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Hey my names mia, I'm 18 and I go to a local collage. And I'm in love.. with the girl of my dreams too, her name's malak she's beautiful she has long glamorous brown hair which she usually keeps up in a messy bun. She has beautiful green eyes, the type that you can stare in for days on end. She has a very curvy figure and for that reason she gets a lot of attention from both guys and girls. Btw she goes to my collage when she walks down the hallways in those short skirts and tight tshirts you realise how beautiful she is. She is amazing, but on to me. I'm your average pretty blonde girl...blue eyes, blonde hair, big ass and tits. I'm cute and have had my fair share of both guys and girls but malak is beyond anyone I've ever dated or slept with. Now I'm not a bad person or a player but what I really want is to settle down with Miss right and to me that's malak I've went out with many girls but they all had there flaws like one girl cheated on me and another wouldn't trust me. It's annoying but I deal with it I just tell them it's not gonna work out. Anyway back to the story I was walking down the hallway one day and I spotted her my crush malak and I thought to myself 'woooooow malak is looking hot today' and she was looking down and as I walked by her she bumped into my shoulder and dropped all her books, so of course I helped her pick them up and I said "haha sorry about that total accident" and she looked at me and I felt amazing she warmed me up inside. Then she said "it's fine don't worry about it" as I got the sat book i gave it to her and our hands touched and it felt like magic like heaven, whatever you want to call it but at that moment I knew we were destined to be together and to be honest I think she knew too. But I had to go and ruin it by saying "uhhh I gotta go" and running off like a coward she probably doesn't even like me and thinks I'm a big wuss. I go to my secret spot outside (the nice picnic area) and sit down and star crying thinking 'shit I really messed this up she doesn't even like me!' But then i hear footsteps coming down the path I quickly dry my tears and look up to see her.. malak my biggest crush she sits next to me and cuddles me and whispers in my ear "I love you" I stop crying and look at her and smile 'this can't be happening' I think "I don't know if this is real or not but i love you too" I say and the next thing I know she's kissing me and it's incredible it's the only thing I want she keeps kissing me until we have to stop to catch our breath and she looks deep in my eyes and I know we are meant to be together forever. She moves closer to me and I think she's going to kiss me again but she pulls at my hoodie and asks if it's ok I say yes and she pulls it off and starts kissing me again then moves down to my neck and back to my mouth then moves closer still kissing me I can feel her soft hands on my back roaming up and down till she finds my bra strap and slowly undoes Ji all while still kissing me, she breaks the kiss backing away slowly pulling the bra with her feeling the cold air on my nipples I suddenly realise where we were and I tell her "we can't do this here!" She replies "we can do whatever we want plus nobody comes round here, we'll be fine!" I nods as she pulls me back in for another kiss and moves down further and further until she reaches my tits and sucks on them hard and kissing them and nibbling at them. Her hands ounce again roam down to places they shouldn't be and undoes my jean pants and pulls them down, a look of hunger in her eyes I know she wants me bad so I let her she pulls down my jeans and then my panties I tell her " be careful with those their new Victoria secret panties" she says ok and then hangs them up on a nearby tree she then kisses me again and her hand creeps to my pussy and tickles my clit and I get so horny that I nearly push her hands into me but don't worry we'll get to that she keeps kissing me downwards towards my boobs then even further but not before a quick suck on my boobs she goes down further and finds my pussy where she licks it endlessly and it feels sooooo good she bits my clit and I scream in pleasure and cum instantly I can't remember what happened after that the orgasm was too strong but I do remember two words..."having fun?"

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