Sibling Love.

Written by , on 2017-10-07, genre incest

My mother had recently died, so I decided to live with my half brother and his dad. My brother Silas is amazingly good looking. 25, tanned, ripped, he looks like he was sculpted by God. I hadn't seen him since I was a little girl and I didn't recognise him when I went into the bar that night.

I was sitting at a bar by the beach when he came up to me. We chatted for a bit and flirted. He worse a white top that become see through due to his body being wet. He looked so hot, I couldn't help myself. I took him to my hotel room and before we got inside he was kissing my neck. As soon as I closed the door, I jumped and wrapped myself around him kissing him like there was no tomorrow. I could feel him through my shorts.

As soon as he put me in the bed I took off my top. He pulled my breast out of bikini top and sucked on my nipples. It didn't take long before our clothes had been taken off and he was inside me. I've been with my fair share of men but he's the biggest I've ever had. I was in complete ecstay the whole time. He thrusted into me harshly, his hand on my throat choking me slightly. The room was filled with the symphony of skin slapping skin, moans and the headboard hitting the wall. He picked my up so I was on his lap and I rode him, it hit my spot every time. he came shortly after I did.
We had sex several times that night all over the hotel room. The kitchen, lounge room, shower, up against the window and it was definitely the most amazing night of my life.

The next morning we woke up on the floor, limbs tangled together. He kissed me as I woke and we agreed that we'd have to do this again. He made me breakfast and we spent the morning together. When I asked him what he was doing later he told me that he was going to see his half sister for the first time in years. It didn't take long for me to put together. We both freaked out for a bit but I realised that I wasn't too freaked out about the fact I had sex with my brother and realised I wanted it again.

This all occurred a few weeks ago and I crave him. I've been trying to get him to have sex with me again. I know he wants it, I see him stare at me when I'm "not" looking. I get so wet just thinking about how he touched me. My girl friends keep comparing sex stories and I can't tell them about the most mind blowing experience of my life, so I thought I'd tell you all. If I can I'll give you a second instalment. Wish me luck.

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