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After finding out about my wife's affairs we had been separated for about 15 Months, I had started seeing an old friend. She had been our daycare provider for several years and we had always been flirtatious with each other but also respectful and had never crossed the line though the temptation was there for us both. She had gone through a divorce a few years prior and while separated myself we ran into each other. we hit it off immediately picking up the flirtation as if it was years ago. She was living in a Condo and we started seeing each other frequently, the sex was off the charts good as we both seemed to have something to prove. I had NEVER fucked the way we were, literally hours long, the couch, the deck, the kitchen counter, against the wall on the steps, in bed, in the truck wherever opportunity was we found a way to play.

It had been a few years since she really had a vacation and we soon rented a house near the beach, I picked up the cost and even flew her down for an entire week while I would catch up later. The place was beautiful and she was sharing pictures the entire time, we spoke every night, had phone sex and finally on Thursday Am I hopped on a plane.

She had been sharing pictures of how private the pool area and outside Tiki hut were and that she would skinny dip and lay out topless everyday. I was actually a day ahead of time and she had no idea, I parked in the driveway and let myself in through the side gate walked around the corner and sure enough there she was, topless laying out next to the pool, surprised and excited to see me her 34D tits bouncing as she jumped up and jogged over to hug me and state "welcome to paradise". And Paradise it was, what a beautiful setting, the pool, outside bar, the house was more than I had hoped, a large privacy fence surrounded it fairly well but neighbors could get a glance if they wanted. Upon getting there she had to show me the house and of course we immediately fucked on the couch and moved into the bedroom to finish off a 45 min. "quickie". We headed out to the pool She had already bought my beer and she brought a bucket out with a couple cold beers, we lounged around shared a few drinks and truly relaxed for the first time in years together. I had gotten up early to catch a flight and fell asleep in the shaded Tiki Hut for a bit. When I awoke She was laying there topless, I jumped in the saltwater pool and she joined me, of course we wound up fucking in the pool, her legs wrapped around my waist while we bounced up and down, having cum twice earlier that day I had some good staying power and we moved over to the steps and fucked some more right there until I finally finished buried deep in her. Things would only get hotter as the days passed, Sex every morning before coffee, sex in the pool every day and of course more sex before finally fading to sleep each night. We had four nights in Paradise and the third was the highlight of the trip. We had the usual AM and pool sex, spent some time at the beach then out to a nice waterfront dinner. Back to Paradise where we kicked back shared a few drinks and smoked a bit of weed. Foreplay stated under the tike hut, before we headed for the pool, turned out that oral sex underwater was a real turn on for my Lil Gypsy, I called her that because of her dark curly hair big brown eyes and a huge smile! I fingered her in the pool, I could feel her body tense up and cum, I went down and ate that beautiful Gypsy pussy over and over, turned her over on the steps and slid my cock into her unbelievably hot cunt, burying it deep into her, the splashing of the water as we rocked back and forth growing louder until she came again, this repeated a couple of times before getting out and drying off, we smoked a bit more had another drink and I told her to get up on the bar, I sucked on those big tits, licked her nipples, slid my fingers back inside her and went down to eat her yet again. I then laid her back on the bar and as she was flat on her back I stood there looking at a Gypsy buffet, I could lick and poke and play with whatever I wanted, she gave herself completely to me right there. I kissed her and moved again to her rock hard nipples, slid my fingers back inside and was amazed at how hot she was, I worked my way down and spun her around, I licked that pussy, I dug my chin in and reached as far back as my tongue could reach, I licked and sucked on her very being and brought her to an orgasm that had to wake the neighbors. She hopped off the bar and pushed my back onto the couch moving right to my cock taking it all in and deep throating me on the first stroke, She was sucking on my cock with a passion and I held that soft curly hair while I rose up to meet her each time. She finally stood up and sat back on my throbbing cock, I reached around and grabbed those tits pulling her back and down, I nearly jumped off the couch when I came and I drove her forward onto the small table before falling back onto the couch. It was now nearly 4 AM, and we had been fucking since before midnight. We went to bed and I awoke to my Gypsy sucking my cock and day 4 was off to a great start.

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