New Desire

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My wife and I have been separated for about 1 1/2 years, we still date go out and still spend time together. recently we were at our home and doing some yard work getting g it cleaned up for our sons graduation party. It was a hot day, she looked great in some little shorts and a tank top, both of us getting hot a sweaty.
My wife offers to make dinner to which I gladly accepted, she had a couple glasses of wine and I had a few beers, we moved out to the deck area to try out the new fire pit and all was going as good as anyone could hope. eventually as it was getting late I hinted that it may be time for me to head back to my place, my wife smiles looked at me and stated that I was pretty sweaty and could probably use a bath! My mind flashed back to our younger days and I gladly accepted. She went upstairs started the tub and soon enough called for me, to my delight she was naked and already glistening in the tub. Now my wife is 54 years old, still looks great, nice ass and her tits while not huge are as perky as ever, she has a great shape with nice hips to grab ahold of. But I was not yet going to be in charge of anything. I got in the tub and she quickly turned around and grabbed my already hardening cock, she looked fantastic! Her slippery soapy hands sliding up and down while she looked up at me, with her ass cheeks just about the waterline. She knew I w3as getting close fast and stopped, stood up in the tub and washed every inch of her beautiful body right there while I laid back and enjoyed the slow motion show. Eventually she looed at me and said your turn as she sat on the side of the tub and started at my back and shoulders, eventually telling me to stand up so she could clean my entire body, she rubbed the warm soapy sponge all over while I stood there being treated like a king, as she leaned down she just took the tip of my cock into her mouth time and time again, driving me crazy! Finally she stood up, both of us covered in suds and slippery we made out while standing there in the tub, when she suggested we should rinse off in the shower. As she leaned over to open the drain I could not resist and slid my rock hard cock into her very wet and warm pussy, grabbed her by those wonderful hips and did a nice slow grind, I could hear her breathing and moaning with every stroke. I blew my wad into her right there as she stood up and I ran my hands up her torso to those waiting tits and pulled her close. She again suggested the shower as the water was now empty and we were still soapy, we moved to the shower and she again grabbed my already hard again cock, I pushed her against the shower wall and slid my hand down between her legs, which she eagerly parted, I slid first one then two fingers into her now steaming pussy and brought her to orgasm in the shower before turning her around and again sliding my cock back inside that hot juicy box. Not wanting to finish so fast I suggested we dry off and head for the bedroom.
Once in bed my wife again decided to take control, which I was more than happy to accept! She slid her hand down my torso while her tongue explored every inch of my mouth before working her way down to my waiting cock, she just licked the top and asked how I liked head the best to which is there really a wrong answer? Not to much teeth and take your time which she did with a warm soft movement up and down taking my entire cock in, then asking how w=is was that and would I like a different view? Of course I would love your ass in the air behind you while you suck my cock and she greedily swung around and quickly took my cock again while she was on her knees and that wonderfully shaped ass was pooched up in the air. I’m sure she knew I was not going to last long and she slid up my body bringing her cunt to my chin, which I gladly lapped up her flowing juices and licked every part of her I could get to, bringing her to an orgasm while she was on my face. She then slid down and moved right onto my waiting cock, sat straight up and rocked back and forth, I was getting close again very quickly and flipped her to her back, going down and again eating that clean shaven warm juicy pussy one more time, as she came for the third time she pulled at me and asked to be fucked hard, to which I gladly rose up, shoved my throbbing cock into her waiting cunt, the warmth and firmness of her pussy feeling incredible, I could feel her twitching again as I fucked her hard and fast, she reached another climax and asked that I cum all over her still perky tits to which I pumped a few more and pulled out, she quickly grabbed my cock with both hands and made sure I finished all over her tits then pushing me back down and guiding my cock back inside her. As we lay there for a few moments I wonder why we were never this active before than thinking she must be fucking some lucky fucker like this, because she is a changed woman, and I want more of that!

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