason!!
I said sorry and asked if she wanted me to cover back up. I waited for her to respond, she kept looking at my cock with a slight smile on her face, didn't say anything for a few seconds,

Me: Aunt Nora?!?!
Aunt Nora: Jason, you look like you need a relief!!
Me: Yes, definitely (heart beating like crazy)
Aunt Nora: I should give you some space so you can (clears throat) relax
Me: You can stay Aunty

She looked at my face and after a few seconds sat back down. I was so turned on by both of our actions, my heart racing and my cock was twitching with my balls held down by the elastic of my pjs.
I sat there for a minute, still in disbelief that my cock was out in front of my beautiful Aunt.

I reached down and grabbed my penis with my right hand and cupped my balls with my left hand(how I usually masturbated), long full medium speed strokes.
I was looking at Aunty while stroking my cock, she was biting her lower lip, Jason you have grown into a big man she said. I knew she was talking about the size of my cock and that gave me a huge turn on and I gave her a smile and asked if she liked what she saw.
She started to reply but caught her self and stopped.

I was stroking for a few minutes when I saw her move her body as if she was uncomfortable, she kept twisting and turning for a few minutes while I jacked of front of her.

She adjusted another time and placed her hands between her thighs right above her pussy, pushing her dress a little more between her thighs and exposing more of her legs as the dress hiked up a little more.

I continued jacking off, I was close and could cum any second but I slowed down so I could last in this moment longer. I continued to slowly stroke my penis I noticed her hands and thighs moving in almost the same rhythm as I was stroking my cock. I couldn't believe it, she was rubbing herself thru her dress.

I couldn't believe she was using the same rhythm as me so I decided to test my theory.
Her eyes was locked on my cock, I started going slower and saw her hands slow down as well, a few strokes later I went fast and saw her hands move faster as well, I knew she was matching me now.

I decided to get bold and told her that her dress was in the way and its ok for her to relax as well. She looked at me, I saw lust in her eyes for the first time.
She adjusted again and slipped one hand under her dress, I got a quick sneak peak on her white underwear as she covered her hand with her dress. I muttered "mmmm nice" she looked at me blushed a little, then looked back down to my cock that I was still stroking.

I could tell that under her dress with her right hand she was rubbing her pussy, she was very intent on keeping in covered by holding the dress down with her left hand, which worked out for me because now I could see a lot more of her thighs.
I kept looking at her hands move around, after a while I knew she was getting close because her breathing got heavier and she kept closing her eyes and moaning a little bit every so often.

I could hear the wetness of her pussy and she was going hard and fast, her tits were bouncing and her fingers splashing in her juice threw me overboard and I could not control anymore, I let out a moan and as she opened her eyes, she looked at my face, then looked down, right at that moment I came.

I must have had 15 or so spurts of jizz out of my cock, it was all over my pjs and t shirt. I was having an amazing orgasm, as I squeezed the last few drops of cum out of my penis I looked over to my Aunt who was now in her own orgasm, panting, moaning, she was moving her hips as she orgasmed.

In this phase she let go of her dress and I saw her hand inside her panties, once she was done she slipped her hand out and the panties snapped back around her pussy, and almost instantly started getting wet from all of her juices. With white panties it was easy to see her sperm glisten from the panties and run down the inside of her thigh.
After a few moments she opened her eyes, looked at my face, then looked down to see my cock covered in cum in a semi flaccid form. She traced my eyes to her panties, she did not cover up, she knew it was too late anyways, after a few moments I looked up to see her face and she had a huge a smile of her face but looked spent.
To be continued.................

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