She let me fuck her mom

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Ever since my wife Kelly said, her mom was coming to stop for a few days and they were going to the spa, I have done nothing else but think about her in a sexual way. I’ve knowing her for nearly thirty-five years and fantasized about her from that very first meeting when Kelly took me home to see her mom Jenny when I was f******n.

Kelly said she was coming in five days time, just by herself and every night from then I lay in bed snuggled up to my wife’s back with a raging hard on pushing in between her legs while thinking about her mom and hoping I might get sex from my wife.

“What’s got in to you?” Kelly asked on the second night
“Just thinking about you going for that massage with your mom”
“Just keep thinking and go to sl**p” Kelly said

The next night I did the same and snuggled in to my wife’s back as she turned over to go off to sl**p. My cock still raging hard and pushed in between her legs
“Your still not thinking about the massage are you?” Kelly asked
“Sort of, Will you and your mom be in the same room together”
“Yes, now go to sl**p” Kelly said

The next night was my last night before Jenny arrived and I was still hard as I pushed my cock towards Kelly’s back and ran my hand over her tummy and tits.
“You’re still not excited about mom and me at the spa are you,” Kelly asked
“Just thinking about your two being naked”
“We do have paper pants on, so we are not totally naked”
“I’d like to see you in them” I said while slipping my hand down in to her hairy bush.
“I’ll try and pinch some if that will stop you pestering me, now off to sl**p”

Jenny my mother in law arrived the next day and I received our customary hug and kiss when I got back from work that night. She was just as sexy as I last remembered, just a slightly older version of her daughter but with short grey hair. I could not hug her as long as I wanted because of the hardening erection in my trousers, but I think she did not notice it.

That night in bed as I cuddled in to Kelly’s back, I felt her hand come between our bodies and take hold of my cock. I started to push and pull my cock through her hand nice and slowly.
“I watched you with mom tonight” Kelly said, “Not may husbands like their mom in laws, but you do”
“She stunning just like you” I said

Kelly started to turn over and was now facing me, we kisses then kissed again as her hand gripped tighter around my cock. I pushed my hand down over her hairy bush as she lifted her top leg up and give my easy access to her pussy.

Her pussy lips were moist and she started to moan when I started to rub her clit round and around. Kelly kisses with passion and her breathing increased as she wanked my cock faster and faster.

“Arrrrrrr” I cried out through our kissing while Kelly’s gripped tighter around my cock and I was again pushing back and forth through her fingers. Kelly loves to come while her clit is being played with, but tonight she is even more excited as she pushed her erect clit with f***e on to my flicking finger.

I felt the swell of my cock, then that first shot of cum release it’s self, straight on to her hairy bush. Just then, her leg nipped shut on my hand and her body jerked as she came.

We kept kissing as she felt the throb of my cock in her hand as pump after pump of cum splattered her pussy. We were both breathing rapidly when our kiss broke off, feeling totally worked out.

Kelly retched over for a tissue and threw back the bedclothes to mop the mess up,
“You must have been worked up, look at the mess,” she said
Right enough, I was worked up as the first tissue could soak no more cum up and Kelly retched for another one.

Next morning as I was leaving for work I kissed and hugged Kelly as usual then her mom asked “Do I get one?” to which I obliged with a longer cuddle than last night.
“No funny business you two and remember the paper panties” I shouted when going through the door.

At work, I phoned the spa and upgraded their afternoon to include a bottle of Champagne and told them that a taxi would be coming to collect my wife and mother in law.

I return from work to fine Kelly and her mom in the living room drinking and a newly opened bottle of wine.
“Hia love” Kelly said “Go and shower then join us, I‘ve laid your stuff out” as both started to giggle

I rushed upstairs and in to the shower for a quick wash, then realised when drying myself what Kelly had laid out for me to wear, just a dressing gown and nothing else.
If that’s what she wants me to wear, fine I thought to myself.

I was in for a shock when I went back in to the living room, there was Kelly and Jenny also dressed in dressing gowns now and a space between them on the sofa. Jenny passed a drink while Kelly patted the sofa for me to sit down in between them.

Kelly kissed my cheek and thanked me for the champagne at the spa then her mother did the same and kissed my other cheek. Then Kelly turned my head and kissed my lips, thanking me for the taxi, I was already turning when I felt Jenny’s hand turn my head towards her and was waiting for her to kiss my lips.

“Thank you for the taxi” Jenny said and kissed me on the lips with a long lingering kiss. My cock was doing summersaults now under the thin dressing gown I was wearing.
“We have something to show you,” Kelly said while both stood up in front of me

Without any hesitating, both undid the ties around their waists and flung opened their dressing gowns. Mom and daughter stood wearing only paper knickers and nothing else.

I didn’t know where or which one to look at first as they held open their dressing gowns. They both had similar bodies, Kelly’s tits maybes a little bigger but her moms were just as impressive for being in her seventies.

The only difference I could quickly see was the colour of their thick dense pussy hair sticking out the sides of their skimpy but loose fitting paper panties. Kelly’s was nice and dark where her moms was greying a bit; they both followed the natural untrimmed look, I also noticed.

They both started to slip their dressing gowns off their shoulders and fell in a heap at their feet at the same time. Mom and daughter then retched out for my hands and pulled me off the sofa and to my feet.

Kelly started to untie my gown while Jenny started to slip it off my shoulders, the dressing gown opened to reveal a rather large erect cock as it slipped to the floor. I noticed her mom looking at my cock first, and then her hand retched out and felt me.

I looked at Kelly my wife and she just nodded her head while her mouth movements looked like they were encouraging me to, go on touch her. By now, Kelley’s hand was covering her moms and was slowly wanking my cock back and forth.

I retched out and felt my mother in laws tit and her erect nipple, now reacting just like how her daughters do when she gets horny. Jenny moved in for a kiss and she pulled my head in to her face and snogged me, her tongue broke through my lips and in to my mouth.

While her mom snogged me I felt her daughter kiss across my shoulders which somewhat reassured me to know my wife was fine with what was happening. Kelly was behind me but I could feel her arms up each side of me and the rustle of paper panties.

I could still feel a hand around my cock and knew Jenny’s hand was still holding my head as we kissed, and then realized it was Kelly taking her mom’s paper panties off. I felt Kelly’s head slipped down my back as she sank to her knees so she could remove her mom’s panties from her feet.

I retched around Jenny, squeezing us together and felt the nakedness of my mother in law, held in my arms.
“I think we should go up stairs,” Kelly said over the rustle of her removing her paper panties as well.

Kelly lead the way with her glass and bottle in hand up the stairs, then her mom and I followed while getting a lovely eyeful of their arses jiggling from side to side as they took each step. Once in the room Kelly turned and kissed me, then whispered “Fuck her please” then made her way and sat on to the bed.

I took Jenny’s glass and placed hers and mine on the stand then bent down and kissed her nipple. Jenny held my head as I swapped from one to the other while with my hand I felt up her leg, past her knee and on to her inner thigh where she parted slightly for me to touch.

“Come and lie on the bed mom,” Kelly said
I watched, as Jenny lay down on the bed, now a little hesitant to be fully exposed to her son in law standing watching.
“It ok mom, he be gentle”

Then Kelly touched her mom’s tit
“I hope mine are like your’s when I’m your age mom”
I climbed on to the bed next to Jenny and took hold of her other tit while moving in to kiss her.

Jenny let out a long sigh and her mouth opened up to me, then I moved my hand down over her tummy and in to her dense forest of pussy hair. Her legs parted and I followed the line of her slit with my finger, she had chubby lips and an aroused clit already as she moaned, while I touched it.

I looked down and there was Kelly sucking her mom’s nipple, sucking with intensity and excitement and there was her mom’s hand, holding her daughters head on to her breast.

I moved down the bed and sucked her nipple in to my mouth while making eye contact with my wife still sucking the other nipple. I kept sucking for some time while feeling around her pussy as her legs parted more and more.

Now it was time to see to her pussy as I kissed over her slightly round tummy and in to her bush. I buried my head between her legs and slipped my tongue along her lips, I heard another sigh and a slight lift of her pussy in to my face.

I moved on to my knees down the side of Jenny to get maximum access to her pussy then felt someone’s hand around my cock, slowly wanking back and forth. The way Jenny started to shift about on the bed I could tell she was starting to enjoy and wanted even more of my tongue inside her pussy.

I came up for air and looked down at her open pussy lips, all pink and soft looking and just knew I wanted more. I dived straight back in, licking at the now moist lips then sucked her clit in to my mouth.

There was a grunt then a pant from Jenny then fingers pushing between my face and her pussy. I felt them move and push in to her open pussy then started to slip in and out. Jenny was lifting and bucking off the bed now, wanting more of what she was getting.

“Arrrrrrrrr Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes” Jenny moaned aloud
I could now hear the sloppy finger fucking of my mother in law as her pussy released her juices getting faster and faster.

“Shit Yesssssssss I’m going to come” she shrieked
Jenny’s legs came crashing shut around my head and trapped the fingers inside her pussy as she came.
“Yesssssssssssss Yessssssssssssss FUCK Yessssssssssssssssss”

I lifted from between her legs and saw my wife’s fingers wedged in her mom’s pussy just starting to be pulled out. I bent down and stuck my tongue out, licking the glistening coating of pussy juice from her fingers as they came out before she stuck them in to my mouth.

I saw the nod of my wife’s head as to say go on fuck her, then turned on the bed and climbed in between Jenny’s now parted legs. She raised them up the sides of me with her pussy open and ready to take my cock.

Cock in hand, I offered it up to her pussy lips, mixing her orgasm juices with my pre cum. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, just pushing my head gently between her lips.

It started to slip in and I moved over her body, outstretched on my arms as I began to push in. My wife looked on while one of her hands played with her tit and the other circling her clit.

Jenny’s hands clinched the bed sheets as I pushed my cock in to her tight love hole, but her face was telling me to keep going. Just stopping where I was, I give a few short thrusts, which put a wide smile on her face.

Another inch slipped in before some more short thrust then I felt her legs come over mine, tying us together. Her moans increased then a sudden hearty grunt as she took my length inside her pussy.
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Fuck YES”

From my raised position I could also see my wife, eyes shut and her head twisting and turning from one side to the other but it was the frantic finger fucking she was giving herself that caught my attention.

It caught her mom’s attention too as I watched Jenny slip a hand over her daughters tummy and in to her hairy bush. She started to play and tease her daughter’s clit while I started a slow and gentle but methodical thrusting in to her pussy.

Jenny moaned as each new thrust filled her pussy but the moans were drowned out by her daughter’s coming orgasm. I ‘d never seen my wife get so excited or verbal
“ARrrrrrrrrrrrr God YES” Kelly shouted as she strummed her pussy some more.

The wetness of her orgasm filled the room now and I could see little involuntary pulses of her body taking affect. Then it happened, I saw a squirt of her juices come squirting out between her fingers as she tried to cover her pussy.
“FUCK Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” she howled then her body stiffened as her orgasm took hold.

I looked at Jenny, nothing was said but somehow we knew what was going to happen as I thrusted my cock in to her pussy with f***e this time.
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes” she cried out then again and again with each new thrust.

I dropped from my arms and slid my hands under her shoulders; our body’s now squeezing together and started to pant like a bull. Jenny’s hands cuddled around my back then I felt her fingers nails digging in to me each time she give a mighty grunt.

“I’m going to come,” I moaned out
“Yes, in me, Come in ME” Jenny shouted
I held on tight for them last few thrusts, then it happened as my cock swelled in her pussy and let go.

“Fuck yes, I can feel it” Jenny moaned “Shit I’m coming, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr YEssssssssss”
I came like a volcano with hot squirting sperm pumping out with extra f***e in to her wanting pussy.

Her tight pussy gripped like a velvet glove around my cock while her hands pulled my arse in tight and held me there so I squirted deep in her sex hole. Her pussy pulsed in time with my squirts like some well-timed machine.

Jenny panted under me, her seventy-year-old body having the work out of its life just now and all hot and sweaty like me. I kept my cock deep within while we kissed, kissing my mother in law with all the passion I had.

I started to lift back on to my arms, looking at the splendid body under me and watched as I slipped my cock from her fanny, now all limp and used. I sat between her legs getting my breath back, taking in the sight of two women in bed with me, mother in law and wife.

Both women parted and let me slip in-between them as they cuddled in to my chest while getting our breathes back before hopefully another session tonight.

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