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Hi everyone... This is Rajeev again.. This story is the continuation of my previous story..please read story complete as it was quite length.
After Ramesh left, mom was very scared about her situation and what he will do next. I came home by 7 at evening as sympo works were huge. When I entered I saw mom working in kitchen. She was not normal and looked tensed and scared.I don't know why she was so much scared. As I was tired I had my dinner quick and went to my room for sleeping.
Two weeks went and mom was getting normal day by day. One day while returning from college I saw Ramesh getting out of my house. I thought he was there for getting laundry dress. But he wasn't carrying anything. he didn't saw me as he left the other way. When I entered home I saw mom crying heavily. I don't know what happened. So I went near mom and asked her what happened and why she is crying. She said nothing and ran to her room. I couldn't understand what was happening there.
I went mom's room and tried to stop her from crying. But she wasn't stopping. So I yelled at her for not saying the reason and went to my room. After an hour, mom came to my room,sat beside me and told me everything that Ramesh did and she said that he was again blackmailing her. I couldn't control my anger.
I immediately left my house and went to Ramesh house. I entered by jumping over the compound wall behind his house so that no will know that I was there. I took a iron rod which was left unused on backyard of his house for my safety.
I went inside his house. He was sleeping and was not steady as he was drunk. It became a advantage for me. I took his mobile phone. I woke him up and I asked him whether he has made any copy. As he was not steady he thought that I was his friend and told that he hasn't made any copy yet . I took mobile phone and left as soon I can.
I went to a private place where there is no body and opened the gallery in his phone. I got shocked as there were many videos of women bathing . Even my friend's mom video was also there. I found my mom's video and played it. I got a hard on watching the video as my mom was very sexy. As there were no body I masturbated there itself.
After watching video I got an idea in my mind. So I called mom through Ramesh mobile and spoke like his friend. I changed my voice a little bit and told her " I'm Kamal and I was Ramesh friend. Your son beat my friend and took his mobile phone. Your son is not smart enough. we had made copy of that video and I'm going to upload it in the internet ". On hearing that mom was very much upset and pleaded him(me) not to do that. I replied" I want to punish your son. I also want to punish as you said everything to your son". She replied "I'm sorry I don't know what to do and pleaded him (me) not to upload her video". I replied " Okay then you should do as I say."
She said okay. I was very much excited and told her "you should have sex with your son. Make a video of that and tell your son to bring that video to Ramesh house". Mom pleaded him (me) that she could not do that and it was a sin. I replied in a harsh tone " thats the punishment for you and your son" and hanged up the call.
I went home normal as I didnt done anything and hid Ramesh phone in my room. Mom came to my room and angrily ask me what did you do to ramesh. I told her that I haven't done anything. She said I know everything you did and told that Ramesh friend called her. I acted like that I was going to beat his friend and went out of my room but mom called me in. She told me that she could not take risk of her own son and also she doesn't want her body to be seen by everyone. She told me that I should have sex with her. I acted like innocent and told mom that I could not do that and it is a sin. My mom tried to convince me but I acted like that i could not agree with her decision. After an hour she convinced me and she said "be ready tmrw". I was in heaven to hear those words.

Next I woke up early morning and I was very excited. I saw many porn clips and want to try each position. I did my daily deeds and was ready. Mom came to my room by 9. I could not trust my eyes. She dressed as if it was like first night and she told me to come to her room. I followed her to the bedroom. The room was neat and decorated with flowers. I asked her why she did these decorations. She replied that Kamal told to do these things. I was very much excited that mom was happy for having sex with me since I didn't say a single thing like that.
Mom told me to place my mobile phone on the table for recording . I asked her whether is it necessary to have sex. She suddenly started kissing me on my lips. I first acted like resisting but after some time I responded. We were kissing deeply for more than five minutes. I squashed her tits with both my hands while kissing. I removed her saree and licked her tits over her blouse. She was moaning hard. I also bit her nipples while licking. This made her very much horny. My cock erected it's full 6.5 inches and gave a bulge over my shorts. I removed my shorts and showed my erected Penis to my mom. She was shocked to see that size and told that it was big than your daddy.
I removed her blouse and petty coat. She wasn't wearing any inner ware even panty. I saw her cunt neatly shaved. I thought that she have shaved it after Ramesh thrashed her.
I licked her tits hardly and bit her nipples to the core. She was moaning aah aah aah... And was enjoying that. I started finger fucking her and her moaning increased. I started eating her pussy and went deep down all over her pussy.
She was in great pleasure and she cummed inside my mouth. I drank every bit of it. I teased her pussy lips with my cock and slowly entered it. She was in great pain as she wasn't had such big cock. I started to stroke it slowly inside her. She was shoutng in pain. And I increased the phase gradually. I fucked her hardly and she was in great pleasure. We both came at same time and I was tired as it was my first time. I took my cock out of her cunt. Both of our cums were dripping from her cunt. I stopped the recording in mobile. We took rest for some time. After a while I again got a hard on. She saw my hard on and asked that did u need more. I said yes in a laughing tone. She started to suck my cock and I boob fucked her. It was new to her and she enjoyed it.
After that I left the room,took a shower and copied that video in Ramesh phone and hid it again in the same place. After some time I went to see what mom was doing. She was cooking in kitchen. After an hour we both had lunch and didn't a talked a word about that.
After a while I told mom that I'm going to meet kamal. I went that same place called mom through Ramesh mobile and told her " I think you enjoyed with your son". She pleaded him (me) to delete that video. I told her that I will delete it.
After an hour I went to my home and told mom that they deleted the video and I too deleted the video I recorded morning. But I didn't. I kept it hidden in Ramesh mobile in my room. She was happy on hearing those words and hugged me tightly. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and it gave me a sudden hard on. Mom could feel my hard on and she broke the hug and saw tent over my pants.
She asked are you ready for next round.
I was in 7 heaven on hearing those. We had intercourse daily after that and were like husband and wife.
Than k you all for reading this lengthy story.... Bye.....

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