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Married for 26 years I recently walked in to find my wife’s laptop sitting there open. Curiosity got the best of me so I looked at what she was doing, her Facebook page was open I expected nothing and was looking for nothing but then the messenger tab opened up and there it was. She had been talking to a guy she met some 20 years ago while on a trip with some girlfriends, apparently they got busy on a couple of occasions and were talking about how hot it was, how sexy it was and how life could have been. Fucked in the afternoon in her room the day they met, out to a pub where the cab ride was erotic with her hand in his pants, never made it into the club but he had hand up her dress on a park bench, scrapped the club cab ride back and sex on the beach. next day another lunchtime fuck session and out to dinner with a group which they “lost” before he carried her back to his room tore off the dress she was wearing and fucked her again.
Now my wife is 54 today, still looks great with nice tits, great hips and is a truly sexy beautiful women, in her early 30s she was gorgeous. Not sure what to do with the new info I waited a bit before confronting her, I stated that I knew she had been with other guys since we were married (really only knew of one) and if she would like to get hat out in the open. Well that was a shock to me, apparently every time these girls went away for a girls weekend they hooked up with guys for the time away, she also fessed up to a few times here at home, in her early 40’s she was working as a server at a high end restaurant and would up taking a college age busboy back to his parents house while they were away and taught him how to fuck. I stated what a lucky kid! She also admitted to fucking one of the managers in his office in order to not be fired for missing work. All this info took a while to sink in, it hurt to hear it the betrayal, that wondering what I was not providing to which she stated she was fully satisfied but sometimes just needed a change but its been over 10 years and she has been only with me.
It took a few days to relax but finally I told her that while it was hard to hear it was also a turn on thinking of her in that office, every vacation, and above all taking the young kid home and fucking him good. So we came up with a plan that I would drive her to a bar and let her get picked up, I set the house up so I could see in the family room and the bedroom windows. She looked sexy as hell that night in a pencil tight knee length skirt and a white button down shirt. She looked like a high profile sexy business woman and it was turning me on just looking at her.
We had a few drinks top take the edge off and headed out, Once at the bar a grabbed a seat across from her and waited, I did not need to wait long. The first couple of guys were apparently not what she was looking for and she politely managed to keep them moving while also getting a free drink, then the fourth guy walks up. Much younger than we are, I would guess late 20-early 30 good looking man seemed fit and was very confident. He sat a stool away from my wife and let her actually make the first comment, there was a lot of flirting, smiling and then touching while she bought him the first drink. After a bit they moved to a booth and several drinks later they were rubbing all over each other, his hand on my wife’s inner thigh her shirt unbuttoned just one more than when we got there, and finally her hand reached between his legs and rubbed his cock. She tells him she was left after a meeting and needed a ride home and out they go.
he pushed her against the side of his car and is very hands, she grabs his hands and slows him down but whispers something in his ear after which they are in the car driving and I am following I see my wife leaning over and know she is rubbing his cock until I see her go down and start to suck him off while driving. They make it to the house and I climb up onto the back deck to watch the porn about to take place starring my wife of 26 years. Sure enough they walk into the family room and he sits on the couch while she gats him a drink, she brings the drink back and stands above him, legs spread apart, hands him his drink and opens her shirt up, leaning in she kisses him while he rubs her tits and wraps his hands around her waist, she pulls his shirt off and this guy cant control himself, he stands up and grabs her hard picking her up and putting her down on the couch, he goes straight for the skirt, she lifts her ass and lets him remove it, she lays there in a sexy little bra and panties with this 30 year old stud standing over her, he pulls her bra down to reveal those wonderful breast and her nipples are rock hard and he does indeed feast on her tits. Her hands on the back of his head, her hips moving on the couch her back arched up as he slides his hand into her panties. I know she’s into this and I know she wet, he finger fucks her for a while before she grabs him and decides to take control. She pulls him up and kisses him tasting her own juices, then works her way down and opens his pants to see a huge cock of 10″ and thick, suddenly I did not feel so good about the plan! She sucks on the huge coke stroking it and sucking before finally pulling up and titty fucking him till he blows his wad all over her tits. My wife stands up grabs his still hard cock and leads him to the bedroom.
I watched her lead him in with his pants down around his knees and her leading him by his cock. Once into the bedroom she sits on the end of the bed and again starts sucking that cock, I see her looking at him and she asks if there is more? The answer is in her hands as his cock is nearly hard again already. She pulls his pants off and crawls up his body bringing her pussy to his face, I can see his hands on her hips, her rocking back and forth while he lapse up her juices again, she reaches back and grabs that huge cock and slides down and right onto his cock. her hips grinding steadily back and forth and his hands grabbing at her constantly, after a few minutes of the slow grind she turns around and goes reverse cowgirl, looking right at me before sitting back down on the huge cock, I see her eyes close and watch her control every movement until she comes on this guy. She lays back onto his chest her tits pointing straight up as he massages them and reaches for her clit. Again my wife cums with his cock in her pussy one hand on her clit and another grabbing a tit. Finally this guy flips her onto her back, grabs her legs and pushes then up and rams all 10 inches of his cock into her He is fucking her so hard and so fast and I see my wife’s hands grab his ass and pull him into her harder and faster until he stiffens pulls out and shoots his second wad all over my wife’s tits, neck and face and collapses onto her.
I’m thinking next time out its my turn only problem is this sexy 53 year old will be in the same bar getting picked up as well!

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