Latoya's return

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So you all remember Latoya, the singer who looks like Misty Stone? Well, we were supposed to go camping with friends, but they pulled out. So, having the weekend free, me and Latoya opted to go hiking. Latoya showed up at my house dressed in jeans, a half shirt, and she was wearing one of those old plaid shirts the grunge freaks wore in the ninties, only she'd cut the shirt down and cut off the sleeves, turning it into a vest. I wore jeans and a Poison shirt. For those that aren't aware exactly what Latoya looks like, she is a dead ringer for porn star Misty Stone, with breast just as pert but a cuter ass. She always wore this black choker like necklace. I'm sure what the fuck you actually call the thing, it's a choker, but not.

The whole way there, we talked about how bummed we were that the camping trip got canceled, and how we were both looking towards fucking by the fire. To be honest, the more she talked dirty, the more my cock grew. She talked about blowing me as the sparks flew from the fire. I could just picture it. Eventually, I opened the passenger window and let the cool breeze blow through my long hair. I needed the breeze, because it cooled my off in more way than one. Eventually we arrived at the park. If we were going to fuck here, we had to be careful. The place was crawling with fams and nature seekers, not to mention the rangers. The place had its share rangers as well, but those bums spent more time bugging pot smokers than anything else. I know because I'd almost gotten busted while I enjoyed some Afghan Big Bud a buddy of mine sent home.

So me and Latoya had exited the car and walked a good way down the first path when she noticed a path slightly obscured. She took my hand and dragged me down it, as we brushed aside the bush and made out way to a clearing. There was a marker there to let us know that the place had been the site of an Indian tribe centuries before. Latoya read the marker as I stood behind her. She inched back and began to rub her ass against my cock. It was hard, pardon the pun, to pay attention to what she was saying with the grind going on. I slid my hands down the side of her body to her hips, reaching with my left hand and unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand in. This was a sweet way to find out Latoya was going commando. I worked my hand towards her clit and rubbed as she read. Latoya needed to take a breath between the words. I quickly shifted my hand, and pulled down her pants. I slid my cock into her moist pussy and fucked Latoya hard as she continued to read. I took hold of her pert breast, they were perfect. They weren't bra busters, but they weren't peas either, they were perfect.

Latoya runs her hand though her hair as she tried to concentrate on reading. Soon enough, she gave up on the educational tour bullshit. I slid my cock out and she spun around. We exchanged tongues, as she drove hers hard into mine. As we kissed, I slid my cock back into her pussy. With her ass pressed against the marker, I fucked her hard. I wrapped my arms around her in an embrace as we fucked. The hot sun shone down on our bodies. I stopped kissing her, and kissed her body, focused on her neck. Latoya let out a moan to let me know she loved what I was doing.

We quickly undressed, and locked up again, this time we brought each other to the ground. I was flat on my back as Latoya ragged her tongue down my body and towards my cock. She licked ever so gently around my head and down the shaft. She sucked on my balls and that drove me wild.

"Oh...oh fuck...fuck Latoya that feels good." I moaned. Goddamn right it did. The way she teased and please my testicles, I was ready to shoot right in her face and hair. Latoya is pretty wild and if you aren't careful, you'll cum to quick. Up and down, up and down, she licked my balls and shaft. Eventually, she gobbled down my cock, taking it all in her mouth. I was able to raise myself up, and I leaned on my elbows. I moved the hair out of her face as she sucked my cock. She stroked my cock as she came up for air. She went back down, and damn if she wasn't trying to jerk me off as she sucked my cock. There might have been a cool breeze blowing in, but we were sweaty as hell. I gazed around, hoping that not only was someone watching us, but getting off as well.

ඍ time!" I said.

"Ohh, baby, my cootchie is crying to be eaten." Latoya replied. She got up, and squatted down on my face. I dove right into eating her pussy as she got into position. Eventually, she was able to make her way to my cock. While she sucked my off,, I licked her pussy, and kept sliding my fingers into her asshole. How Latoya managed to remain having a tight ass is beyond me. And as much as I wanted to pump that ass, I had to be carefully, because it too could cause one to cum too soon. So, we laid there, engaged in a passionate 69, the sun shinning down on our sweaty bodies. I kept eating her out and finger fucking her asshole, and she took breaks from sucking my off to let out moans on delight. What ever I was doing, it was working. Her pussy was becoming wetter by the minute, and the juices dripped down into my mouth, and I swallowed every bit of it with delight.

My next step had her flat on her back as I continued to eat her pussy. While I ate her out, I pressed by hand on her lower body, and fingered her hard and fast. I licked and licked, and kept at it. Soon enough, her pussy exploded, spring forth her juices. I took it all right in the face. I love when a woman comes, and I love taking a face full of juice. Latoya moaned and was trying to catch her breath. If she creamed any louder, those fucking rangers would come over and end the fun.

"Please, please hun, give me your cum." Latoya pleaded. I obliged and drove my cock right into her pussy. I fucked her hard and for all I was worth. Under normal circumstances, we'd fuck for hours. But we needed to finish.

In and out, thrust repeat. I fucked Latoya hard and harder. Sweat poured down my face and caused my ,long hair to stick to my face. Latoya took a hold of my arms. She kept begging me to cum. I was ready, but I was also holding back. I wanted this to feel intense. I could feel Latoya's pussy feel like it was getting wetter. Again she pleaded for me to cum. Now I was ready.

Normally when I pulled out, I'd stroke my cock a little. But Latoya's pussy was tight enough I didn't have to do that. Thing is, I nearly didn't pull out in time. I'd just gotten my red hot cock out of her pussy before I exploded like a guyser. My cum shot fourth, landing on Latoya's pert breast and some into the puddle of sweat that built up under her throat. I rubbed my sensitive cock all in the fine pubic hair between Latoya's legs. I'm not sure why I always do this, but I just love rubbing my cock in the pubic hairs of a woman after I've pulled out and came.

In any event, we got dressed and made our way back down the path. I kept tugging at my crotch because my cock was sticking to my boxers. Me and Latoya made our way back to her car got in and just sat there. We just gazed into each others eyes. After a while, Latoya broke gaze, started the car, and pulled out of the spot. We both wondered the same thing: What would our next adventure be.

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