My Wife and the dog

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My brother had a dog named Rocky,he was a large rotweiller. Rocky weighed about a 110 pounds. My brother took his family on vacation and asked me to feed rocky. Me and my wife MJ had been fooling around and I took her while she was bent over the end of the couch. All she did was wash her pussy and we went to feed rocky. My brother lives out in the country on 10 acres and his nearest neighbor is five miles away. I had always been kind of suspicious of rocky and my sister in law Sarah. She was always letting him cuddle with her under the blanket. Once when I came over unexpectedly,it took her like ten minutes to come to the door. I got the feeling that she didn't want me to come in. When I walked in I could smell air freshener,but overlaying that was the smell of hot pussy. I didn't say anything,but when rocky walked in and sat down I could see his huge erect penis. Sarah turned fire engine red and I didn't say a word. I left soon afterwards and I was pretty sure I had interrupted them having sex. I never told MJ,but maybe I should have because what happened later. He was always trying to smell women's crotchs including Mj's. She always pushed him away,but I noticed she looked at his penis if it was sticking out. We went for a swim in my brothers pond,and we were sitting in lounge chairs to dry off.Mj is a big woman and has a belly on her and she has big titts (46DD). She also has a very hairy pussy which is ok because i like a hairy pussy. She was wearing a one.piece bathing suit and had her eyes closed enjoying the sun. Rocky came up to her and was sniffing her pussy,and she kept pushing him away. Well he started to lick her cunt through her suit and she tried to kick him to make him stop. He got mad and nipped her on her thigh and showed her his teeth. She got scared because she was afraid he would bite her vagina so she let him lick her. All of a sudden she started to moan and I said did he bite you? She groaned no he pushed my suit over and he's licking my naked pussy. After a few minutes she looked at me and said I can't help it,I'm getting wet and if feels so good. Would you get mad if I took off my suit? Now me and MJ had read books about women fucking animals over the years. However when I suggested we try it she said no way. So I said take it off,and watched as she uncovered her wet pussy. MJ has big pussy lips that swell and get huge when she's turned on. We have been married 31 years,and I have never seen my wife's pussy that swollen up. Her clit was standing up like a little tree waving in the wind. She sat down and put her feet up on the edge of the chair and reached and pulled her pussy lips apart. She leaned back so that she could get comfortable. By now rocky's nine inch penis was as hard as a rock. He eagerly came over and started licking her pussy from her asshole to her clit. MJ was coming so hard and so many times that I lost track. After about ten minutes rocky mounted her and started rubbing the head of his penis up down between her pussy lips. I couldn't believe it when MJ reached down and grabbed his pecker and guided it into her pussy hole. He couldn't get it in but about two inches because the angle was wrong. I said you'll have to get on your hands and knees to get it all in your pussy. I rocky off of her and he wasn't happy. When she got on all fours he mounted her again. He had no problem finding her pussy hole and shoved it in. She arched back and let out a scream as the head hit her womb. I thought she was coming before,but now he was fucking her like he owned her. He was pounding her pussy when she said OMG he's swelling up in me. I think that maybe I should have told her about his love knot. Then she said oh god it's rubbing my G spot and it feels awesome. So for the next twenty minutes they fucked like crazy. When they finally pulled apart with a wet sucking sound his penis was still hard. He walked over and sat down and started licking his tool. MJ said I can't believe that monster was between my legs. I couldn't wait,I went over and jammed my cock into her wet cunt. Pussy juice and dog sperm are quite the lubercant. MJ was whipped and had her head down and butt up in the air when rocky walked over and peed on her pussy. Her head whipped around,and she said why did he do that. I was laughing and I said he's marking his territory. MJ had a talk with Sarah and now they both keep rocky happy. They also have a six month old Rottweiler puppy that their training to be rocky's replacement. His name is Max,and he loves to eat pussy. I'm trying to get MJ and Sarah to fuck the neighbors buck goat. Who knows after all she said she would never fuck a dog.

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