A Surprise Evening

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A Surprising Evening

It was Friday afternoon. I had finished my work early for the day and was readying myself for a night out with my friend Marty. I quickly showered and dried my hair. Wrapped in a towel I applied makeup. Some light blusher, eyeliner and some hot pink lipstick. I wandered into the lounge and sat, still wrapped in my towel to think about what I would wear for the evening.

Michelle was arriving in about an hour. So I couldn't spend too long deciding. I put on the TV for a bit of background noise and noticed on the screen a video playing that my husband had left in. A couple were making love. It was obvious this was an x rated movie Peter was watching last night before he came to bed. The woman was sucking the mans cock as he gripped her hair and buried her face deeper between his legs. The camera suddenly zoomed in and I was watching that cock disappearing down her throat. All of a sudden she withdrew. With her face and mouth so close to his cock she started to stroke it. He let out a loud moan and cum all over her face and into her mouth.

I suddenly noticed how wet watching this had made me. I lay back and let the towel fall. Feeling my now hard nipples. It felt so good. My hand slid to my now saturated pussy and begun to feel my moist lips. Slowly prising them apart I felt my full wetness. My clit was hard and swollen. I slid a moist finger inside me. Withdrew it and tasted it. My pussy was throbbing, my clit was tingling. I was so turned on. I began to finger myself more seriously now. The only thing on my mind now was having an orgasm. I quickly glanced at the clock. I had time and no one would know. I started finger fucking myself hard and fast now. Getting closer and closer to cumming.

Using both hands, thrusting in harder with my fingers and pinching my clit. I suddenly heard a noise. Michelle was here and had let herself in. I stopped. She was standing behind me. I quickly gathered up my towel and greeted her. The look on her face indicated she had been standing there quite a while watching me.

“Hi there” she said smiling. “ You have been busy there on the couch" trying to regain my composure I smiled and replied. “Just getting ready for our evening out” Michelle just smiled again and replied “By the look of you, maybe we might stay here for a little while”. Not being overly sure what was going to happen I agreed and sat back down on the couch

This is my first erotic story
I need someone to continue this on for me. Feel free to change anything you like.

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