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Having been in a nearly sexless marriage for the last several years I had become well skilled at grabbing my cock and stroking myself to orgasm. I loved the feeling of my cock growing in my hand, the way my hand rubbed across my abs, the feeling of my hand on my own inner thigh, more than anything the way my cock swelled prior to climax and I began to think of being with another man. Could I make them feel as good? How would it feel to have another mans cum on my abs, could I go through with sucking a cock? I knew taking it up the ass was out of the question but I was confident I could go through with this and make another man feel the way I did when slowly stroking a hardening cock. Of course I had heard of the parks where you could meet a guy, and even the gay bar scene, but no way could I risk running into someone I knew. After doing some research I found a remote park about 45 min from home, tap the brakes and check out the other guy seemed to be the idea, so middle of the week on a drizzly evening I headed out, nervous as hell excited and already aroused I pulled into the park.
I was in my early 30’s, went to the gym several times a week, rode a bike nearly everyday, 5’8 about 175 lbs I was pretty fit, not bad looking and I had actually been hit on by a guy while on a trip with my wife, which she never let me hear the end of. I sat there for a while with not much happening, unsure of what to do and losing courage I was pulling out of the park when the car in front of me tapped their brakes, I noticed a hand out the window which motioned to follow, or come here I did not know. They pulled to the side so I nervously got out, he was a bit older than me, not bad looking, hair slightly grey, clean cut guy a bit taller than me but thin we talked for a couple of minutes he knew I was nervous and asked if I was ever here before, I stated nope and this was my first venture into this world. he invited me to his home which was about 10 minutes away, said we could have a drink there, no strings, should I change my mind no problem. So I followed him.
We sat outside on a covered porch, he made me a drink, there was some music playing but no ideas what, I know we did a couple of shots when he asked if I smoked weed to which I said yeah, knowing it would also relax me as my heart was racing. He lit the pipe and stood up walked over to me and leaned in, I opened up and he exhaled into my mouth and kissed me, I thought “is this how a woman feels when being seduced?” I sat back and enjoyed the feeling then returned the favor to him, he gently grabbed my waist pulling softly before letting go. This repeated a couple of times before I finally reached down and rubbed his cock. He suggested we move inside and as I stood up he put his arms around my waist and I did the same, hands sliding down and pulling each other close I could feel his cock rubbing against mine, yep I was getting eager and was looking to grab his cock, see just how if felt to stroke another man.
Once inside we did another shot, I was sitting on the couch when he again hit the pipe and leaned in to share it with me, I accepted, this time rubbing his cock while I also opened his belt and unzipped his pants, he kissed my neck which sent a shiver through my body, I had not thought of the rough feeling of a days growth of beard on my skin but I liked it. I slid my hand in his pants and down his cock, a bit bigger than mine I guessed, He twitched a bit and asked if I wanted to go to bed. In the bedroom, he pulled my shirt off and kissed and rubbed my chest and torso, rubbed my cock and opened my pants. This was really going top happen! He gently pushed me onto the bed, climbed on top of me, shirtless with both our jeans opened it was erotic as hell, he worked his way down and pulled my jeans off, I lifted my ass and he ran his hands back up my thighs to my cock, went right past it and up across my abs to my chest when I felt him take the tip of my cock in his mouth. far to excited and not wanting to lose my load to fast I sat up and pulled him to me, I kissed him deeply, put my hands inside his pants slid them around the back, grabbed his ass and pushed his pants to the floor. he stepped out of them and I pushed him to his back. Our cocks rubbing against each other, it felt great I started to work my way down, his cock first on my abs, then to my chest, then I have it in my hand and I find myself with a rock hard cock at my chin. I opened up and took the head in, keeping my tongue along the bottom, running it around his cock the way my wife did when we were first married, the way I loved it! I avoided teeth as much as possible, just wanting to give him the warm, soft feeling I missed so much. I felt his cock start to grow, I felt the veins begin to fill, the head swelled and I knew he was close but I was not ready to swallow, I pulled off and stroked his cock, I rolled to my back and pulled him on top of me, he sat back on his knees and stroked my cock while I stroked his. He worked his way back down and again started to suck my cock, rubbing his hands up my sides, pulling me into him I could only hold out so long before blowing my wad which he swallowed every drop. I pulled him up to my chest, he was on his knees, I again sucked his cock while laying on my back until I felt him swell, I pulled off and grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked him off, a mans cum shooting all over my chest and throat. Hot, that’s how it felt, he leaned back took a deep breath and kissed me again, I could taste my cum, felt his cum between us. It did not take long before I started coming down from both the excitement and the high, I started to feel guilty in many ways, He asked if I could stay but I said no, he asked for my number and I said no, he handed me a business card and said if your ever looking for this again to call him. I put the card in my pocket and the next day into the book with all the other business contacts I have. I have driven past the park again several times, never driving in again, I have looked at the card several times but never called. I enjoyed every second of that evening, erotic, sexy, sensual, it was everything I was looking for but I was just not that way. maybe again someday I will pull into the park or reach back out to him, but its been a couple of years. I finally divorced the sexless needy bitch I was married to and am dating again, tempted but not yet.

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